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    Most annoying commentary

    Hit to the backhand.
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    Murray To Have Back Procedure

    You are a very funny individual.
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    Is Martina Navratilova the overall tennis greatest ever ??

    Men cannot be compared to women in sports. Periods. Edit: I'll keep that typo there.
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    Chair ump possibly changed the trajectory of the final with a bad line call.

    It was clearly out and hawkeye proved it. Its a real shame how a bad call by a stupid person can influence the outcome of an entire excellent match.
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    Same pay...40 minutes VS 4 hours & 29 minutes

    Women want to have the cake and eat it too. And they're getting exactly that.
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    Unbelievable choke by Djokovic

    Somehow Musetti's game is perfectly suited for playing (and beating) Nole. Who would've thought a one hander could give Nole a taste of what Roger felt playing against him.
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    Etcheverry good indeed.
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    Angry Rublev...

    Dont let him an hero.
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    Lehecka smashing racket after quitting match injured?

    A before after steroids comparison would be nice.
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    She was really into him so for her its a big tragedy. For the rest of us, it was bound to happen sooner or later. In my opinion they lasted way more than I expected. No hooomo but citibus can do much better.
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    Who wins Madrid?

    Davydenko tbh.
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    Why Bublik is so fun to watch

    He looks like the review of the week.
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    I Vote for Pedro.
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    ATP500 Barcelona 2024 - NADAL vs DE MINAUR

    Good effort. Not bad for a guy that has played a tournament for the first time after more than a year.
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    ATP500 Barcelona 2024 - NADAL vs DE MINAUR

    We are witnessing the last of Rafa.
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    Sinner got robbed...Med was right, who will take responsibility?

    Thats right. And that is just one of her many inexplicable decisions.
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    Sinner got robbed...Med was right, who will take responsibility?

    Theres always trouble with that female chair umpire, shes really terrible. Why do they keep her?
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    Garin and horrible officiating steal point from Borges

    There should be a minimun IQ score required to become a chair umpire. Some of this guys make decisions that normal people who dont even watch tennis and dont know the rules would realize are completely wrong.
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    Nadal has withdrawn from MC

    What it tell us?
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    Danielle “C’Mon” Collins wins Miami Open

    Such a shame Riba cant regain his best form. She's a great role model.