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    2012 PDR, full poly

    Hi all I've been playing with this set up for 2 months and like it a lot. I use Tornado 50 lbs full bed. Many people on this forum use hybrid set ups for this racket. Is there anything wrong with using full poly on this particular racket? I always thought full poly gives more control...
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    What's your 2012 Pure Drive Roddick setup?

    Signum Tornado 1.23 full bed, 50
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    How long before these go dead? - B5E, BHB7, BHBR, Silver String, Scorpion

    How is SP Tornado comparing to these strings? I thought is is one the best when it comes to tension maint, playability
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    SPPP vs SP Tornado?

    Alu rough will play better for the first 3-5 hours after that is will start to lose its playability quickly. Unless you can afford restringing often stick to Signum Pro or Weiss Cannon strings
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    SPPP vs SP Tornado?

    I have played with SPPP and now playing with tornado. I agree tornado is a little more powerful and it feels softer than SPPP. I think if you are happy with SPPP and its color you should try Signum Hextreme. That's a shaped version of SPPP. Great string, great spin potential.
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    Bit the bullet and bought a 2012 PDR today

    They have definitely fixed that. PDR feels a lot less hollow and less harsh with full poly then APDGT with full multi
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    pdr gt 2012 vs pdr gt 2010

    Old one feels much stiffer with a bit more power New one feels better overall and swings faster
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    Signum Pro Tornado

    Why do you put Hyperion on crosses. Please explain. Does round string in the crosses increase spin production?
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    New PDR vs old

    Power is there, I think it is more powerful than APDGT. Overall I found that power, spin and control are very nicely balanced. I never felt like there is too much power. If you want massive power potential look at PDR +. I only tried it with full bed Tornado
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    New PDR vs old

    I have new PDR. I have to say I never experienced such feel from Babolat racket, PD or APD. It doesn't feel hollow. I think swing weight is lower and it is much easier to swing. It swings like APD actually. I think power is a bit less, but overall it is better than the previous PDR GT. Spin...
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    Full poly. String crosses 2 lbs less than mains?

    This is very true, however longer main will lose tension at a higher rate than shorter cross. I'm guessing that stringing crosses lower may have some benefit
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    Full poly. String crosses 2 lbs less than mains?

    Hi I have new PDR and Tornado strings. It will be a full bed poly. Is there any real benefit stringing crosses 2 lbs less than mains? I was thinking 54/52 or should i just do 53 for both? My understanding is that stringing crosses at lower tension will make tension more even, since crosses...
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    Trend towards less swingweight?

    That's very true, and it is not that simple as slapping some tape at 12 o'clock. Sure you can increase swing weight by simply adding some tape at 12. But then balance will be more head heavy. So you have to counter balance it by putting lead inside the handle and so on. That's something vast...
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    Control Racket With Power String or Power Racket With Control String?

    I know 47 year old playing with one, it depends on your arm. Demo it for coulple of days and see how you feel
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    Control Racket With Power String or Power Racket With Control String?

    Depends on how you play. If you rely on spin for additional control you will like powerful racket with control string, preferably a poly. Such rackets have larger sweet spot and more forgiving and you get more power and spin potential. The downside is that combination can be too stiff for...
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    SPPP vs Tornado tension maintenance

    Thanks for that )
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    SPPP vs Tornado tension maintenance

    It is 53 lb Thanks for your answers guys
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    SPPP vs Tornado tension maintenance

    It is simple I think the string feels dead when it loses power, spin etc. Happens to me at around 50 hours. I guess i don't hit hard. Some people like to change strings when they become more springy and ball flies long. Some people like to change strings every 30 min, i know all that. The...
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    SPPP vs Tornado tension maintenance

    Well, you hit much harder then me. Now you can feel good about yourself finally))
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    SPPP vs Tornado tension maintenance

    Hi I get about 50-55 hrs out 1.23 SPPP before it feels dead to me. I was looking at 1.23 Tornado to get a bit more power and spin. Is tension maintenance similar? I'm sure it's less. I wonder if I can get 25-30hrs out of tornado if i get 55 out of SPPP. Has anyone tried both strings?
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    Official positioning of Pure Drive & AeroPro

    Teski did you get PDR or PDR+? I'm thinking to try extended version, wondering which one is better..
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    Official positioning of Pure Drive & AeroPro

    The specs are similar but they feel differently. APD is probably more polarized. So it's easier to swing, more spin, but you are missing out on stable feel of PD Roddick. They both have more than enough power and spin potential. I felt that PD R was easier to play with overall. That stable...
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    Forehands and slices with PDRGT or PDRGT+?

    Hi I'm not able to test both strung with poly in my area. Do you know if spin potential any different between those two rackets? Not sure which one to get
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    AeroPro Drive GT vs Pure Drive Roddick GT Plus

    Hi I found that sometimes I was hitting long with Roddick GT plus. It takes some time to adjust to the extra power. I guess full bed poly will help and you still need to generate topspin to be effective with it. I like it better than APDGT. With APDGT you need to generate tons of spin to...
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    Head IG Extreme Pro? Babolats?

    Hi all. Have you played with these rackets? Head IG Extreme Pro Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT Aero pro drive gt? Do you think Head has better control and feel than babolats? Is spin potential of Head comparable with Roddick GT? Can you describe your impressions from those rackets.
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    EXO3 Tour Team versus APDGT and EX03 Black

    I've played with APDGT and Exo black. Exo black feels more comfortable from the first hit due to much livelier string bed. But I feel it reduces the control you get from the racket. Exo black is powerful, but feels more bulky compared to APDGT and unless you have very good topspin technique...
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    Good string for APDGT. Tour Bite or Tornado?

    Hi all Which of two strings do you think is better for Babolat APDGT and why? I need something with good power spin and tension maintenance. I'm not a string breaker. Also what gauge is better for such strings?
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    Adding weights using Babolat APDGT trap door

    Thanks for the answer!
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    Adding weights using Babolat APDGT trap door

    Hi all! Can you add fishing weights (8-10g) inside the handle of Aero Pro Drive GT through a trap door on the butt cap. I wonder if I can just open it with a screwdriver. I know that I can remove the butt cap, but I really don't want to remove grip and get a staple gun and all that...
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    Spinny rackets specs

    You can make more spin if racket is -headlight (for fast head speed) -open string pattern -polarized. If you simply add lead at 12 O'clock your swing will be slower and you'll get less topspin. To get polarized set up you add small amount at 12 and counter balance it with bigger amount...