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    Is Novak's dominance in world tennis the best zero to hero story?

    Nope, he'll always be a zero in my book. Makes Jimmy Connors and McEnroe look like nice guys.
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    Proper Etiquette on returning OUT serves?

    Rod Laver returned EVERY serve he could.
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    Djokovic popularity

    Djokivic and popularity are an oxymoron. They should never be in the same sentence together.
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    The Partner that Won't Move Over

    Simple answer, if she is your wife, and you want to stay married, don't serve wide.
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    Balls in Humid and Dry weather

    Lotrimin is your friend......
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    Djokovic hits line judge in the shoulder, NOT the throat, US open 2020

    Doesn't matter if it was intentional or not. Shapavalov wasn't intentional either. It should be a 6 month suspension, but that won't happen.
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    Quito EXO Federer vs Zeverev

    Remember that Quito is at 9000' altitude. Balls are going to go 2-3' farther at that altitude than at sea level.
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    2019 WTF 1/2 Final:Roger Federer vs. Stefanos Tistsipas

    Why should he retire when he went farther than both Nadal and Djoker and beat Djoker????
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    Who could have predicted Novak would be 1-2 in RR ?

    When is the last time that Nadal beat Fed off of clay????? The answer is 2014. Since then Fed is 6-1, with Nadals only win at FO.
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    Medvedev, Rafa and even Federer lose their first matches at WTF. Is it time to dump this hyped-bloated pseudo-championship?

    For the amount of money and points they are playing for, this is hardly an exhibition. Anyone who thinks so does't know how much these players want it or they have never played in a money tournament before.
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    What occupation would each of the Big3 have if they didn't make it as tennis players?

    Fed, corporate CEO, Djoker, Dbag salesman, Nadal, hair dresser.
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    2019 Basel Final - (1.) Roger Federer vs. (WC) Alex de Minaur

    Just the fact the ADM had to go three sets with Opelka, instead of winning in straights, leads me to believe an easy win for Fed. Not because ADM is tired, it's because it took 3 sets to beat Opelka, you have to be able to beat lower ranked players easily to beat a top 3 player.... Fed can beat...
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    Wimbledon courts haven’t changed recently and slower grass is more fun to watch

    There hasn't been perfectly normal grass since they slowed it down in the 90's.
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    Should all the courts at wimbledon play the same?

    Yes they should all play the same as they did in 1991. Fast, low bouncing and anyone who tries to play a baseline game on them should lose quickly.
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    2019 ATP 500 Halle Final - [1.] Roger Federer vs. David Goffin

    Lets' see... Goffin has beaten Fed once in 8 times, and now playing on Fed's best surface. Easy straight set win for Fed.
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    Is it me or does the French Open feel less like a grandslam then the other slams

    Roland Garros is the red headed stepchild of the grand slam world.
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    Calling 'let' prematurely, and calling 'let' if a ball rolls on opponents side of court

    Let 2: Any ball on a court, your side or opponents side, would be considered a distraction, so a let can be called. If the let ball on his side of the court fell out of his pocket, it is your point immediately.
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    Tipsarevic: "When everybody is at their peak, Djokovic is the best player of all-time"

    Says his Serbian teammate. No bias there............
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    Is anyone else a wee bit worried about Fed today?

    He waited until halfway through the third set to get confidence in his backhand. Albot basically tried to do the same thing that Thiem did to Fed at Indian Wells, but didn't have the goods at the end. Fed finally started going down the line aggressively with his backhand at 4-3 in the 3rd, did...
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    Worst Kits Ever?

    Anybody wearing UniQlo.
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    Zverev injured

    I guess he is suffering from Over-Gold.
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    TLS Rating vs Tennisrecords

    My spouse moved up this winter. TLS was MUCH closer to her USTA rating. TennisRecord wasn't even close.
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    The future if tennis is ONLY ONE SERVE

    He's probably 5'6" but can run down everything
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    2018 Paris Masters SF: Djokovic (2) vs Federer (3)

    You might want to tell your namesake that you can't win if you don't play..........
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    Will Andy Murray leave Under Armour? Who will he sign with?

    He'll sign with anyone stupid enough to offer him a contract. He is Finnish.
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    What ATP players would be better if they had grown up learning 1HBH.

    I hope they ban the 2 hander, since only a player who isn't strong enough to hit a one hander uses it.
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    Which is that one thing that makes you hate a tennis player?

    #1 fake injuries, #2 boring baseline game/lack of all around game, #3 time wasting.
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    Zverev classier than Fed???!!!

    How does he go to the bathroom with all that on? He OG'd.