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    shoes less sticky for hard court

    Our club's new courts are slower, stickier than previous. Several of us feel that we have tripped/fallen because soles of shoes don't slide at all when begin a step. Does anyone know of hard court or other shoes that would not be very grippy and allow a little sliding?
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    Jana Cepelova, the time when she upgrades her serve to 100+,

    jana cepelova i agree that she needs to improve her serve. Her slow but spinny first serve worked well on the Har-Tru at Familly cup until she encountered Petkovic in the final. But on hardcourt I believe it will be more easily attacked and will impede movement into the two 20.
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    Is Fed using a LONGER racquet?

    Did I hear wrong, or did the Tennis Channel announcer say today that Fed is playing with a LONGER racquet?? Finals of Dubai this morning.
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    MRI Lab : Should the Radiologist ask what the suspected problem is?

    Yes, they need to know First of all the MRI lab will not due the study without a diagnosis to justify the exam. The lab needs to "code" the reason for the study for purposes of insurance re-imbursement. In addition it is important for the radiologist to be sure to examine carefully the...
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    can you really play with knee prostheses

    Can you really play tennis with knee prosthesis Thanks again for reply. What I am really looking for is a testimonial from a player who plays with a total knee replacement or someone who know well such a player who can indicate level of movement possible before and after total knee replacement...
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    can you really play with knee prostheses

    Can you really play tennis with knee prosthesis Thanks for replies. Just to clarify, I refer to artificial knee implants, but NOT post amputation lower leg prostheses. I am particularly interested in response from someone who has him/her self played with artificial knee(s) or has viewed...
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    can you really play with knee prostheses

    We are told that doubles tennis play is allowed after knee prostheses. My question is has anyone played or watched others play who have had knee prostheses? Can such a player really move like RUN UP TO NET TO COVER A SHORT BALL??
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    Pk Ki5 315 grommets

    Thanks TW. The west coast PK rep tells me that the Pro 5K and older Ki 5 grommets will work with the Ki 5 315.
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    Pk grommets

    Thanks, where do I get the Fittex individual replacement grommets?
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    Pk grommets

    I have asked and there is no response. I am still surprised than no other users have complained
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    Pk Ki5 315 grommets

    Tw lists Pk grommet sets for sale. Can you tell me if the grommets listed for sale for the Pro 5G, 7G and Ki5 will fit the newer Ki5 315 racquet??
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    Pk grommets

    I just brought my new Pk Ki5 315 to my stringer who was dismayed at how short the grommets were. I have had to replace grommets when restringing Pk racquets multiple times in the past. I cannot believe other Pk fans haven't noticed this. I have written to west coast Pk rep who has sent...
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    Kinetic granules in handle of PK racquets

    I have two demos from TW, a Pro5G and a Ki5 315 and each racquet has audible granules in hoop and butt- however much more audible in the butt of both racquets.
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    Looking for Thin Replacement Grips (Leather or Synthetic)

    I just received some Babolat Skin Feel grips and when applied they seem similar in thickness to two Yonex Supergrap over grips. The Babolat feels more cushioned.
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    Kinetic granules in handle of PK racquets

    I have an ancient Pro 5 G that has granules in the hoop.
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    Kinetic granules in handle of PK racquets

    I am demoing two PK racquets from TW, a Pro 5G and a Ki5 315. In each case the kinetic mass granules are audible in the handle of the racquet when the racquet is held butt up and hoop down. Are these racquets defective? Didn't PK design the newer "Q" technology to assure that the kinetic...
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    PK Ki 315 Quality control

    I am thinking of replacing an old PK Pro 5G with one of TW's PK Ki5 315 (black paint, but not the newest Q5 product ). Has anyone owned one long enough to comment on the overall quality of the racquet, including the issue of Ki granules continuing to function in hoop. I assume the...
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    racquet weight and TW Powermap

    I wonder if anyone at TW has experimented to see what effect added weight on the frame has on a given racquet's Powermap.; for example, 0.1 oz of lead at 9 and 6 o'clock on the hoop, or 0.2 oz at 12 o'clock. This kind of information would be useful to players comparing racquet Powermaps...
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    original Prokennex Ionic Ki 5 specs

    Does TW still have a record of the specs for the early Pro Kennex Ionic Ki 5?? I know it is no longer sold. I believe it was heavier than the Pro 5G and I think the swingweight was over 320- but how much more??
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    original Ionic Ki5 swingweight

    The racquet is no longer for sale on TW. Does anyone know the strung swingweight of this racquet? My recall is that it is heavier than the earlier Pro 5 G racquet- as I recall static wt. around 11.8, slightly less headlight with a swing weight over 320, but how much over?? It is...
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    Racquet playtester Mark

    I am curious to have some idea of the height and weight of your racquet playtester, Mark, clearly an advanced player, who found the Wilson BLX 95 too hefty a racquet for him.
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    racquet Powermap procedures and accuracy

    The TW Powermap feature has become an irresistible resource when I shop for a new racquet, but I wonder how accurate and reproducible the measurements are. So I have a few questions. How many times are the measurements repeated for each tested racquet? Are the measurements repeated with...
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    Different swingweights but same specs??

    TW offers the Bab APD, 27inches, 11.3 oz, 4pts Headlight with a listed swingweight of 316..... And the Bab APD GT, 27 inches, 11.3 oz, 4pts Headlight and a swingweight of 331!! How can two racquets with the same lenght , weight and balance have such different swingweights??
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    smaller wta players racquets with light racquets

    According to TW some smaller wta players, Cibulkova and Radwanska, for example, use racquet which weigh barely over 10 ounces, with swingweights less than 300. Does anyone know to what extent these players customize their racquets with additional weighting?
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    Did Serena foot fault 2009 us open

    Interesting article in NYtimes magazine today about the Williams sisters. The issue of Serena's foot fault 2009 was raised again. I tried looking at youtube videos but could not find one taken along base line that would confirm or deny actual foot fault. Has anyone seen a video taken at...
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    Head and groin shots by Murray

    In the quarterfinals when Tsonga was at net, Murray nailed him in the privates sending Jo-Wily to his knees. In the finals with Federer at net he blasted a short range forehand at Roger's head. Were other viewers offended by these shots? Were these shots encouraged by Lendl? If he had...
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    shoes with snug heels

    thanks Ronaldo, the suggested loop shoe string technique does help.
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    shoes with snug heels

    the early Nike Vapor series shoe had nice snug heels, but he new vapors are to wide and I have needed to put moleskin in heel for snug fit. My new pair of ASIC Gel resolutions are slightly better but the heel still slips somewhat. Can anyone recommend a shoe with narrower and more snug heels?
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    powermap and Dunlop 300 Tour

    The Dunlop Bio--300 Tour racquet is highly rated by TW play-testers. The Powermap, however, shows an unusual pattern of strikingly decreased power at racquet hoop and lateral positions compared with other racquets. Does TW (or anyone) have an explanation? Could this be a measurement or...