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    Yonex Vcore 98 Plus 2023

    They’re available in Europe, ordering one today. I bought the Solinco WhiteOut XTD but my arm is not liking this stick at all. Never had any issues with the DR plus or Ezone plus.
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    Bublik no longer with Yonex

    Looks like he’s using a Head, similar to Novak’s frame blacked out.
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    Tennis Shoe pricing keeps soaring! Is there a limit?

    I never buy new colorways, prices are getting out of hand...150€ is way too high! Max 80€ is what I'm paying for top notch shoes.
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    Bublik’s kit

    Whatttt? He's not boring to watch. Always up for a surprise, not always the best decision maker but he's fun to watch, has power, feel,... You prefer players who follow a fixed pattern to win their matches?
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    Asian Karatsev Racquet

    If his string is black you need a new TV dude
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    The Consortium of Xtralong Longbody Stretch Long Reach +1.0 XL +2.5cm Lovers

    I can't play with a 27inches racket, I get mine extended by ring roll.
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    Any sponsorship changes for 2021 season?

    Fognini with K-Swiss shoes
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    Adidas Ubersonic 4 Thread

    How about other colorways?
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    New Balance clay

    The 996 is a very good update but I wouldn't mind the lav's with a clay outsole.
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    Is Yonex Poly Tour Pro far more popular than PT Air, Fire, Spin, Strike?

    Ruud uses the poly tour spin as a main with the ptp as a cross. I like the poly tour spin a lot.
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    New Balance clay

    Will New Balance have 996 v4's with a clay outsole this year?
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    Monfils brown string

    Just noticed that he's using a brown string while watching the highlights of the Montpellier finals. Luxilon Element or RPM Power?
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    Sponsorship changes 2020

    Vliegen and Gillé from Jako clothes and Mizuno shoes to Lotto
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    Sponsorship changes 2020

    I think Pouille is with Le Coq Sportif
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    Solinco Strings

    Hopefully they will release the string in a 330ft reel too
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    Solinco Strings

    You selling them?
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    Sponsorship changes 2020

    Any updates on changes in the sponsorships of female and male players?
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    Haase with Radical MP

    His new stick is a MP NOT THE MID SIZE AS BEFORE....
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    Haase with Radical MP

    The prestige rev pro is a mid size
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    Haase with Radical MP

    To me the Rev Pro is a mid size frame.
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    Haase with Radical MP

    He seems to have finally given up on the mid sized frame.
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    Is it time for Nishikori to switch Racquets?

    He just didn’t have a good day and against Nadal you get punished. With a % of 38% first serves for example... His movement sometimes wasn’t as good either.
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    I am not impressed with this string. I used it in Prince txt tour 100P in 1.20 diameter. Compared to Solinco tour bite it has less spin, control, pocketing. No go for me.
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    Tecnifibre Ice Code

    I have it strung, will try it tomorrow. Hope it pockets well.
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    Thiem using new Pj of Pure Strike 2019 at RG

    I hope he wins the FO
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    3D printed pallets

    Don’t really believe in this as a Babolat and a Head grip are different.
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    3D printed pallets

    Who? Where? What?
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    3D printed pallets

    Anyone here into 3D printing? I was thinking this would be a good way to make extended racquets...anyone?