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    How would you tension this racquetball racquet

    Lionel: Head IGS string pattern is a pain of neck to string against. I used to have a Head Liquid Metal 190 racquet as my backup one. I strung it once and hate it so I sold it in cheap price. Your questions are tough to answer and almost impossible to achieve if your customer wants a...
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    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    TW: Is there any chance to have following Ashaway string reels on sale during Happy Hours: MonoGut ZX, Dynamite, and Kevlar? Thanks. Xiaobo.
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    Better cutter to cut Kevlar string?

    Thanks all for your sharing. Nail cutter is great. Thanks. Xiaobo.
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    Better cutter to cut Kevlar string?

    My Gamma diagonal cutter is not good enough to cut Ashaway Kevlar 16g string. Does anyone know which cutter is better to cut kevlar string? Thanks. Xiaobo.
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    TW 12 Days of Xmas- 2 for 1 string deals!!! Your top3 favorites?

    I ordered following: Solinco TourBite Diamond Rough Volkl V-Torque Ytex SquareX I already have 2 reels of Ytex Quadro Twist. :)
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    Cross string for Pacific Tough Gut in first hybrid

    Check following Head Hawk description: Its construction is Co-polymer Monofilament. Most copoly or poly strings are monofilament. Only very few copoly strings are multifilament. Xiaobo.
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday

    Yes, I am looking for string sales. :( Xiaobo.
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    Racquetball Stringing On Gamma X-2

    Lionel: What kind of modification did you do with your machine? Can you post a picture? It may give me some hints for my machine. Thanks. Xiaobo.
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    Racquetball Stringing On Gamma X-2

    Here is the picture of my primary Harrow Sovereign. It is Prince natural gut 17ga with Prince Beast XP 16ga cross. Its previous 2 cross strings were Tour Bite 1.2 and Ytex Quadro Twist 1.26. I am going to restring the cross with Ytex Quadro Twist 1.26 on coming weekend. Here is the...
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    Racquetball Stringing On Gamma X-2

    No kidding, it is true. I will post some pictures of my racquetball racquets with gut main poly cross strings tomorrow. Xiaobo.
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    Racquetball Stringing On Gamma X-2

    My stringer is Gamma 6900 ELS with 2 point mounting system. I felt very difficult to string my racquetball racquets at first. But it is ok after I get used to it. I have strung E-force heatseeker, E-force shock, Head liquidmetal, Head I165, Harrow Sovereign, Wilson K-zone, Ektlon O3 copper...
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    Anyone Ever Try Stringing The Crosses First?

    Most likely, you won't be able to tie your X knots if you string X first.
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    String pattern of Wilson Blade Comp?

    Ok, I restrung it with Dire Desire ATW My total string is 37.5ft and the short side is 9.5ft. It had plenty of string left. It should be enough with 35ft total along with SS 9.5ft. The racquet is a little bit weird to skip 7/9T and 8B. Thanks...
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    String pattern of Wilson Blade Comp?

    Irvin: I will do ATW stringing with OGSM 17g and 55 pounds. My stringing machine is Gamma 6900 ELS w/ 2-Point SC Mount Stringing Machine. Thanks. Xiaobo.
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    String pattern of Wilson Blade Comp?

    Can anyone check string pattern of Wilson Blade Comp for me? I volunteered to restring it for my friend, but found nothing here: It must be 1 piece stringing. I would like to know its tension range, the length of short and long...
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    Thinking of buying a stringing maching. Need help.

    There are too many complains about Eagnas services. It's better to stay away to avoid possible trouble. Xiaobo.
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    Lendl's eight knot hybrid string job

    Here is my modified version of Lendl's Hybrid Pattern for my Babolat Pure Storm Tour: It should work for other racquets starting mains from top as well. It is a 3 pieces hybrid. The center string in green is 27ft with 6 mains on each side to avoid bottom up crosses. It has 8ft short side...
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    Lendl's eight knot hybrid string job

    Irvin: Your method works perfectly for all racquets with mains stringing from center bottom. But I have trouble to try it with racquets with mains stringing from center top. Is there any way to do it with racquets such as Babolat Pure Storm Tour? Thanks. Xiaobo.
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    Potential machines for racquetball racquet.

    I am a recreational racquetball player. I made a mistake for not asking the same question as you did and bought Gamma 6900 ELS string machine with 2 Point SC Mount last December to string racquetball and tennis racquets. Below are links to my threads that should help you to understand why 2...
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    Potential machines for racquetball racquet.

    I might be the one you talked about. Xiaobo.
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    Econogut 101: How and What?

    It is much better not to string econogut with full stringbed. Otherwise, its cross strings might be damaged due to high friction. I had no problem to string hybrid with Mamba guts and ItS, but full stringbed of Mamba supra gut was snapped due to damage of cross strings caused by high friction...
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    The Church of Polystringism-- Alidisperanza's PT Thread

    Would like to see your review now.
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    Mamba Supra gut?

    Installation of mamba supra gut 16g I ordered a set of mamba supra gut 16g a couple of weeks ago and strung it on my friend's Babolat AEROPRO DRIVE + full stringbed last night. It contained 2 half sets, one had over 20.5ft and the other had over 21ft. In general, mamba guts are very dry. I...
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    Prince Neos 1500 or Gamma 6004

    I have Gamma 6900 ELS String Machine with 2 Point SC Mount. The 2 point mounting system is very hard to install main strings of racquetball racquets. However, it is pretty easy to string most tennis racquets with some exceptions such as Volkl Power Bridge 5 which is impossible to be mounted...
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    Hybrid with ATW stringing?

    He mentioned that he did SSHS for his Wilson Hyper DLX racquetball racquet which is a 14M19C pattern. I don't see an easy way to do his SSHS without exceeding 20ft for each piece.
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    Hybrid with ATW stringing?

    I laughed when someone posted something about hybrid and ATW stringing. But it looks like someone did it long time ago. He called his stringing method SSHS (Sweet Spot Hybrid Stringing) which uses ATW technique. I wonder how that could be done. Unfortunately, he seems retired from...
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    Mounting racquetball racquets at 9 and 3 o'clock

    Lionel: Did you ever restring Gearbox and/or ProKennex racquetball racquets with your Gamma X-2 machine? I am wondering how to tie off them on my Gamma 2 point mounting system. Thanks. Xiaobo.
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    Mamba Tennis

    Iontec strings (regular, black, hexa) have 1.25 and 1.20 versions only so far.
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    Mamba Tennis

    Did anybody try to hybrid Iontec black 1.25 main with Iontec black 1.20 black or Iontec Hexa 1.20? Anything to share? Thanks.
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    Babolat Tonic 16 Review

    Applying string savers in sweet spot area will give you much longer gut life.