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    DivII, DivIII and JC players required to start at 4.5 rating

    arche3, I agree with OrangePower. When you self-rate 4.5, file a self-rating appeal if you believe you should be 4.0. If you are denied, and you didn't keep your fitness level up, playing a season with all the current 4.5 should drop you down. Most of us have gotten old, and we're losing our...
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    DivII, DivIII and JC players required to start at 4.5 rating

    There are many teams that have 5 year plans, in which they artificially keep their ratings low. Eventually people will figure out that's against the true spirit of competition. But not before a new group of players figure out how to game the system. If you want real glory, play open age group.
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    Tennis Channel Is Making Me Miserable

    Unfortunately, broadcasting even small tournaments costs a fortune because they have to bring in the celebs (and production team) to help with the "show." Personally, I enjoy watching the tennis, and could do away with all the production. That's why I attend tournaments personally whenever...
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    How would Chris Evert fare in this era

    You have to remember that because of the Evert - Navratilova rivalry, women's tennis became what it is today. If Evert trained from the start like many of the juniors do today, she would be even more physically fit, stronger, and even more explosive. She does train with many juniors, and is...
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    Serena named AP Female Athete of the Year

    Wow. I can't believe they voted a horse that high. Goes to show you how much the AP thinks about female athletes. @Serendipitous: I think that's why Vandre posted.
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    USTA new member promo ?

    They have a renewal promo, but I haven't seen a $30 special for new members recently.
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    I'm about to play mixed doubles for the first time

    If you make a legitimate attempt to win a point (you're trying to hit the ball into the court), then pegging an opponent is fine. If you're trying to harm an opponent (your ball hits the back fence before it hits the ground), it's considered unacceptable behavior and poor sportsmanship.
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    What Tools Do You Need At Each Level?

    For Federer, it's a choice of getting killed by his forehand, or being beaten by his backhand. Anyway, back to the original topic. A lot of good posts in here. It's not just one shot or another. For 4.0: 1. You need to be more consistent 2. You need to move faster 3. You need to...
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    Greatest upper body strength

    Davydenko. I was impressed when he exchanged shirts with Djokovic.
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    Serena - I guess I finally reached my breaking point

    This thread has really gone off topic. Which is what some trolls really want.
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    How do low level pros make a living??

    Have you actually seen how much Rafa eats? I've had 3 pro WTA players from Japan stay at my house. They were friends of a friend of a friend of a friend of a ... Other than that, when a local pro event (Challenger, Futures, etc.) occurs, you can tell the tournament director you're willing to...
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    Tennis Channel Is Making Me Miserable

    Tennis Channel had already prevented ads from being skipped by DVR during the recording phase by not putting in a "blank" between commercial and scheduled program. I personally watched some of the Tennis Channel ads, especially those touting new programs. Which is why I get irritated...
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    Serena - I guess I finally reached my breaking point

    The Williams clan were completely at fault. It took me a few years before I would pay for another tournament that the Williams were competing in. At least the last couple of years, whenever there was a Williams final, the acting has gotten better.
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    Serena - I guess I finally reached my breaking point

    So as a fan of tennis, I spend a lot of money buying decent seats to watch live matches. I forget how much I've spent. I go to Indian Wells. Pay for a hotel since I don't want to drive back to L.A. Eat some food that many consider over priced. Find out a much hyped, much anticipated...
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    Tennis Channel Is Making Me Miserable

    I enjoy watching the old tennis matches. The old matches really show how tennis has progressed. Also, old matches show how players can play without getting injured as you age. But what I really hate about Tennis Channel lately is that stupid orange banner on the bottom with ads that's been...
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    Gimmelstob to Leif: If anybody's going to lose their job, it's going to be you

    JG is a complete idiot. Listening to him on TC made me actually turn off TC during the US Open whenever he was commenting. I enjoy watching doubles on TV, but during a Paes / Dlouhy match, he couldn't say anything positive about Dlouhy, and constantly ridiculed Dlouhy. Luckily the Bryan...
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    Serena Apoligies To Linesperson

    The last time I checked, tennis is supposed to be a "civilized" sport compared to football. Nothing can really excuse the language she used. And did you see her appearance on MTV, making fun of "lines?" Until I see her apologizing in person to the lineswoman, I want to see her suspended...
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    L.A Times: Serena Should Be Punished

    No, the women's doubles final will unfortunately include Serena Williams.
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    L.A Times: Serena Should Be Punished

    I wish there was a way to express our displeasure of the article to Tom Perotta.
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    Serena fined $10K

    Everyone is far too lenient. Not only should she have been suspended from participating in the US Open women's doubles final match, but Serena should be suspended from WTA for 1 year. I was expecting that she be fined at least $250K, or at least half her earnings at the US Open. If you read...
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    Was it a foot fault?

    Definitely agree with 10sguy.
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    Was it a foot fault?

    I love how one of the woman in the audience yelled out, "yes you did!" as soon as Serena said that. It was picked up by one of the microphones near the baseline.
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    Linesperson made close calls in Cincinnati too

    At least most posters here are tennis players and a few are knowledgeable about the rules of tennis. It's really bad reading the posts at ESPN. Did you ever think that maybe the chair didn't over rule because she saw the foot fault as well?
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    OMG! On Match Point!

    At least here on TW the posters are a lot more educated and civilized. You should check out ESPN's website.
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    Had enough of Serena

    She didn't apologize for her behavior, and that's what mattered more to me.
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    Kim Clijsters VS Serena Williams

    Exactly. It's too bad that many people have not realize this.
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    Serena's Ending...

    15-30. Serena foot faults on second serve. 15-40 is called. Serena doesn't step up to serve immediately and decides rather to go after the linesperson. Expletives are heard, as well as clear abuse of an official. Linesperson is called up by the chair. Chair calls tournament referee...
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    Was it a foot fault?

    As a linesperson, you're supposed call what you see. It doesn't matter what point it is, or what serve it is. And it shouldn't matter if you're supposed to be the #1 player in the world. The rule applies to everyone. Anything else and people can claim bais or prejudice.
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    What a ridiculous end....(spoiler)

    Serena had been called on a foot fault already on the other side of the court. She was nervous, since she was down 15-30. It was clearly a good call by the lines woman, no excuses. Serena should not have dropped so many profanities or threatened to shove the ball *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*...
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    Is this going to reair on TTC?

    Yes, it's supposed to re-air on TTC. They are also supposed to be showing the other women's semi-final match.