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    Live Scoring, Video, & Blog Links

    I may or may not handle the social media/twitter feed for one of the schools going into the Sweet 16. I was just curious as to what you guys think is the most effective method and format for getting across live scoring? Twitter feed, the school live updates, etc... Any specific schools do it...
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    Have i brought a real PT57a ?

    I strung up a stick for Tommy when he was still demoing the PT57A (actually happened to be one of Andy's old ones) about last year... Heres the pictures maybe you can compare he was stringing 16g VS mains, RPM blast crosses..relatively low tension if i remember correctly Grip size was 1/2...
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    Your college dream team

    I thought this would be interesting: What would be your "dream team" college lineup? Using only current players on the roster for this season. Players must be ball park on your lineup as they are in their singles lineup ie. cannot play Cunha or Novikov at 6 etc... Doubles: 1 2 3...
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    New Murray strings?

    the caption says prestringing? I think p1 just puts in strings to "wear in" the grommets before they put murray's usual in there..i believe...probably just what they have lying around
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    It is all over though man..i feel you...I mean we have tons of people come to the US to train and compete for their country of origin, Sharapova i believe was a bollettieri kid? Not exactly sure if she's a naturalized citizen but I do remember her playing Russian Fedcup previously..Nishikori was...
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    Robert Farah...Canadian born played US College Tennis for SC, now represents Colombia in DC This happens in the olympic too..didnt we(The US) take Bernard Lagat from Kenya, who was born an raised in Kenya, I believed competed for Kenya? If its allowed to happen at the olympic level and the...
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    Djokovic on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Aug 2nd / Conan on 3rd

    sorry for the inconveniently large picture!:D
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    Djokovic on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Aug 2nd / Conan on 3rd

    Me meeting the Djoker at the LA Open while he was trying to sneak out the back :D
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    Kosakowski - Lead on his PSGT?

    I'm a friend of DK i can assure you that he has the whole grip handle of the racket leaded up with a layer of lead using the half inch tape. (Wrapped how you would an over grip) Daniel customized his rackets himself, theyre purely stock versions of the PSGT as well . His racket is definitely...
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    Philanthropy Underground! Need Your Votes! :d

    My Econ teacher is participating in a 50K Pepsi Refresh Challenge and we need all the votes we can get! (: This will not help only our school but also 200+ schools across the nation! You can vote everyday once online and once via text message, 105345 to PEPSI(73774) it takes only two...
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    Which ATP player has the best victory celebration?

    what about the youzhny salute? different then everyone else! :D
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    String Pattern

    open string pattern tends to break strings faster, when i switched from my pstLTD to the Youtek Rad Pro i started to eat up strings :[
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    PICS: USO '09 champ JMDP posing with trophy in NYC!

    he shaved! not much of a wolverine hugh jackman look anymore :D
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    Adidas Saids Melanies Oudin Custom Shoes Not Available For The Public!

    You just go to miadidas and click barricade V they have the sam querry template and the oudin template it even has the *BELIEVE* written in the heel! :D i think they jumped the gun on you HAHA
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    Open pattern, 100 sq. in. <or =12 0z. frames?

    oops nevermind didnt read the whole post :[
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    Open pattern, 100 sq. in. <or =12 0z. frames?

    Head YOUTEK Radical Pro :D i think you know why HEHE
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    Create the toughest US Open 2009 draw for Federer/Nadal

    Qualifying Round 1 : Federer Vs. Nadal :D HAHAHA
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    Safin's U.S Open

    Sorry big guy :[ just not a good final year for him hopefully hes gonna come back though! :D Great personality to tennis i think
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    First one is nice too :D
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    ^^Bottom picture is cute! :]
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    Does color matter

    I heard the SPPP Pure is not as durable because it doesnt have the orange pigments in the string... not sure though ive only used SPPP
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    That was this year at indian wells right? i think i was there that day!
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    what is the album you've listened to the most times in your life?

    Where The Light Is - John Mayer
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    fed Oreo release date?

    Im craving some oreo's now :[
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    This one is a tad better :] Woz and Ana
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    BEST poly/co-poly in price-performance

    Sppp :] 10 Char
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    Radwanska Prince Grip Plus

    hes talking about this spray thing that gives you tack like a rosin bag or something...
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    Head Tour Team 09' bags

    Yes it is, but sadly it looks like shoes can only go in the center they give you separate shirt and shoe bag though
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    Easiest method to ship racquets?

    The only thing i absolutely HATE about USPS is their tracking system. Last time i had racquets shipped to me it finally had all the tracking info when the racquets were already in my hands -.- not quite a tracking system anymore haha... I actually live a minute drive away from the distribution...
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Check out those abs 0.o HAHAA...