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    Most powerful strings except of natural gut

    Hello, I would like to read about your recommendations and tips about most powerful strings except of natural guts? I did not find any bigger discussion about it in recent years here. I know the basic pyramid like: 1) natural gut 2) multis 3) polyester 4) kevlar or thicker to thinner string...
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    Tried to extend 27 inch racquet with long grip - why not satisfied?

    Hi! Some time ago my customizer extended my 27 inches racquet Wilson hammer 7.5 (rectangular geometry, 20mm beam, 95 headsize, 285-290 g unstrung, 34,5 cm balance unstrung I think) to 27,5 inches. Tha racquet has removable butt cap so no problem, more it was extended with some some light...
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    the new adidas

    I like the specs of adidas racquets! I don´t see 300 gr and 330 mm balance at any other racquet company. Love to see more lightweight frames with high swingweight
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    Volkl/Becker 2010

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    Volkl/Becker 2010

    Nice specs. Any other new sticks coming?
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    Fischer mcomp 95 vs black granite comp 95

    I hope black granite has more pop....
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    Kevlar in Aero Storm Tour?

    I don´t know it for sure but I think that both have are made from high modulus graphite. No kevlar
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    Boris Becker/volkl Spring 2010: January Release

    I would like BB delta core legend midsize: 320 gr, 320 mm balance, 93 head. That would be perfect....
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    Boris Becker/volkl Spring 2010: January Release

    Thanks for info. You mean not this year or never coming the midsize?
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    Boris Becker/volkl Spring 2010: January Release

    Do you think that BB delta core legend mid is coming in spring? Or any lighter version of BB delta core legend?
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    how good is Vantage?

    Guys, how are vantage racquets powerful? I read they are made from high modulus carbon. How would you compare them with other brands?
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    how to add pictures into threads

    Please, guys, can you help me how to add pictures into the threads? Thanks
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    New Wilson Frames?

    I definitely liked better ktour over ntour. More control, better feel. Sweetspot is but still not enough big compared to old hammer series......power as well. Nothing had beaten the rectangular geometry as well
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    Let's compare the Becker 11 MP to the Becker Delta Core Legend

    What about the power/control difference? For me the balance was the problem on BB 11 mid why I didn´t like it. I was too headlight. Especially in not good positioned shots I had problem with lenghth of my shots. Also I had very poor stability on returns...Is it better with delta core legend...
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    Most similar raquet to a Babolat Pure Control MP (100 in), std length (27 in)

    ...........beam width and cross section is simillar
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    Most similar raquet to a Babolat Pure Control MP (100 in), std length (27 in)

    Then maybe Dunlop aerogel 4D 200 16/19 or try KBlade 98 -beam width and cross section
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    Most similar raquet to a Babolat Pure Control MP (100 in), std length (27 in)

    DNX 9 or new coming PB 9 soon in terms of weight and balance. Feel is different
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    Volkl FANS: will a Power Bridge 7 and 9 be coming out?

    Guys, do you know if also any other sticks from volkl/BB are coming out? Is BB deta core legend going to replace BB 11 line? Will there be any BB delta core legend mid?
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    Most powerful thinbeamed players racquet

    Ok, everything 21 mm and less. I want the racquet which has the mix of materials a and technologies that has the most power. For example: Despite the old Babolat pure drive was very stiff racquet, had wide beam and 100 inch headsize, I got much more power from the Becker 11 mid (quite flexy...
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    Most powerful thinbeamed players racquet

    What do you think is the most powerful thinbeamed players racquet? Which has the most power from the composition not the swingweight?
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    Bb11 Se

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    Bb11 Se

    Thanks for info. Do you think that the balance after removing the lead tape will be the same as in BB 11 standard (coming from 327 to 310 mm)? I hope it is even after more head-heavy (at least 315 mm)
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    Bb11 Se

    Dear TW, I would like to ask you if you know if it is possible to remove the lead tapes from this racquet? Thanks
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    New YONEX RDiS Racquets For 2009

    Does anyone know the frame width and balance of these racquets? Thanks
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    Headshape and control

    Guys, what is your experience with the headshapes of racquets and their control their offer? Does more rounded shape offer more control than other? Thanks
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    Radek Stepanek or e-shop It is a czech brand, they make a lot of nice products not just for tennis
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    String power chart

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    String power chart

    Guys, could you compare the power of natural guts available? I think the Babolat VS GUT team 1,25 has the most power, but I am not sure. I think also that from multis has Babolat excel power the most power. Is any natural gut more powerful than Babolat excel power? Thanks
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    future shopping?

    Do you think about having some additional information of apparel? Sometimes it is difficult to find an ideal product. The length of polos differs, as well the width. Maybe the measured length and width in inches or cm can help. Sometimes is also problem with length od trousers in track-suits. Thanks