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    Successor to Nike Zoom Vapor X circa 2018?

    The best tennis shoes that I've had so far were a pair of Nike Zoom Vapor X Roger Federer RF 2018 French Open. They were flexible and felt like a pair of socks. Yet, they stabilized my feet like no other. The newer Nike Zoom Vapor 9s that I have are more rigid and actually make my feet hurt...
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    Anyone else also feels their overheads have more pop than their serves?

    Maybe you're right, but I feel like even my OH from the baseline is harder. Perhaps it's flatter like people mentioned here.
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    Anyone else also feels their overheads have more pop than their serves?

    I think my overheads have more pop than serves on average. Anyone else feel the same way? What is that anyways?
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    What’s the health risk of using a cracked racquet?

    I see a slight crack at the 12 o’clock in the frame - or just crack in the paint job. I can’t tell. Should I avoid using this racquet for a health reason?
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    How to order good prescription eyewear?

    I think my myopia has progressed a little and requires prescription glasses at this point. What's the best way of getting prescription protective eyewear?
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    Kinetic chain in 1-handed backhand

    Is the kinetic chain in 1-handed backhand contributing less than in forehand or serve? I don't see much video or discussion. Personally, it's hard feel the lagging of the racket in my backhand that I feel in forehand or serve.
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    Front foot staying on ground in serving

    I don’t know. Neither do you. Taylor Dent demonstrated that it doesn’t affect his pace that much. I will believe him.
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    Front foot staying on ground in serving

    I respectfully beg to differ. That point was debated ad nauseam in the thread that I linked to. Based on the opinion of many in this forum, as well as Taylor Dent’s statement, my front leg staying on the ground won’t compromise pace at my level. If it helps stabilizing my serve motion, to the...
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    Front foot staying on ground in serving

    I love the wealth of information that the TT forum represents. I just found the following thread. It includes a video instruction by Taylor Dent. He states that jumping off of the front leg is not...
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    Front foot staying on ground in serving

    For me, I seem to have better pace and spin when my front foot stays on the ground rather than it jumps off the ground. I know that jumping off of the front leg should not be done intentionally. But whenever I incorporate an element into my service motion that will result in my front leg...
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    Such thing as too much racket head speed?

    Whenever I try to go big on my ground stroke, it more often sails long than not. That makes me wonder if there is such thing as too much racket head speed. Or is it because there wasn’t enough top spin or racket head was a bit open that my ball sailed long.
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    Racket lag in backhand slice?

    There is plenty of discussion on racket lag in forehand drive and backhand drive. What about backhand slice? I can't seem to find much discussion or video on this. Is racket lag not as crucial for backhand slice?
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    Upper body tilt - slice serve vs. kick serve

    Shoulder-over-shoulder motion (aka cartwheel motion) results in the tilting of the upper body towards your non-hitting arm. you have to hit the ball towards the 2 o'clock on the ball for slice serve, whereas towards the 12 o'clock or 1 o'clock for kick serve. How do you achieve this? You can...
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    How do you add pace to kick serve?

    Thanks to many helpful instructional videos on the YouTube, I think I now have a good handle on kick serve. The key for me was to remain sideways as long as possible. The problem, though, is that my kick serve has so little pace, while it really has a high net clearance and high bounce. How do...
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    Leaning forward on FH: how does it help? what's equivalent for 1HBH?

    From videos, I see a lot of pros leaning forward when they have enough time to set up forehand and really hit a big forehand. By "leaning forward", I mean the weight of your body is placed towards the toes of your feet rather than the arches of your feet, as if you could fall on your face if...
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    Has Federer been in championship form in recent grand slam?

    I've been had much time to watch grand slam games on TV, but the Federer I see vs. Cilic is definitely not in a championship form. Has Federer been in championship form in recent grand slam? or has this become the new normal for Federer?
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    Is angular momentum more powerful than liner momentum in forehand?

    I understand that the modern forehand relies more on the angular power of the torso than the linear momentum as used to be in the past. But my personal experience tells me -- I'm about 3.5 -- that I feel I can transfer power more easily and in greater volume through a linear swing motion...
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    What did Serena say to get warning?

    The commentator on tv said she got a warning for cursing loudly. I dIn't make out what she said. Does anyone know what she said?
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    Depressed Federer fans check in here

    As a huge Federer fan, I'll be happy for any title he wins from now on. Let's not get too hung up on the GS count, which is kind of a creation by the media. Let's salute our hero for any of his time on the court.
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    Dimitrov definitely not ready for prime-time

    I'm a little surprised by all the vociferous responses to my OP. I said Dimitrov is "not ready", not "won't be" or "will never be". So to the naysayers to my OP: are you saying Dimitrov IS ready for prime-time?
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    Dimitrov definitely not ready for prime-time

    squandering three set points? double fault on set point? keeps slipping on grass after 3 hours? There is no shame in losing to Djokovic, but the way he lost is not indicative of a true champion. He's not ready.
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    Djokovic's coaching situation?

    What's going on? I thought his old, Vajda coach resigned. I wonder if Becker and Vajda will continue to get along well. They look friendly to each other on TV, but I can't imagine that there hasn't been or won't be ego clashes.
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    Theme music for Federer's Rollex commercial

    Does anyone know the music used in Federer's Rollex commercial? I thought it was commissioned specifically for the commercial, but I just heard it during a gymnastics meet broadcast on TV.
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    Some obvious reasons why Federer lost again today

    My sentiment exactly. Nadal is in a different mental league.
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    AO 2014 SF Nadal vs. Federer

    And because of this, I think calling Federer the GOAT is a gross overstatement. History will set the record straight before long. I'm a Federer fan, by the way, just not a your-favorite-player-must-be-the-greatest-of-all-time-if-you-are-a-true-fan fan.
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    Some obvious reasons why Federer lost again today

    Well, the most obvious reason I think is that Nadal is simply better than Federer.
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    AO 2014 SF Nadal vs. Federer

    Let's give Rafa some credit. That doesn't just happen to Federer. We see that often with other players facing Rafa.
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    AO 2014 SF Nadal vs. Federer

    I'm a big Federer fan, and I have to agree. Nadal hasn't lost to Federer in a grand slam games since 2007. Why should he now? I'd say that previous stats show Rafa >>>> Fed.
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    Turn your upper body as soon as you recognize the direction of the ball?

    Turn your upper body as soon as you recognize the direction of the ball! This is advice that I've heard from not a few coaches. Yet, when I closely watch the pros, their upper body turns at a much later stage: when they almost approach the ball. The coaches may have given me that advice to...