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    Who has the best backhand??

    Gasquet imo, considering the pool. Best backhand of all times? Kuerten (it was just too heavy and deep).
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    Is tecnifibre the next babolat

    "Tecnifibres are excellent racquets with excellent QC, IMO." I second that. I play with the TFight 315 for a long now and it’s great! The power, control, feels, maneuverability, the pattern, the comfort... the only better option would be a different racquet for every shot lol since it’s...
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    Please vote and help a tough decision !!!!

    Its a board to discuss tennis... I ask people’s opinion about some racquets and get this kind of answer.... I know that demoing is the best way to choose, but it’s hard to demo in Brazil and also I want to hear feedback from others... share opinions, what wrong with that? I see your...
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    Please vote and help a tough decision !!!!

    I'm in a process, first I've made I really good research, than I've narrowed my options, now I'm trying to get some feedback from other people about my potential demo list... I know that most of us just vote and don't answer why (the most important part btw... if I had for example: 5 out of 8...
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    Please vote and help a tough decision !!!!

    I said help, not please go there and buy me a new racquet... statistics and comments really help, otherwise why would we need this kind of board ? .... Just vote, give your opinion and relax.... ;)
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    Please vote and help a tough decision !!!!

    I"ll get this result and confront with another list which already includes a radical....
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    Please vote and help a tough decision !!!!

    Yeah that’s true... but what worry me about the Nblade is its high SW in a fairly flex and light frame, so I don’t know what to expect from it.... but the feedbacks have been pretty positive except for net play and I really like to volley.
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    Please vote and help a tough decision !!!!

    Which racquet would you choose and why ???? Thanks guys! :-D PS: I'm an all around player.
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    Help the brazilian guy!

    Anyone else could post a feedback regarding which of these racquets should I take for a ride ? thanks! :)
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    Help the brazilian guy!

    Ok, I got it… but I’m not saying that any of these raquets sucks for this or that, these feedbacks are regarding my personal taste and skill. If I was a 5.5 player I’d probably hit with anything, but currently some racquets seems to help my game more than others… although I know that as I get...
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    Help the brazilian guy!

    yes. I’ve tried, but it seems it’s not the problem... I guess the weight + extra length + high sw that gives me this headache.... I need a more maneuverable and forgiving raquet, any suggestions?
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    Help the brazilian guy!

    Guys, I need a help but first let me explain my situation. First of all, I leave in Brazil and here we can not find demos that easily... actually in my local tennis shop they have like 3 demos (six two, instinct and pure storm)... :( the solution is borrow some friend’s racquets for a while...
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    18x20 frames

    Top 3 demo: TF320 18X20 , FXP Prestige and k6 95 18x20.
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    comments on T Fight 320 18*20 please?

    I think Tecnifibres frames have to be strung in lower tension than usual... My t-fight 325 is strung at 57 lbs, because in the frame says 49-59. I don’t know if they changed the recommendation, because TW used to indicate 55-65. So if you get a racquet like mine at 62 it would feel harsh anyway...
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    Who do you consider the 3 best baseliners of the last 25 years in their primes?

    I Think 25 years is too much... Considering the last 15, i´d say: 1. Federer 2. Agassi 3. Kuerten
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    T-fight 325 discontinuation? post string setups too

    Ah! About the discontinuation itself, it’s really a pity, because it’s a wonderful frame. The best frame I ever tried from the baseline. I wish there was a regular length version of this racquet. Well, for me the answer is demo the T-fight 320 18x20, and hope for the best. Otherwise, there...
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    T-fight 325 discontinuation? post string setups too

    The tension range written in my T-Fight 325 is 49-59. So I’ve been using an x-one at 57 lbs, two pieces and its feels great. Actually, any synthetic gut at this tension has given me really good results, so I will probably go back to the cheaper ones (gosen, wilson). I mean, I’d like to increase...
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    Buying New Racquet...

    No way! :-D
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    How often do you buy racquets?

    I also buy some racquets to try out and I usually sell them a month or two later unless I really like them... I used to play with a Head FXP Radical Tour , but I switched to the Tecnifibre T-Fight 325 @ 57 lbs. I'm in love with it. The problem is that tecnifibre updated their models, so I will...
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    Guga with real Flexpoint?

    Guga still plays with his good old frame... trust me on this one...
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    Vilas or Kuerten (Battle of the Backhands)

    Kuerten has the best 1hbh I’ve ever seen... Its way too hard and also very deep... that’s one of the reasons why he rules : ) His problem always was his wrong forehand mechanic that by the way injured his hips and now after two surgeries he’s not able to move properly on court and his old...
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    Racquet you wish you bought?

    I wish I've tried the T-fight 325 sooner... which make me wonder how the t-fight 320 performs.... Also I'd never had a chance to play with yonex rdx 500 nor rds001... Very positive feedback here in the board… here in brazil its easy to find Head and Wilson demos, but even Dunlops are hard to...
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    Will Carlos Moya Be In The Hall Of Fame?

    Yeah... maybe he can make it, but definetly not before Gustavo Kuerten! : )
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    Which company has the best quality control?

    I just got 2 Tecnifibre 325 and I got pretty impressed! First of all they are identical (weight and balance) and they look really great. So I would say that Yonex and Tecnifibre look like the best quality control companies to me.
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    Nalbandian the hero of overwieght tennis players?

    Nalbadian´s strength really comes from his guts! lower his gravity center, he always hit the ball perfectly balanced. : ) And if I was his fitness couch I’d get TRULY embarrassed, the guy is always on tv though.....
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    gilbert said murray grew 3 inches in height

    second that. And I also think he is already a bit stronger than last year.
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    Is Safin's game held back because of the PC600?

    That’s exactly why I’m not a top 10 player as well, my racquet holds me back man.... those piece of .... I understand Safin! : ) Safin needs to keep focused and relaxed. Like Federer! Is that so difficult ??? : ))
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    How many slams for Roddick?

    Maybe 1 more, assuming that fed gets injuried.... : )
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    Buying multiple racquets- Different or same?

    I’d buy like 4 of my mass destruction weapon... and 1 or 2 for fun (nasty slices, or heavy serves, ultimate spin and things like that....) 1 or 2 for S&V and some others that I really liked just to look a them... ; ) But first make sure you won’t run out of your regular choice…