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    Nike Winter 2014 *predictions*

    Are there any previews up anywhere to get a preview of the line to make decisions about whether to order now or to wait a week?
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    Anyone recognize these shorts?

    Correct, 4th picture down. I thought it would link directly to that picture but apparently it did not. This might work better
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    Anyone recognize these shorts?

    Does anyone remember or recognize these shorts? This photo is from the 2014 Australian Open so I figured they would be recent enough that I could find them online somewhere but all my attempts have failed.
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    Trying Asics

    In terms of general everyday wear, I love them. I've not yet worked out or played in them, I'm nervous about this, I find the heel too loose but the toe box slightly tight if I get them tied tight enough to fit right. I might try getting a bigger set of laces and see if that improves anything...
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    Babolat Shoes Fall 2013?

    Any word on colors for the next line?
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    Babolat Shoes Fall 2013?

    Any new Babolat shoes coming out in the next few months?
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    Trying Asics

    Just purchased the Orange w/Black Asics Gel Resolution 5s. Was deciding between these and the Babolat Pro Pulse 4, anyone have experience with either of these shoes? I have tendonitis in both shins and right below both knees, and have been having problems with my arches, and wear orthotics in...
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    Jo Durie Frame

    Here's a name from the past, I remember seeing Jo play at Indian Wells in the early 90s with this frame and have always been curious what it was. Anyone know? The strings extend through the bridge and into the neck of the racquet...
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    Kvitova really using Wilson Steam ?

    Wilson makes no secret that they make custom racquets for their players. I emailed them about 5 or so years ago, inquiring how I could get a custom racquet, since at the time, I was not finding anything that suited my game, and they replied that their "pro room" was reserved for their players in...
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    Kvitova's Headband

    Will TW have the Blue Headband Kvitova is wearing at the AO available?
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    KSwiss Apparel

    Which shorts did you buy?
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    KSwiss Apparel

    How does the KSwiss apparel compare in quality, comfort and fit to the Nike, Lacoste, Adidas, and other lines? Particularly in the shorts.
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    Le Coq Sportif

    Any chance Le Coq Sportif will ever make a return to Tennis Warehouse or the USA?
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    Shoe for Wide Foot with Shin Splints

    Hi, I have tendonitis/shin splits in both my shins, and have small but wide feet. Any suggestions for shoes? Thanks Scott
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    Stella McCartney Adidas

    Will the Stella McCartney Adidas Line ever be avaliable at TW?
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    Shoe Recommendation

    Went to a tennis shop today. Tried on the Barricade IVs, Clima Ultimate II, and Nike Vapor 3s. They didn't have the ultimate in my size, but I tried it on just to get a general feel and see how it would look on my foot. Fit wise, I'd actually probably say the Vapor 3s fit the best, but I really...
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    Gold in Adidas a3 and Nike Vapor 3

    Saw them in a tennis shop this morning, was disappoitned to find it to be more orange than gold. I was hoping for a gold closer to the true gold Federer and Sharapova used to wear. Obviously it wouldn't be real gold like they had, but it would have been nice for Nike to try to replicate the...
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    Shoe Recommendation

    I am looking for new shoes, currently wearing the Barricade III's. My feet tend to sweat a lot and my socks will be soaked after just a few hours at work or on the court. I've worn mostly Nike or Adidas in the past few years, Nike Breathe Free original were my favorite, have tried on current...
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    Gold in Adidas a3 and Nike Vapor 3

    Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but I saw pictures of the Gold Nikes and Gold Adidas availiable here at TW for the first time today (I haven't been looking at shoes much recently). Anyway, I was wondering, at least in the pictures, the color appears to be more orange than gold, is...
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    Bovina Racquet

    Out with a shoulder injury
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    Bovina Racquet

    Bovina is using pacific strings now? I know the last time I saw her play (way too long ago for this huge Bovina fan), she had been using Luxilon TiMO.
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    Any new Nike shoes coming out soon?

    Where did you getthe Light Blue pair?
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    Mens Barricades III Vs Womens Barricades III

    Well, with the exception of the Pink Barricades, most of the colors are unisex. In fact, the white/silver Barricade IIIs are identical as far as I can tell, I compared the pictures of both of them.
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    Mens Barricades III Vs Womens Barricades III

    Last week, I was told that with the exception of the sizing, that the mens barricades and womens barricades were exactly the same and that, if their feet were small enough, that men could theoritically wear the womens barricades III without any problems, saying they were built on the same...
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    Problem With Barricade IIIs

    Okay, well, I put my Barricade IIIs for the first time since buying them today. When I got them they were a little loose on the heal, hoped that just lacing them differently would fix that. But it didn't and my foot was sliding up and down a lot in the heal. The rest of the shoe fit great and I...
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    help with uniform

    Talk to the coach and ask him what he wants you to do. If the apparel you guys are wearing is sold to the public, find out if you can buy it somewhere and hopefully, the school will reemburse you for the clothing. That would be my best guess.
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    TW Staff: Adidas Line Questions

    Well, obviously I will probably be buying something. IF this is indeed the line for the US Open and beyond, then I'll be buying it soon. But if there is another one coming out within the next few weeks, I'd rather wait and get a look at that before I make a decision as to what I want to buy...
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    TW Staff: Adidas Line Questions

    How much longer will Adidas be using the current competition and formotion lines? Will it be through the US Open or are they planning to release something new for the US Open? I believe the current one was released just before Wimbledon, so I figure it's probably around the time for a new line...
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    Shoe Laces for Barricade IIIs

    Decided on the Barricade IIIs, White with Dark Navy and Argentinian Blue, but have found the shoe laces to be a bit too short for my liking. Does anyone know of a shoe lace company that makes Navy Blue shoe laces similar to the color of the BIIIs and where I can find them?
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    Shoe Decision

    Looking for new shoes, I currently have a pair of the original Nike Breathe Frees (love these shoes) and the Barricade IIs. I'm looking at 6 shoes: - Nike Vapors - Nike Breathe Free IIs - Adidas Barricade II (Like the ones I have but wondering if there is something better maybe) - Adidas...