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    What a ridiculous end....(spoiler)

    Now will have camera on the feet of the server.
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    How many tosses are you allowed

    That seems reasonable. Another case where many retosses is totally fine is in a practice match.
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    How many tosses are you allowed

    I think there should be a rule maybe no more than 2-3 toss. I played someone that tossed the ball 5-10 times. It was very annoying but help with my focus;)
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    Meals before the match…

    What ever you do do not eat mexican food ;). Did that the other day, barely could stay awake for my 2:00 match.
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    european rating verus NTRP

    now I can see the table. Thanks
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    What should your shoes say?

    remember me when you have a match!
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    european rating verus NTRP

    rorsach thanks for the response, but "here you go" where. Thanks ;)
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    european rating verus NTRP

    Does anyone know about the system Europe uses for rating amateur players. Do they have somethings similar to NTRP?
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    Norcal-No DQs for B and C rated players

    Finally!!! To many players were DQed as districts with legit computer ratings. Only player that appeal or are self rated will be DQed. Hurrah!!!
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    Played with a GIRL that is supposedly rated at 5.0, Surprising results...

    Interesting statistics.... I just want to add that I'm a girl, an old one at that (40) and I beat guys of the same NTRP all of the time. I can return serves easily that are in the 105 mph range, but have more trouble with weird spin serves. Who beats me girls that are slice specialists or a...
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    I agree that it is best to play at the level that YOU feel competitive. I have a friend who was computer rated 3.0 for 3 years. Work hard to get better and then got DQ'd at districts, preventing our team from moving onto sectionals and maybe nationals. The match that DQ'd here was close and...
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    Calling out the score

    I played against someone with one of those electric scorekeeper. She kept forgetting to enter the score or had trouble. It cause more problems then it was worth. I think it is important to just call out the score. Also remember to stop the server immediately if you have any question or did...
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    Congrats on a great win.
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    Ladies only: best biceps and other best male issues

    Very nice!!!
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    Who here spends the most on equipment?

    So what do other give up to feed their tennis habbit? No botox for me either, I clean my own house, Drive a cheap car, cook my own food, I never go shopping as I am always on the court.
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    Building a hard court Pictures included

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    Researching a future opponent...

    I don't think looking up opponents helps. The scores can be misleading unless you know the opponent. Also, how well you do can depend more on the style of play of the opponent. There are certain styles I have trouble with so I amy go three sets even if the play is ranked a lot lower than me...
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    Self-rated player DQ'd at Sectionals

    Cindy, I have had a computer rated player DQ'd from one of my times during sectionals. A DQ during regular season affects the whole season. A DQ during a post season event (district or sectionals) on effect matches played in the post season event.
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    Who here spends the most on tennis?

    Fun thread cindy, Lets see for 2008 so far club fee $1320 USTA teams (5 so far) $105 Flex League (2 so far) 42 Tournaments (average 1 per months at $35 a pop) $280 Lessons $1200. I can't imagine the gas fees. I have promised no new outfits this year (oh yeah I hit the nike...
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    "You suck so bad I'm quitting USTA tennis"

    There is this player that everyone hates to play in tournaments around here. She is a classic moonballer, gets everything back right up the middle. She knew everyone hated her style, but she won a lot of matches, so she said "if you hate my style, beat me". I have tried to use that, if I dont...
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    NTRP system

    Just thought I would comment, that tournament play here after the first round is significantly higher than league. Although there are certainly some overlap.
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    Good sportsmanship: how do you or others show it

    I once watched a matched were both players (men) were great sportsmen. The match proceeded with a solid warm up and solid play. Each players body language was focus, but non-aggressive. One player broke a string on his back-up racquet the other lent him his back-up. They both seemed to have...
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    Good sportsmanship: how do you or others show it

    There is a thread in progress that talk about gamemanship. Some of the techniques are maybe not so nice, but others a very legitimate parts of the game. I thought a thread on good sportsmanship would be a nice balance to some of the silly/evilness that can occur on the court. What to you...
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    What sort of gamesmanship do you engage in?

    The only gamemanship I do on purpose is to not look tired especially in the 3rd set. I will sit at the changeover in the first set but rarely in the 3rd. I have been told that I tend to vary the pace between serves. Sometimes I set up fast sometimes a little slower. I am not doing this on...
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    Forget equal pay for men and women, equal pay for Doubles and Singles

    I think we need to start with more coverage. I also think that the lack of stability in the doubles partnering diminishes interest. The Bryan's are great players, but it helps that they have stuck together.
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    Ladies only: best biceps and other best male issues

    Just found this thread....what away to start the morning.
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    Women atheletes (tennis and golfers) starting to really earn the cash

    Women atheletes especially tennis and golf players starting to earn the $$$.
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    Ladies only: best biceps and other best male issues

    Just a little fun--for the girls Ok...this thread is a bit tongue in cheek. There seem to be quite a few boys here admiring or disparaging the hot or fat WTA player. So girls it is our turn. Who do you think is hot or not on the ATP tour. I think Marat Safin is nice to watch and he plays...
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    "You suck so bad I'm quitting USTA tennis"

    Wow. Every single one, huh? I'm reminded of the occassional relationship counselor I see on TV who'll be talking to the guy with five failed marriages. The conversation usually ends with, "do you think it might be you?" Nah.... Believe me I have a certain respect for the...