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    **** prices for vintage Agassi stuff

    The shirts were $100 retail back in the day.
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    What will you do when your classic frame(s) bite the dust for good?

    I'm right there with you bud. I've got 7. Maybe when they're gone, I'm gone?
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    What did Goran use?

    Sweet far nothing has taken this out of my bag.
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    String Playtest - June 2010

    Would love to participate as well if it's not too late. I string my own racquets on a Laserfibre machine and use the PC 600.
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    Leather vs Synthetic (Please read, already searched)

    You can always get the best of both worlds with a leather replacement grip and a thin overgrip. Bevels + tack.
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    String Patterns Affect on your Game?

    All being equal, open patterns produce more spin but I prefer the more consistent stringbed of a dense pattern. Spin not really an issue if you use a thinner gauge string.
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    Unmarked Prince Vortex?

    I remember the Vortex as showing graphite fibres rather than paint?
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    Head pallets

    I'm pretty used to them. Any others would feel weird to me.
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    on doing business with silent partner

    My first machine was a SP and they let me do local pickup
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    crappiest strings u have ever used

    I'm also not a fan of the Gosen Biogut Poly Multi. I got a few packs and I'm just using it for crosses.
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    --------The Talk TennisWarehouse Stringers Club-------------

    Laserfibre MS200TT, 6 years
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    The Cheap Players Club

    Can I get in because of high value? I picked up a KFactor Tour 90 with a K Factor K Tour XL backpack, Luxilon Alu Power string and three tins of balls for $160.
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    The Discontinued Racquet Club

    Count me in too. Prestige Classics and Classic Mids
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    Need a Hybrid, HELP!

    I'm trying out Pacific Natural Gut in the mains and Topspin Poly Polar in the crosses as well as Pacific Natural Gut in the mains and Head RIP Control in the crosses in a pair of Head Prestige Classic Mids. I'll let you know how they work out. I've never tried natural in a hybrid...just full...
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    all this Redondo hype or "worship" >>>>>>>>

    Busted! That's a classic.
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    Wilson Extreme Synthetic gut

    It's a synthetic.
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    are poly hats machine washable

    Just put it in a mesh bag and air should be fine.
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    Which pro should I paint?

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    Ferrero and the Return of the POG

    When did he get dumped by Head exactly? I'm watching him us a black PJ of a POG against Robredo. The last press release from Head mentioning JCF was back in Jan 24/06.
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    m-fil tour

    I've strung it up for a friend but haven't tried it myself. I am used to strings of German, Japanese, French or Taiwanese origin but on the package, these say "Made in China." When I get some feedback from my friend, I'll let you know!
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    stringing problems

    Also, do a double check that the string isn't kinking on the outside of the frame when you are pulling.
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    Toronto Ticket Question

    When you buy a ticket to this tourney, you are buying your seat for that session to the stadium. All the side courts are on a first come first served basis.
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    Decided to go with the pc600

    I'm down to 53-54 pounds with a poly/syn gut hybrid
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    Head Prestige Tour Mid Size

    I had two of em. One was even "Made in Austria" but I didn't like the feel relative to the standard Prestige Classics. I couldn't quite get used to the feel of the Tours with the suspension grip.
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    Head Classic Mid and Prestige Classic 600

    Suspension grip was Prestige Tour
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    17g optic yellow strings

    Insofar as plain jane string goes, Gosen OG Sheep Micro is available in optic yellow.
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    How do you install new grommets?

    Just work them in with an awl if you have one.
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    1st time w/Poly Polar what tension & crosses?

    I've got it in my Head Classic Mids at 55 lbs.
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    Which racket is closest to RD7 but lighter?

    What grip size was it? I seem to recall (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that the RD-7's in the smaller grip sizes were actually lighter than the larger ones. If you used a larger one, try out a 4 1/4 and see how it goes!