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    How many times does djok bounce the ball

    He used to bounce it a lot more. How many times does Nadal pick his ass during a match?
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    Should the receiver be expected to hold one (of the 3) balls?

    4 times this week. 3 of them are Flex League. How many did you play?
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    Should the receiver be expected to hold one (of the 3) balls?

    Ma'am, Actually, I don't have to leave it against the fence. I can put it on the bench if the reciever refuses to do his job. If you read my post (which ay be a little too long) you'd see the answer as to why the receiver should hold the 3rd ball. To speed up play. Also in a very...
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    Should the receiver be expected to hold one (of the 3) balls?

    In singles: A pet peeve of mine in tennis is receivers who wont hold one of the 3 balls and servers who demand on keeping all 3 on his side of the court (but wont actually hold all 3) Does anyone else here feel this way? Should the receiver be "expected" to hold the 3rd ball? I don't mean by...
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    Can one person hold a court?

    This sign is at a few public parks in San Jose, California This particular one is at Los Paseos Park, and another just like it is at Paul Moore Park
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    Can one person hold a court?

    Maybe because the people here waste more time here than on court. Go to a court and ask this question and you'll get different results. Go to a court and try to hold/use it by yourself. You'll end up in a situation like happened to the OP.
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    Can one person hold a court?

    Ma'am, I play mostly at public courts, but I am also a member of Los Gatos Swim & Racquet Club. A member at LGSRC may use a court alone if no one is waiting. However, no one individual at LGSRC may use a court alone if others are waiting. No one person may get a court for his/her group...
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    Can one person hold a court?

    I don't agree with a lot on that sign. Very unlike any tennis court rules I've ever seen. I don't see the part where it talks about one person holding a court. And two balls only? Most cans hold 3* and I like using 3 (one in my pocket, one in his pocket, and one in play). Maybe it's talking...
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    Can one person hold a court?

    I can't really tell from the video. Too long and can't hear well. However, it's common knowledge (to tennis people) that one person may not hold a court. An exception (in my opinion) is if you're in the middle of a match, one person may leave to use the restroom. During that time, of course one...
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    a trip to San Jose

    I have no idea what a PSB95 is. Possibly a racquet? Bring any decent racquet, shoes, and a big bottle of water. That's all you need. I live in San Jose, and I'm 3.5, but don't consider myself a strong 3.5 51 year old male.
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    How to take emotion out of a grudge match?

    The people you'll be playing against probably don't even know why you left. Maybe some don't even know you. You're overthinking this. Just play it like a normal match. Also, since it's a team event, the other players wont have this in their head to worry about. I've played against former club...
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    Tanner and Mc Enroe

    Exactly. It about 1 second to figure that out.
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    Is it possible to make a grass court in your own back yard?

    I like when people bring up interesting topics that others may have missed the first or second time around. It would also be nice to see new respsonses instead of having to do a search.
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    Strings that are the same but branded/marketed as different?

    It's not a rumor. It's true
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    humble newbie stringer question

    W slot accomodates short side
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    Club & Park level: Nice (expensive) clothes = bad player?

    I don't know what a poser is. Is that the person I'm trying to describe? I also couldn't tell you which pro wears what. I can't recognize any shirt as Nadal's, or Federer's etc. I know the RF logo when I see it, but I don't know the rest of his shirt. I have never rooted for Roger and would...
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    As Much As I'd Like To Watch Lisicki in The Final I Can't Bear Watching Bartolii Play

    That's not what Richard Krajicek would have said in 1992. At Wimbledon in 1992 he said "80% of the top 100 women tennis players are fat, lazy pigs." but when challenged about his comment. Krajicek said he had "over exaggerated and that only 75% are fat lazy pigs"
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    Club & Park level: Nice (expensive) clothes = bad player?

    Ma'am, Didn't you read this part? "Not always true of course. There are exceptions" I know not to underestimate anyone.
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    Club & Park level: Nice (expensive) clothes = bad player?

    Not always true of course. There are exceptions: In my limited experience*, it seems like the people with the nicest clothes, the expensive items from tennis shops, are usually not very good players relatively speaking. It seems like they think a better shirt will win them the match. When I...
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    Guess the Grunt!

    That was a fun game. I got 7 right
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    connors bio

    What makes you think everyone forgot that? Or maybe I should say how could you for get it? It's one of the best things known about Jimmy. He probably would have won the Grand Slam that year. That's the reason it's unforgettable. We usually are reminded of it when people talk about those who have...
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    Whose first ever title was a Slam?

    Well, Michael said at that moment that it WAS God who fixed things so that he'd win. Michael later wrote the same thing in his book Holding Serve... (which I read and it's very good. I recommend it). He still claims to this day that God gave him that title. I think he's a terrible sportsman to...
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    Whose first ever title was a Slam?

    That's right, I remember. The Volvo or TransAmerica or whatever they called it then. The French was his 2nd title
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    Whose first ever title was a Slam?

    What was Michael Chang's first title? Did he win any titles before God gave him the 1989 French? Does it count if you didn't really earn it?
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    A great and surprising Open era record held by Becker

    I agree. Also, there's a lot of people who never won any majors, but they have one win over a number 1 player. They spend the rest of their lives being proud of that fact, their relatives will brag about it all the time and it will probably be mentioned at their memorial when they die. But it...
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    A great and surprising Open era record held by Becker

    If you like tennis biographies, I highly recommend Becker's The Player. It's probably in the top 15 of the 100 + that I've read.
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    A great and surprising Open era record held by Becker

    I don't understand your answer. I wanted to know how many titles he has won on clay. I don't need you to be fair, just a regular old fashioned correct answer would be nice.
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    Venus Williams pulls out of Wimby

    Not good news for Venus fans of course, but I doubt Venus has anything to be sad about. Relatively speaking. Relative to us. That is unless she's about to die from whatever she has. I mean instead of tennis, she could have gotten a job in a grocery store and could still be 20 years from...
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    A great and surprising Open era record held by Becker

    How many clay court singles titles did Becker win?