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    How many Wimbledon titles will Djokovic finish with?

    8 so people can debate about Covid Cancelled 2020 and who the real Wimbledon GOAT is ad nauseum
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    $100 million and Novak

    Well that's a blast from the past
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    Novak was asked and commented on Nadal claim that he is obsessed with records...

    If that's it takes, then a lot of other players are obsessed as well lok
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    Novak has a 25 mm tear

    Damn, the tear is now 33mm!
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    Djokovic News

    Pretty impressive
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    Djokovic News

    Long time no see! Congrats fellow Djokovic fans on the 18th! Hopefully a few more to come!
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    We can't predict anything really

    The predictions of most people is usually what they hope would happen. Very hard to be objective especially when talking of a player you support (or dislike)
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    Who will be Novaks rival in general for the next 2 or 3 years.

    They'll be standing next to each other after slams a lot
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    7AO, 11RG, 8W, ???

    It would be fitting if Nadal & Djokovic (both currently on 3), match Fed's 5 USO. Then they'll each have their own pet slams and share one. :-D
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    What is going on with tennis?

    To think Nadal of all players would throw a match... that too a slam final!
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    Why Djokovic will never catch Nadal in the Slam race

    I'd still put Nadal slight favorite for the French... but only about 55-45
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    Djokovic News

    Congrats to all fellow Nole fans. Cemented himself as the AO GOAT. How about that NCYGS no. 2 at the French? ;)
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    2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    How about another wooden spoon instead? :D
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    Djokovic News

    Must've been attracted by his fake personality and boring-ness.
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    Big Title Kings: Djokovic draws level with Federer

    It is still a nifty thing to rile up an entire fanbase haha :P 17 is the holy grail.
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    Big Title Kings: Djokovic draws level with Federer

    It won't fall off the cliff though. The difference is still very significant... For eg: Fed at 29 and equaivalent age (would include pretty much all of 2010) had this strike rate: 16/46 in slams, 4/8 in WTF, 17/86 in Masters Total: 37/140 or a strike rate of 3.78. That's a significant...
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    Greater Hardcourt player - Federer or Djokovic?

    She's a troll. Not a very good one, mind you.
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    Greater Hardcourt player - Federer or Djokovic?

    Lol, it's not the intra-fanbase discussion you have to worry about. It's the inter-fanbase one. One side of the argument will have way more participants, so the other side needs rock solid defenses :P
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    Greater Hardcourt player - Federer or Djokovic?

    Cincy for one. Roger's HC resume is complete, Novak has one piece missing. Secondly, 5-4 is a better spread than 6-3 or 7-2 would be. Obviously, Novak has a much better spread at the Masters and 6 or 7 at AO would show some domination (as Fed's 5 straight at USO did), but ideally 10 slams would...
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    Greater Hardcourt player - Federer or Djokovic?

    Best on HC would likely require 2 more slams as the Fed better variety group will likely prop him up if both have 9 on HC. And if Novak reaches 14, the talk of 17 will be inevitable. Want him to keep making hay while the sun shines...
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    Greater Hardcourt player - Federer or Djokovic?

    I did think he would screw up one of Wim/USO... hope he doesn't screw up both. 13 at the end of this year and then 17 looks like a possibility.
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    Greater Hardcourt player - Federer or Djokovic?

    Even Nadal won it in 2005. Only big tournament other than Cincy that Fedal won but Novak hasnt
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    90's Clay: ELO Ranks the Roland-Garros fields from 1978

    Equivalent of Thiem replacing Nadal haha And I suppose ARV instead of someone like Fed.
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    Michael Phelps meets his sports idol Novak Djokovic in Rio

    Indian Hockey team just has clones of one man. And that man is Daler Mehndi. They are all dancing to tunak tunak tun as we speak.
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    Greater Hardcourt player - Federer or Djokovic?

    Haha... inb4 Fed fans come in saying Novak never won Madrid Masters on hard so that will be another piece missing from his collection. :P Roger's really done the absolute minimum in these post-USO Masters... 1 wins each at Madrid, Shanghai and Paris. Hoping Novak does the same for Cincy :P
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    Nadal playing all Olympic events

    Their 50th meeting needs to be something special. RG SF would have been exactly that if not for the wrist unrest. Olympics SF (hopefully final) would be great.
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    Greater Hardcourt player - Federer or Djokovic?

    True, but there's no place to put his Madrid Masters (on hard courts) in then. Since Shanghai's effectively replaced it, I'd just count it 2 for that. Doesn't make much of a difference if its 1 or 2 anyway if Novak is ahead of him in either scenario.
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    4 way tussle for the No. 3 and No. 4 seed for the US Open

    Considering Nadal's playing single, doubles AND mixed at Rio... I'm doubting he'll even play Cincy at all haha. Nishi to end up 3rd seed for USO. Would be nice for him to avoid Novak particularly until the semifinals (if he does get there). Raonic is too far away imo to make waves for USO...