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    Post Pictures of your Awesome Stringjobs

    What's that stencil of on that i.Rad (the nearest one)?
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    Your Customized Racquet

    What is your current racquet? How and why did you customized it the way you did?
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    Most surprising & most disappointing racquets you've tried?

    Surprised: Yonex Dr98, XT Prestige MP & Pro, XT Extreme Disapointed: Any Babolat frame, especially the pure storm line
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    I love this frame, played with it all threw high school and freshman year in college. Just the other day I found 2 brand new ones (perfectly matched and customized) that have never been touched in my closet that I forgot I even had. I'm seriously debating switching back.
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    Post Pictures of your Awesome Stringjobs

    Why the Head stencil?
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    New RF 97

    Meh. They should of changed the specs at least somewhat. I do like the all black pj though, not feeling the red/black at all.
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    Leather - Overgrip or no?

    Yes -w/ an overgrip
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    Which dampeners are you using?

    #64 Rubberband .... all day, every day. Main difference between rubber bands and regular damps is the feel of the strings, in my opinion regular damps take outtoo much feel of the strings, especially natural gut.
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    Sweaty hands - leather Grips? over Grips?

    I use the TW leather grips because they're easy to apply, not too soft or too firm, they don't bleed onto overgrips, etc. I always wrap them with either solinco wonder overgrips or yonex supergrap - white.
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    Still didn't work. Try again.
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    What's your top 3 current favorite racquets + other gear?

    My Top 3 Lists -as of 04.01.16 Racquets: Head IG Prestige Pro Head XT Prestige Pro Yonex EZONE DR 98 Strings: Solinco Hyper-G 1.25mm Luxilon ALU Power Soft 1.25mm Völkl Cyclone 1.25mm Hybrid: Mains: Babolat VS Touch 16 or Pacific Tough Gut Natural Gut 1.25 Crosses: Any of the above Poly's I...
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    new prestige release?

    Haha same here, I just ordered three more IGPPs (and probably too many black grommet sets) to put away.... Just in case. Shhhhh.
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    Andy Roddick with a blacked out frame?

    Does anyone know what he's using in Atlanta this year (racquet and strings)?
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    Looks good though! Lovin' all your prestiges, best frames ever (imo). Btw, what's your LM strung with?
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    Isn't that the Boris Becker Logo?
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    Haas to Babolat?

    Lawl. Good thread.
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

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    Gut Poly Hybrid Tension

    I highly recommend not doing that. Could ruin your frame for good.
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    What's in your Bag???

    Updated List: 4 Head IGPPs 2 Packages of VS16 2 Packages of ALU Power Soft 1 Reel of ALU Power Spin (I use this string when I can't afford Natural Gut) 1 30 Pack of Solinco Wonder Overgrips - White 1 30 Pack of Yonex Super Grap Overgrips - White 1 Reel of Plain Black Finishing Tape (for...
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    ALU Family Selection- Which one?

    I use to ALU Power in my crosses, switched to ALU Power Soft a few weeks ago, not much difference besides a bit more control and less power.... maybe a bit more spin, but it could just be in my head.
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    Rubber Band Dampener

    I tie mine like a shoe knot then wrap it around again to tie another knot on the other side of the strings.looks and feels the best this way (in my opinion).
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    Post Pictures of your Awesome Stringjobs

    Wow, that Aqua color by Diadem is probably the best string color I've ever seen! How do they play though, are you liking them?
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    and what's Coric's racquet?

    ? Ahh very true hah.
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    and what's Coric's racquet?

    Isn't Yonex Poly Tour Spin a shaped string?
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    How many racquets do you own?

    9. My 4 IG Prestige Pros (I only use these) 2 HPS6.1 (too many good memories to get rid of) 3 Völkl Tour 10 Mids Gen.I
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    Tournagrip paint jobs and blackouts

    it isn't Tourna grip, It's called Head Pro Grip. It's identical to Tourna, so some of these pics might not be tournagrip at all. Dun dun dun.
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    Tournagrip paint jobs and blackouts

    You sure about that?
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    Dark's Overgrip Review

    Have you tried Klipper's overgrip (white)? If so what overgrip(s) come closest to it? I've been trying for years to find an overgrip that compares to it, it has a very unique feel. I would use it but it's too wide, so it's very difficult to put it on Head's rectangular handle.
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    Rubber Band Dampener Club

    Sign me up ... if you're still adding to the list. I don't remember a time where I didn't use a rubber band as a dampener. Good ol' #64 (in the old school tan color way, of course)