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    lessons with a Pro

    Sorry, I think I came across stronger then I had intended. I meant it to have the same tone as Bill's last paragraph.
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    lessons with a Pro

    You could also take a more aggressive stance with your pro time by asking him direct questions and telling him what you would like to work on. What do you see wrong with ... or I would like to concentrate on improving my ... Your paying him good money and you shouldn't feel shy about...
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    Hi, my name is Matt....and I'm addicted to topspin.

    hehe...I just got it yesterday. Haven't had much time to play it yet but oh man am I excited. :D
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    vibration dampener

    I've tried several different ones but as I stated in my previous post have decided on the trusty old rubber band. Here are some of my observations of the different types available. The unique (Pete Sampras) brand along with the many manufactor provided ones have a lower effect on the...
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    vibration dampener

    A website that described how to tie a specific knot using a rubber band claims it increases the tension of the stringbed by about 5 pounds. Which should decrease power and increase control. I recently converted to a rubber band as my dampener device. The stringbed definitely feels tighter...
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    How often to most clubs cycle the balls they use?

    Wow! How much are your membership rates? That has got to be expensive! I don't know if my club changes their balls. Usually, if someone spots a bad ball in one of the carts they just through it away.
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    Drop Weight - Typically off correct tension by how many lbs?

    I think it would be a good idea to use a initially calibrator to determine accurate tension locations on the sliding scale. Such that you know where 58lbs is located on the arm and not "guess" at it using the scale on the machine.
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    Wilson n code - not!

    They could implement a technology similar to what Taylor Made uses for its irons. They could create slots around the frame can offer different metals with different weights that players could put into the slots.
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    Tennis Stringing Ripoff of the YR!!!

    My local club, Fitness Forum, Lockport, IL. I had a feeling it was going to be expensive but didn't know it was going to be that much. To be fair the pro did a really good job.
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    Article about players,attitudes and ballkids..

    This article is really dishearting. Tennis pros should look towards NASCAR drivers as inspiration and try to be more accessible. It's a same that Federer couldn't be bothered with signing autographs. An extra 15 minutes of his time would have created a lasting impression for those kids.
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    Tennis Stringing Ripoff of the YR!!!

    I just paid $32 for a Wilson NXT 16 string job :(
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    At what age a tennis player reach his peak???

    Early to Mid Twenties? Sampras was number one from 21-26.
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    practicing by yourself?

    Hula Hoops?
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    How many racquets do you own?

    2 Head Ti.S1's 1 Head i.S1 (Midplus)
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    What do you do for a "Ritual" before serving?

    I get into my service position and look over at my opponent and make sure they are ready to receive the serve. Then I pick a spot and serve. I try not to think of a lot of things during my pre-serve routine and try to stay focused at getting the serve in.
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    Windy Situtations

    Thanks for the tips. Especially the tip on taking shorter swings. As I reflect on my last match there were several shots that I had good preparation for and had a good swing at but ended up mishitting. The wind slowed it up and I made contact too early :(
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    Windy Situtations

    Now that the weather is finally getting suitable for playing tennis outdoors in the mid-west, my friends and I get to experience the great joy that is playing in the wind. Obviously, playing outside is very different from playing inside but I can't get over how much of an influence the wind is...
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    The Worst/Interestingly different courts you've played on

    In high school, we had to play one team on some asphalt courts. They were in pretty bad shape and there were cracks and weeds growing all over the surface.
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    Do you use a vibration dampener?

    I use one. I use to use the one that came with my racket, the head logo but have recently switched to a trusty old rubber band. Why I use it? I've always used one so I guess it's habit.
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    Doubles Positioning

    With the lefty in the AD court both players have their forehands on the outside. Assuming that most of the serves you will receive are out wide then the person will be returning the serve with their stronger stroke putting them into better position to win the point. But watching the Bryan...
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    serve = shoulder and bicept pain

    YEMntFtb, I was having some problems with my shoulder and back caused by my service motion. The pro at my club looked at my swing and noticed that I before I started my motion I was really tense. I always started my motion with the racket head up and this caused tension in my forearm. He...
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    How do you get rid of a killer sweet tooth?

    Very good suggestion. Especially with the warmer weather more fruits will be available and in season. Oh man I can't wait for watermelon. Hummmm watermelon.
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    How do you get rid of a killer sweet tooth?

    Switch to a sugarless candy? If you don't like the artificial sweeteners, try buying the snack size candy bars and limit yourself to one or two pieces a day. I find that usually helps cure my sweet tooth.
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    I regularly play against a lefty. My general strategy is being extra careful of my shots. Because of the forehand\backhand difference I am forced to play higher risk shots to get to his weaker stroke usually a backhand down the line to force a return from his backhand. Just take your time...
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    Dealing with junk

    I agree with Verbal_Kint. Hit an approach shot, preferably out wide. If your lucky it will stay low and your opponent will return an easy sitter for you to put away. Just make sure you don't get suck in "no persons" land. Either hit your approach and end up at the net or hit the approach...
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    sprained ankle

    16, I am sorry to hear that. I sprained my ankle, well at least I thought it was a sprain, the third week of October and it took almost 3 months before I was able to play again. It still feels a little tight and fatigues easy :( I suggest taking it easy and not to rush. You'll be playing...