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    high backhands

    if TheFed can hit it, so can you :)
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    Where to from K90??

    Try the K95 team. My coach went from a K90 to that frame because you need a light, easier frame if you playing 8+ hours a day.
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    Nickb's Poly Reviews

    Hi NickB, I just got back into tennis again. Used to use Synthetic Gut, have moved to trying different Poly's. I have a stringing machine given to me by a friend but havent learnt how to use it yet. I have 3 Wilson K90s (ex PC600 user). I am using SPPP Pure @60, ALU Power @60 and ALU Rough...
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    Tennis without Federer.

    I wouldnt go anywhere near saying Federer was at his best against Tip. Actually he still looks sick if you ask me. Very little magic that we normally see out of Fed.
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    Tennis Basket / Balls - what to get?

    thanks guys. So is the pressureless balls better, or just gradually build up with used slazengers/dunlop balls?
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    Tennis Basket / Balls - what to get?

    Need some for service practice and for hitting up with my younger sister-in-law (amatuer coaching). Any tips and/or ideas?
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    Download links for Fed vs Sampras

    Does anyone know a link for their wimbledon 01 4th round match?
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    Federer V Sampras 1,2,3

    I think there is still a few things that sampras does better than fed. 1. Serve (1st and second. spin and pace) 2. Volley
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    Found this on the net: Federer racket theories?

    And thats why sampras uses it now? No, I think that a racquet is an intensely personal thing to a pro player. And having it disected by the media and general public is like having a spy-camera in your shower at home. Thats my $0.02
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    Gasquet's dampener

    do they come out like the bab o damps?
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    what is pete sampras using right now?

    He has some of Roger's OLD racquet... Ie the ones that aren't PJ'ed. Does that make sense? Roger's old stock before he got his current ones paintjobbed?
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    My serve... who should I copy??

    I was watching my coach teach a junior girl last night about the sampras serve. He said that Sampras has his serving elbow on the baseline, so that when he snaps through, it creates incredible twisting power. Which is the reason that his second serve is almost as fast as federer's first :)
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    Post Picture Of Your Tennis Bag(s)...

    I'll put better images up later, but you can see what it looks like. I was going to get the KFed bag, but it was a little too gimmicky to have his AO 07 shirt, 3 k90s AND the bag :P
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    Fun with the WALL!

    The best thing a wall is for is for serving and reaction volleying etc. Groundies are fine if you are using it pretty much exclusively for preparation and balance (footwork).
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    Rubber Band Dampener Club

    Just added #64's to my 3 k90's and used one on my pc600's for about 5 years :) Pics to come when I get home :)
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    What racquet companies have the best QC?

    Why does it matter if they arent all the same. If you are half serious you will want to add a tad more weight and tinker with your racquets until you are satisfied. Not usual to want to play with stock weight, balance, sw etc Do you still use the stock strings in the racquet? or the grip?
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    head prestige pro tour 600/300

    Well, I can only speak for the Prestige Tour 600. Its a 93" racquet (600cm2). The difference between it and the Prestige Classic 600 (i havent seen stats, just going from my own experience as i owned both) the pro has a shock system in the handle and is noticably heavier. I prefered the feel of...
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    Your current racquet setup

    Fed K90 wuv Racquet #1: Wilson KFactor K6.1 Tour 90 (testing atm) String: Wilson Natural Gut 1.30(Mains) @ 62, Alu Power Rough 1.25(Crosses)@ 60 Vib Dampener: Babolat 'O' Dampener Grip: Wilson Leather 4 3/8 Overgrip: Wilson Pro Overgrip (white) Customisation: None Racquet #1: Wilson...
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    Thinking of moving on from my PC600

    Mate, wait for the microgel prestige mp to come out. Going from a beautiful stick like the pc600 to another one is going to sadden you (as it did me). I moved to the k90, if you want a larger headsize, i'd stick to the prestige lineup were i you. Or see if you can find an old i.prestige mp :)
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    Could a 4.0 player handle the K90???

    Well, I started playing back again after 6 years off or something 2 months back. And I love my k90. But then again, my previous racquet history has been (from age 6) fino 107+ sqin, yonex, wilson ps85, wilson ps classic, head prestige tour 600, head prestige classic 600, k90. I have never...
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    Could a 4.0 player handle the K90???

    I don't know why people think the k90 is such a hard frame to play with. Maybe for a girl that can't wield the weight? There isnt all that much different between it and a 95 or 98 frame. It's all about the feel, not the sq inches.
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    Proper racquet throwing technique

    The best vulgar language to intimidate is definitely croation!
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    single handed backhand,

    make sure you counter-balance with your "cradle" hand to create structure and drive-through. Keep the wrist straight, and prepare early. Contact as far out in front of you as possible, and your weight should be totally on the front foot. BEND YOUR KNEES!
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    problems with my k90

    The reason that he is complaining of lack of control with the k90 is that he doesnt have the swing/technique that is suited to a k90. ALL pro's have enough power, and choose a racquet based on feel and control. I would suggest that either the headsize is too small, or the racquet is too...
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    Federer VS Sampras, Who Has the Edge?

    Sampras has NO chance against a Fed thats playing like he did in the masters. He beat Sampras when he was 19 on Pete's favourite surface. Pete has been off, and Fed's been on the up and up, and doesnt look like coming down. RIP Sampras.
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    Some thoughts on Fed vs Ferrer and Nadal

    Thats what it usually looks like when a player gets a thorough trouncing.
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    FedGod V Nadal Highlights

    From what I saw, the court looked bloody quick. I loved the 4 aces in a row :D Especially with Fed's "slow" serve :P This was a complete pleasure to watch. If you found it boring, it means you were only watching nadal :)
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    Gut M, ALU Rough X

    Ok, a few questions. I want the gut for feel, and the Rough crosses for slice/serve spin. Will there be much difference between syn gut and natural gut, what are the differences? How quickly with the gut/syn gut degrade (tension and feel), or will it break before that? I don't break...
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    The job of the instructor...

    always need a mentor and a 2nd set of trusted eyes :) Roger is the statistical anomoly
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    Spend or Save.

    Ok. I'm based in the Land of Oz, so the ratings are prolly a bit blurred. I'm prolly somewhere in 4.0-4.5. Just started playing after 6-7 years off (stopped playing at end of high school). When I started playing again (about 2 months ago) this is what I bought and how I bought it. Racquets...