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    Nike shoe conversion men's to women's size?

    if you wear a 9.5 in men's Nike vapors... What size would that equate to in women's? Is there an official chart for this? Any experience (thanks) Thank you!
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    Gasquet bringing back Le Coq sportif

    Am I completely losing it or wasn't LCS sold here at TW a while back? I have a few items and i'm pretty sure I got them here.. Anyhow, I would love to get more... it's nice stuff.. Where can it be bought/?
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    Coolest pictures of pros

    Does this guy sale these paintings? I'd love to have the federer one. Checked out the website but don't understand any of it. :(
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    Recommend a good yellow/fluorescent poly (please)

    Thanks so much Going to try the yonex and the polyfibre!
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    Recommend a good yellow/fluorescent poly (please)

    Looking for a bright yellow poly... I used to play the old babolat duralast stuff and then switched to another babolat poly that was yellow (hurricane) Looking to get away from babolat strings but keep the yellow/flourescent color. I know it's nuts, I'm just comfortable with it! I can't...
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    Ask ProTennisCoach- Gilbert, Annacone, Cahill, Rasheed

    Hey Brad What's your favorite Andre Agassi equipment story? I recall that he was always tinkiering with his racquets/strings etc. especially early on, maybe the pre-BG days. It's an honor Gentlemen. Thanks
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    Asics being worn at roland garros

    Those are definitely them... TW must have just gotten those. Placing my order right now. Thanks!
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    Asics being worn at roland garros

    That's the shoe! Is it safe to assume TW USA won't be getting these?
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    Asics being worn at roland garros

    Anybody have the info on the yellow/orange show being worn by a lot of pros at rg right now. I've never been a huge fan of the crazy Asics colors but really like these. Maybe they look horrible in person? I have checked TW and I don't "think" they are offered. Are these a pro only...
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    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    Man, my lady is going to love me... Lol I loaded up on the Adidas stuff.!
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    Perrier Legends Trophy pic : do you recognize everybody ?

    I might be WAY off base here but I see: Goran, Thomas enqvist, majoli, Sanchez-vicario, Costa, krajicek, Perfors, Chang, Hingis, McEnroe, wilander, ljubicic, tauziat, Pierce, barhami,
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    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    Man that was a let down... Still appreciate the opportunity and will just be patient... Looking for nike stuff. Heck, maybe some of the lacoste stuff will show up in week 2 of the French open!
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    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    I'm calling for a great happy hour tomorrow celebrating the French open... Maybe some nike gear that y'all are trying to move from the spring? Some ballistics (tourqoiise)? And some gear. Looking forward to it!
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    Would anyone really wear the salmon shorts Nadal is wearing?

    I think they're pretty awesome. These aren't the shorts that TW has, right? The shorts on TW are red... These are neon orange, like the color of the shoes.
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    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    Boy that was a let down... Still appreciate TW.. Hopefully it gets better next week during the French Open
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    Today's happy hour

    What time does it start? I completely missed out last week.. I need some shoes.... I'm hoping they have some vapors today.... And maybe some spring time nike gear?
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    Agassi returning to Nike?!!!

    This is incredible news... Any official word on if they really are going to retro some of the old lava shoes etc?
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    What to do with my broken heart?

    Sometimes my man,'ve just gotta do as Usher said and "let it burn" In 2 months, you'll be as good as new... Doesn't feel that way now, but believe me...ny January'll be 100%!!
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    RG Merchandise (umbrellas)

    Just wondering if the RG (roand Garros) merchandise might be discounted a little now that the tournament is over....?? Specifically the RG Umbrellas.... would like to get 1 or 2 but 80.00 is a little much.. Just wondering... thanks,
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    New Tattoo and Tennis

    Word to the wise: Don't do it..... Went to get a tennis tat when i was 19.....was DEAD one could change my mind...... for whatever reason, i decided against it at the last miute.. One of the best decisions, i've ever made... Think about it all the time!
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    Tsonga's Shoes in Paris - What are they?

    Thanks! Well, I;m gonna looks o sweet in about 2 weeks in those blue-red tsonga's on the dirt!! Getting stuff from TWEU to the states, no problems right?>
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    Tsonga's Shoes in Paris - What are they?

    Thanks for the info So maybe I'm slow... The color way like Tsonga is wearing will not be available to the public?? Thabks
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    Tsonga's Shoes in Paris - What are they?

    Just wanted to bump this thread for possile answer on when/if these are coming out.
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    Tsonga's Shoes in Paris - What are they?

    will these be available in the states??
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    John McEnroe:" Roger is the most beautiful player I've ever seen in a tennis court."

    Im not a huge Federer fan (Rios is still my all time fav), but he's EASILY the prettiest tennis player to watch. Granted, I never saw Laver or Borg play in person, but no one hits/moves like RF.....he's a completely different breed.. His feet make 0's kind of spooky. Every...
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    TW Staff or anyone: Babolat RG balls

    Is it possible to just purchase a few of cans of these instead of an entire case? If TW does not offer this, is there anywhere else where this can be done? thanks for your time/help.
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    What do you guys think of k-swiss shoes?

    Those are not big shots....those are the same shoes that Fish has been wearing. They are called "speedsters" or something like that. Not available to the gen public from what I have seen.
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    Clement at RG this year??

    Thanks. Surely he'll get the WC into RG this year???
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    Clement at RG this year??

    Does anyone know if AC is playing RG this year? He's what, 33-34?? Gotta think this is probably pretty close to the end for him and I'd imagine that the RG committee would certainly get him in with a wild-card if needed. Loved watching him slide around on the dirt the past 10 years, hitting...
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    Post pictures of former pro women that made you want to watch tennis

    insert picture of Rios, crica 1999 on the clas hitting a jumping back-hand