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    ITA Indoors

    I agree w this. I'm indifferent on no-ad...I see both sides. But I've been to 3 matches this spring already, two D1 and one D3. D1 doubles is over in approx 30 mins. D3 goes close to an hour. I say strike a happy medium and play 8-games of no-ad at all levels. The D1 matches I've gone to...
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    Labrum Repair surgery

    My recovery was similar to yours. I had a SLAP/Bankhart in Mid-Nov 2010 and was able to hit some at end of Feb 2011. Felt good on any ground stroke, including 1HBH, by the end of March 2011. I started serving around May 2011 and March play end of that summer. I'm over 5 years post op, still do...
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    Playing on a tennis challenge ladder is fun

    The only successful ladder I recall playing was one that was "club run." In that one, the pro set up a 15 week ladder. Each week, he would email out a list of the matches to be played that week w the current ladder standings. After your match, you'd tell the front desk your result. His goal...
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    Playing on a tennis challenge ladder is fun

    I agree w Orange. They always start out good. Then it becomes obvious who wants to play and who doesn't want to spend time on court with, who they view as, inferior players. Glad OP is enjoying it
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    Worst league day/time?

    Most clubs in town close at 6 on Sunday's so they do that on purpose.
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    Worst league day/time?

    Central Florida, mixed doubles, Sunday at 3pm in the summer. That was the last mixed league I played in. The timing killed an entire Sunday and the heat was unbearable.
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    Calling one's own 1st serve out

    Technically, the OP won his point & didn't have to play a 2nd. But at the same time, was a good sport by making sure the proper call was made. The rule's intent is to avoid a situation where the returner smacks a winner off a first serve and the server calls his own shot out to take a 2nd and...
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    Solution to disparity within levels?

    Atlanta local tennis leagues have figured it out much better than USTA. Ultimate/T2 flex leagues you are basically guaranteed a competitive match. The "first season" players are bumped and ineligible for post season. And they don't wait a calendar year to bump. If you play in the spring &...
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    Are captains generally good players?

    That's what I would have thought. Most captains I have played for or against in 4.5 men's are the types to recruit players better than themself.
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    Winter's here - what is your coldest league/tourney match temp?

    My general rule is if the high for the day is under 40, it's too cold to play. That being said, I have started a match on clay, in the morning, at 27 degrees F. Really wasn't much fun. Spent a lot of time breathing on my hands for warmth between points.
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    How do you prefer losing?

    I'd much rather lose to a superior player when I play at my top level. It proves to me where my game is, what deficiencies I have to overcome, and what my strengths are compared to someone else. I don't care whether that is because the guy blew winners by me or if he dinked and dropped shot...
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    Is it possible to win USTA nationals without cheating?

    Cheating is a harsh word sometimes. So, put it this way....I don't think an NTRP national championship can be won without a roster with 6-8 players at the very top of the rating band. And having those players available to travel and play at state, section, and national playoffs. How those...
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    looking for 5.0 player in atlanta

    There is more of a gap than that. I'm a solid middle of the pack 4.5 & have won rounds in playoffs for 6.0- USTA 4.0 likely Ult 4.5 - 5.5 USTA 4.5 likely Ult 5.5 - 6.0-, stronger ones at 6.0 USTA 5.0+ likely Ult 6.0....(6.0 is the top end)
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    looking for 5.0 player in atlanta

    PM me if you're still looking. I'm a 4.5 (6.0- Ultimate) living on the east side of downtown, but I work out near where you live.
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    WOW, 4.5 is a different level than I thought

    Hey Rob! Fully agree, that .5 experience generally makes you hit an extra ball or two you're not used to having to hit. Getting back up to Atlanta anytime soon? Call or email if so
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    Worst State Tournament experience vent

    This is just more Monday Morning QB. Just like Brady Hoke saying he wouldn't have had Michigan punt against Michigan State when asked on the radio after the fact. It's so easy to blame someone in hindsight of a bad call. I don't care who was running a north GA tourney last week. There was...
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    Worst State Tournament experience vent

    Just to clarify for those not in north Georgia....Dalton was right on the line of where our terrible storms rolled through for 2 weeks. This had to be incredibly challenging, especially for a first time head ref. The weather was a complete mess last weekend. For example, Georgia State hosted...
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    BH half-volley idea

    Well yeah, any time the ball is traveling "slowly enough" to swing with a follow through you are more likely to be in an offensive position. I play a wide swerving strategy as well. My hope on these is that the returner will try to hit an aggressive return to me that I can redirect to the...
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    Do you like Fast, Med or Slow courts

    My game is suited for a fast hard court. My body is suited for a slow clay court.
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    Difference between 5.5 to 6.5 ???

    Is there even a league or NTRP tourney in the US for anything over 5.5?
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    Why do you play?

    When I'm playing/hitting just for fun, I like to drill for 40-45 mins and then play a set or tiebreakers. The 40-45 mins hitting/drilling is much more taxing than point play to me. Then I am getting a pretty decent workout in 75-90 mins total.
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    How do you play Singles?

    I almost always play 40-0 or 0-40 different than I've played the previous 3 points. I feel that's a great opportunity to make the opponent think (or over think) about what my strategy is. I'm not a net rusher per se. However, I love to mix in serve and volley at 40-0. If I get a free or easy...
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    How do you play Singles?

    At a certain point, you can' least not consistently win. But, good speed compounded w/ a big serve & forehand can win a lot of matches even at 4.5+ levels.
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    Why do you play?

    This is a similar attitude to me. My pick up basketball days are behind me. Golf takes too long and isn't a workout. I have enough athletic skill to remain a competitive tennis player. And it's more enjoyable than other forms of cardio for me to get a workout from. I've also met tons of good...
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    What's your money shot?

    My best shot is when I step around the second serve in the ad court and hit a forehand inside-in. My favorite shot is a low, short bouncing ball to my 1-hand backhand that I can crush cross court at a sharp angle. That one rarely comes back when I hit it through the side line of the court.
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    What do you Think about during the Warm ups?

    I don't disagree that you can't read too far into an opponent's performance in warm ups. However, completely ignoring the pace, depth, and spin that they hit with is not a great idea. Strategy wise, I will play a different match against a hard flat ball landing deep, than I will against high...
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    How do you handle smack talk?

    I thought Jordan's best trash talk ever was on a night against Steve Smith of the Hawks. Jordan said nothing to him at all. Then after his first bucket, "38" Hit's a three, "35" Another bucket, "33" Then Steve realizes, "this guy is counting backwards from 40 on me."
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    How do you handle smack talk?

    I say something along the lines of, "You are a tremendous recreational tennis player."
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    How do you play Singles?

    1) work point for short ball to forehand 2) hit aggressive approach shot 3) hope opponent misses so don't have to hit volley
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    When do you move when returning a groundstroke in a Singles rally

    I am not known for being exceptionally fast. This makes me have to start to anticipate right after I hit a ball. As a rule of thumb, I anticipate that the opponent will hit cross court. Therefore, as soon as the ball leaves my racquet I am looking to recover to the opposite side of the hash...