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    volkl v1 pr vs blade 98 18x20 vs youtek ig prestige pro

    Yeah it sucks, personally I like prince racquets but I've yet to find a stringer in my area that doesn't charge extra to string prince O hole racquets.
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    volkl v1 pr vs blade 98 18x20 vs youtek ig prestige pro

    Soft ( low stiffness ) doesn't always mean comfy, my dunlops no matter what strings or dampener ( or not ) transfers shock in a bad way and is awful off center, and as for prince racquets Im not paying extra to have them strung ( all the stringers in my area including my two coahces i go to...
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    volkl v1 pr vs blade 98 18x20 vs youtek ig prestige pro

    The Radical pro was actually my racquet before the bio 200, I do miss it but for some reason it was harsh on my elbow.
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    volkl v1 pr vs blade 98 18x20 vs youtek ig prestige pro

    So im a young 4.5 player, just got off a shoulder injury ( everything feels good, been hitting everyday for the past 2 weeks ) and I need to switch frames. My current stick is the bio 200 and while I enjoy it when im just hitting but its too low powered and its mediocre spin gerneration doesn't...
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    Wilson Blade 93 vs 98 18x20

    recently demoed these but can't decide which would be best for me. The 93 was great on serve, volley and forehand but I felt like I couldn't get it around fast enough on my backhand, the 98 was good on my ground strokes and at net but I didn't like the slice or serve as much as the 93 looking...
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    Gosen Sidewinder vs Volkl Cyclone

    Wanting to change my strings and i'm considering these two but i'm not sure yet. both in 17g In terms of - spin tension maintenance comfort power control touch durability overall play ability what i really care about is the comfort, power, control, and tension maintenance.
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    Is there a way around Wilson's QC?

    So I'm really interested in the the 2013 blade 93, but Wilson's reputation for bad QC is discouraging me from buying because I always like to have a pair of the the same racquet for a back up or to use the next day to give a little more string life for both. So first off how bad is Wilson's...
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    Looking For String Suggestions.

    17 year old highschool Jr's player Racquet - Dunlop Biomimetic 200 18x20 Looking for a string with good comfort, control and spin without being too underpowered. My serve is fairly moderate, love to slice and hit topsin angles, prefer control to help me move my opponent around more...
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    Do u feel the weight of vibration dampener??:)

    nope, though if you do technifibre makes a tiny dampender that weighs almost nothing to solve this issue ( if you have it ) i have a couple just in case this problem arises for me
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    Dunlop bio 200 VS Donnay pro one 18X20

    Been looking at more arm friendly racquets ( lower RA rating ) and have decided on these two to consider and demo etc. Basically just looking for opinions : Juniors \ High school varsity player All court singles style, Aggressive serve and volley doubles player ( can hold my own at the...
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    Is Dunlop ever gonna release the rest of the line!?

    What is wrong with you ... babolat makes awful racquets ( IMO ) especially if you have arm issues, they're hollow pieces of junk that haven't made a significant change wince 2009 if not farther back than that, wilson has awful quality control and head ... well i enjoy head, dunlop makes...
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    multi x poly hybrid, whats better in the crosses?

    pretty straight forward, whats better in the cross multi or poly? I've been told to put poly in the mains since the mains are often what breaks first ...
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    Donnay Pro 18x20 taken out from store

    oh lol never noticed, my bad :shock:
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    Donnay Pro 18x20 taken out from store

    the op said the 18x20
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    Donnay Pro 18x20 taken out from store

    also to add to this i just ordered the 18x20 for demo along with the bio 200 and both are in transit and to be delivered to my house tomorrow ... again maybe im confused by what everyone is saying because to me it looks like you're saying that the racquet isn't there or something ... but...
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    Donnay Pro 18x20 taken out from store

    I just wen't on TW and went into the order racquet area ( the donnay pro one 18x20 is there in the donnay section ... ) and it says all grip sizes are in stock excluding 1/4 size, maybe im confused on what everyone is saying but i dont see any absence of the racquet on the site ...
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    Elbow Friendly Alternatives to APD

    any donnay racquet is arm friendly as they are designed to eliminate any vibration from passing into arm, I'd recommend any of the pro ones or x-duals, the formula has gotten bad reviews from higher level players, though if youre a club player or casual it should work fine for you.
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    what is the best 18x20 racket between 95-98 inches

    head liquid radical mp or donnay pro one 18x20
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    My shoulder is restricted!?

    appreciate it!
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    My shoulder is restricted!?

    So do you think paying my ortho another visit would be smart?
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    My shoulder is restricted!?

    In regard to the towel stretch how should it feel and how should my right arm look during the stretch been trying it, but when i pull up its very tight, wont go straight along my back and a little painful. Is this normal for right now and will it improve with time? If you have any links to...
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    My shoulder is restricted!?

    As of right my pain is mostly through rotating the joint ( ball of my shoulder ), it isn't particularly painful just uncomfortable and not super tight and occasional popping ( not bad just slight ). When using my racquet and going through my motion I don't feel any real pain besides some slight...
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    My shoulder is restricted!?

    Sorry I'm usually very good about my grammar and punctuation; I wrote that after getting up from a long needed nap and stretching out some stiffness. Thanks a ton on the advice I'll definitely be using that stretch from now on in my normal routine. Sorry for hurting your eyes! :|
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    My shoulder is restricted!?

    So I'm sure everyone has done the stretch where you reach one arm behind your back and the other over your shoulder to meet your fingers and hands at your back around the shoulder blades, the problem is when going over my back with my right arm and under with my left it feels fine and i can even...
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    Which racket for me?

    I wouldn't recommend having a different frame as your back up from your main frame as frames ( even witht he same specs ) differ from model to model and company to company the best back up frame you could get would be the exact same frame your using, unless you're okay with playing a set with...
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    My New Racquet Dilema

    I'd say the pro one 97 donnay is known for their arm friendly racquets, I'm also considering switching to either the 16x19 or 18x20 pattern, though the PB10 mid is also on my possible switch list and might work well for you but that grip shape is .... ehh
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    John Isners String?
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    Recommend a hybrid set-up for 1st time user

    Solincos revolution 17 & true feel 16 hybrid! Or you could try isospeeds half set hybrid selection
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    Angell TC95 Reviwe and Pics

    So my current set up I'm considering is : ( I'm a junior recovering from arm and shoulder problems ) TC95 Red with Black Grip - 16x19, 63RA, 27', 320g (11.4oz), 315mm (9pts.HL), with a 4 3/8 grip but can't decide between B and C! so what do you think is more comfortable B or C and do you...
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    Angell TC95 vs Volkl pb10 mid and Volkl C10 pro

    to be clear here vantage and angell are the same, the company name changed from vantage to angell this year