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    Is Cramping Genetic

    I use to have cramps but only when playing matches, maybe due to nerves. I started taking tums, 1 tablet after every 3-4 games fixed the problem.
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    Do you believe doping is rampant in tennis?

    What about this? Cvac chamber link
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    Roddick vs Rafa, RR MATCHUP

    bingo baby!!!
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    Word Association!!

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    I wish there were more singles play in USTA leagues

    Wonder if it's only the women's league ? Guess it doesn't matter all that much, I have other options for singles.
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    I wish there were more singles play in USTA leagues

    ^^^Is that really true? Can't believe they would only make 1 singles match line. I hope they don't cause i'll just stick w. Kswiss sgls instead.
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    I eat TUMS during the match....
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    I'm 41 yrs old, in good/great shape. I have had cramping problems for the past 2 years tried every thing from electrolyte pills(Zym), Gatorade, potassium pills, to Succeed! pills . What was weird, I could practice for 2-3 hrs without having any cramping issues, only in matches. I started taking...
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    Nadal plays non mandatory event, complains about schedule

    I think his only problem is the way they cram the clay court season into 4 weeks. This is his best surface and he's looking to pick up more points.
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    Rafa - Time between the points

    Remember last year Nadal vs Djoker clay court...they took like 5 hrs to play 3 sets... wtf! why do they need to dry off after an ace?
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    Federer: "He [Berdych] got lucky tonight"

    What Fed said was true, if Fed was playing 80% of his capacity, Berdych would have never won.
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    USA-Here I come! (again)

    What are you going to be doing in Atl? Atl is the mecca of recreational tennis,plenty of players & courts, epically in the North-East, Gwinett /Fulton County area. Are you staying long?
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    Loan Modification

    Try to get the loan mod, don't worry about what others or you think about taking advantage of the system. You have a family now, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES... You are throwing hard earn money away.
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    Andy's Wife

    Boy we sure are critical.. post pics of your wife, no???
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    Health Care

    Here is my problem with free health care. American people are flat out FAT ***$es, they don't exercise, and most everyone over eat. The rising health care cost is mostly related to people not taking care of their body. We are giving people free health care but they don't aren't even...
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    Roddick Cheated Melzer On The Serve

    This is a stupid thread... Roddick, like him or not is one of the most straight forward guy out there. He gives credit to his opponent no matter the outcome. The guy speaks his mind, can get a little pissy when things don't go his way on a call but he's always honest about his emotions. Unlike...
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    How many sets of clothes do players get per tournament?

    Kswiss Linky Video of all th BB Adidas stuff
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    Agassi asks for compassion

    it's on 60 minutes website.
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    Macbook Pro 13.3 or 15.4 inch?

    get the 13 u can always hook it up to a bigger lcd at home/desk
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    Watson proves GOLF is not a sport..

    so if your pulling for a 59 yr old man, would you also pull for an overweight, cigarette smoking golfer?
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    Watson proves GOLF is not a sport..

    wow fishing & hunting is a sport??? what kind of skill do you need to toss bait in the water or shoot a high power rifle at a still object?
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    Mansewerz's Workout Journal

    What about listing your diet? It's the most important program for gaining lean muscle.
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    My point to pvaudio was both are "PROGRAMS" the gym & p90x.. If your lifting weights in the gym, so have to follow some type of routine/program same with p90x. With p90x you don't waste 15-30 minutes in drive time... when your ready to work out just pop in the DVD. It's a great program, I've...
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    so what is the difference between following a "PROGRAM" on DVD and going to the gym to lift weights?? Isn't that a "PROGRAM" ?
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    p90x is a good all around "FITNESS" program, but to get the "ripped" look you must follow the diet to a T. It's a 6 days/week program, the 7th is usually a stretch or rest day.
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    Gasquet cleared

    maybe this was his intentions all along.
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    Gasquet cleared

    sorry i did search and didn't see it.. Mod delete if you like. damn i see it now "the other" thread.. man i must be blind
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    Gasquet cleared

    Gasquet cleared (MOD DELETE) Gasquet cleared to resume playing despite positive cocaine test Story Highlights Richard Gasquet has been cleared to resume playing by the ITF The ITF's doping ban of two months and 15 days ended Wednesday Gasquet was provisionally suspended in May; he missed...
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    Croatia vs USA - Davis cup

    Blake needs to retire!!!
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    Blake just lost ... AGAIN!

    Blake sucks... the guy had a 2-0 set lead ....then blows it, had a mini break in the 4th set tie breaker.