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    The dreaded EOY Rating thread

    Google USTA (your section) league rules and see if anything comes up. You’re likely looking for something like this. States and local leagues can vary their rules so I’d start with the...
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    how well does this questionnaire predict your NTRP/UTR?

    I ended up overrated by .5 NTRP but I was in (the lower) range for UTR. That’s more on me I think though as I don’t know what speeds I routinely see and thought I was overrating myself. It did show that returning serve is the weakest part of my game but I already knew that. Especially in...
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    How many teams are in your area competing in USTA?

    We usually have 3-7 other teams depending on the league and age. Mixed and women’s have more teams than men’s every time. 40+ has more than 18+ usually as well. We only have 8 “clubs” in the area and they don’t all field teams for each league. I think a few of them only play in 55+ leagues. As a...
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    Mixed Doubles & Spouses: Play Together or Different Partners?

    My wife and I play together occasionally but we usually play with other people in mixed leagues. We have a guy on our team that doesn’t play great with a lot of women but the two of them are a good pairing. Similarly, I can play with most anyone so I am usually the fill in when someone’s normal...
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    How about a 30(!) player roster?

    I’m on a mixed team with 24 people and we barely have enough people to play our matches this week. Between rain, vacations, injuries, and people wanting to avoid the heat there’s no way we could avoid defaulting lines with only 10-12 players. A lot of our local rosters are made up of couples and...
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    wanting to call it out

    I’ve got a few people local to me who seem to assume all balls are going out. Kills me they default to thinking out vs thinking in. Any serve I hit near a line is called out, usually prematurely. Same with deep topspin balls. Let three or four go without calling them out last time, I’m going to...
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    Calendar integration with USTA league schedules

    Does anyone know of a way to integrate the USTA league schedule with calendar apps on a phone? Or if there’s a way to do it via desktop and then push the calendar to my phone? I’m losing my mind trying to keep up with different captains using different ways to push lineups and am tired of...
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    Buenos Aires

    Traveling to BA for a few weeks later this summer. Any good places to drop in for a clinic or maybe get a hit in? Will be staying near Puerto Madero. I normally play on Har-Tru and would really like to try out the real stuff if possible. I’m a 5 UTR. My Spanish isn’t great so something at a club...
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    Bathroom break during USTA match in middle of the set

    I’m guilty of number one. I play every ball that’s going to be close to a line and don’t always pay attention to whether the ball was out or in and my regular partners know this. I defer to my partner in those cases and back up their call. If my partner is unsure whether a ball was in or out...
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    The dreaded EOY Rating thread

    Clinics and clubs are run differently around the country. I have gone to 2.5/beginner clinics specifically because I know the pro teaching them and needed their help with a serve hiccup I developed. New players always want serve help so I don’t feel bad for taking instruction time from them. At...
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    Highest UTR in 4.0 men's league

    Primarily 5-6 (with a couple 7) for doubles. I know at least one 7 in singles and one 8. I’m in a small area, less than 500 male players total.
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    Gender neutral rating for usta

    I got $44 off at Wilson, a code for $44 off at Head, a free hat or shirt, and a code for something else that I would never use. Mine renews in December so maybe time of year has something to do with it.
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    Gender neutral rating for usta

    I’ve got a “mature” lady on one of our 7.0 teams that has aged/injured down to a 3.0. Pace doesn’t bother her as much as spin (especially on the serve) but I love watching young 3.5/4.0 guys start missing from over hitting while she casually deflects their shots back beyond the service line. She...
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    I think I’m with USTA

    How does that even work? Anyone in the area could theoretically form a team. If you’ve got someone willing to captain they don’t need to email the LC. Just form the team via the website.
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    I think I’m with USTA

    What’s your solution to the issue? The LC should captain a team for you to play on? How many teams should the LC have to captain? Just one for you or one for everyone that doesn’t have a team to join? Maybe the LC is also busy with work and doesn’t have time to captain a team in addition to...
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    Your top Serving Racquets

    Pure Drive+ is easy mode when serving. Can dial up big, flat bombs at will and have more than enough spin on second serves so nothing to worry about there. The RF97’s (and even pre countervail PS97 with some lead tuning) have a lot of oomph as well. I can’t use one for multiple hours over...
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    2022 USTA League Participation

    The League Coordinators don’t get the fee, at least where I am. I have seen the books for our league and the stipends being paid out are under 2k total for the year. I do know when we have teams that go to Sectionals and Nationals we try to give those team captains some money to help offset some...
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    2022 USTA League Participation

    Im in Southern and it may not be the same everywhere. Here in my state though, the league fees are typically $20 or less. When you pay that on TennisLink the money goes to the State’s USTA. The state collects their fees from the $20 and sends the local league a check for the remainder. The local...
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    The dreaded EOY Rating thread

    Is there not a 2.5 level for men?
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    The dreaded EOY Rating thread

    We split teams based on who is actually willing to go to States at our club. Somehow, that usually means the better players at the club are on the team willing to travel to States. Nice how that works itself out.
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    Setting up a mini tournament

    Can you not ask to reserve the courts for a block of several hours? I’d get in touch with whoever manages the courts and explain what you’re trying to do and see if they are agreeable to it.
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    Adidas Barricade 2021

    I found a pair with a difference days after I told you I hadn’t seen any. The white Barricades with blue stripes and white lettering (not the pair bisected that’s blue on one side white on the other) seem to have much better ventilation. All my other pairs have had the same outer that has been...
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    Adidas Barricade 2021

    I’ve had 5 different pairs and haven’t noticed a difference in any of them since the original checkerboard ones. I don’t have the newest World Cup colorway but haven’t seen anything about any changes.
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    Ideas to get more younger people involved in tennis?

    This is exactly what got me into and kept me playing tennis. A core group of about 12 regular people that were trying to learn tennis and be active. Six group lessons were $50 (in 2018 so not that long ago) and could be used any night M-Th.
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    Ideas to get more younger people involved in tennis?

    I started as an adult within the last ten years. I was interested in tennis before as I had friends who played growing up and talked about playing but didn’t know where/how to start. I randomly saw a flyer for group lessons at a local park and checked it out. Met some nice people and learned the...
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    Official 2022 ratings thread.

    I am at least .5 underrated on TR and it’s even worse on TLS. This is based on my UTR and the matches I’ve been winning. I’ve been playing up a level all year with success (around 70% matches won) and have been the better player more than once during doubles matches. Unfortunately for me, TR and...
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    What music you listen on the way to matches?

    Runaway by Bon Jovi played on the radio before something like three matches in a row so I started listening to it before every match. Won 10 or 11 in row before my streak broke. Haven’t found anything to recapture that magic again unfortunately.
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    A Solution to Limit Sandbagging in USTA

    I’m dealing with this exact situation now (based on TR data). Started playing a few years ago. Got to the level of some 3.0/3.5 lifers and have now exceeded their levels. Play doubles with them though and our match ratings still show them as the “stronger” player. Mixed is especially bad it seems.
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    NRTP Ratings during USTA matches

    I like this idea but you may run into the problem of people not playing many matches.
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    Mixed UTR Shenanigans

    Are you the M or F? I’m an M with a lower NTRP than one of my mixed partners but my UTR is 1.5-2 points higher than hers.