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    Favorite Speed MP competitors

    Head Auxetic Radical MP is a great all-round racket!
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    Racquets for Power: Yonex Ezone 100vs Head Speed MP vs Head Boom Pro

    I think an Ezone 100 would be a good fit for you. Lighter but still stable, and the somewhat dense string pattern for a 100 square inch racket should help with control.
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    Any racket 95 sq in or 98 that’s stiff ?

    The Babolat Pure Strike 98 (Project One 7) is pretty stiff.
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    Poly cross with best combo of slickness, firmness, low dwell, low pocketing, max tension maintenance.

    It's not offiically released yet but Head Hawk Power might be interesting to try out!
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    Tier One Firewire Boost mains vs cross tension

    I think it depends on what results you want. If you prefer a slightly higher launch angle, go lower on the crosses. I personally string my GW cross about 2 lbs lower than my FW mains as I prefer a higher launch angle.
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    New Wilson Ultra V4

    It seems like they bumped up the beam width slightly from 26 to 26.5 too
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    The Low-Powered Poly Census

    Agree on Tourna Silver 7 Tour. I'd add Tour Bite too.
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    What string with good spin has the most ball sinking in feeling?

    +1 for Confidential, it has a nice ball pocketing feeling especially when you hit the ball in the sweet spot
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    Head Lynx Spin 2

    New sneak peek video:
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    Big thanks to TW for giving me a chance to review the Yonex Polytour Strike 1.25 (Blue). Tension(s) used for playtest: 48 lbs Regular string set up & tension: Solinco Confidential 1.20 at 51 lbs. I've also used Confidential 1.25 at 48 lbs before. I generally gravitate towards shaped poly...
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    Indian Wells '22

    Clear Bag Policy - BNP Paribas Open
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    Indian Wells '22

    You'll see players practicing everyday, so check the app. If it's your first time going, I'd be there around 10AM to take into account parking and navigating the stadium. Plus, you can get a good seat before your 11AM match start. Note that the practice sessions will be going on throughout the...
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    What's a powerful crisp poly for good depth?

    Confidential / Tour Bite are probably going to be crisper than Hyper G. Never played with a Hyper G + Ice Code hybrid though.
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    Tweener problems: pure strike 100 or pro staff 100

    This is going to be a bit of a shot in the dark, but the good 100 square inch tweeners are the Pure Aero/Drive (if you don't mind the stiffness), Head Extreme MP, VCore/Ezone 100. If you want something heavier/flexier, try the Clash 100 Pro. Also heard good things about the Iga 298 which seems...
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    Tweener problems: pure strike 100 or pro staff 100

    Is there something more that you'd like to achieve out of your Pure Strike 100? (comfort, control/power, etc.)
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    What is YOUR string of the year?

    Firewire Boost / Confidential / Hyper G!
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    **** Poly Black Solinco

    Second (and third impression) - the string has broken in and I’m getting a bit more power and forgiveness from the string bed. Still relatively muted / soft, and spin potential is going strong.
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    **** Poly Black Solinco

    Strung up the RP NY Black 17G at 51lbs and took it out for a hit yesterday. First impression is that it plays relatively soft (similar to Hyper G/HGS) but muted. It felt lower powered compared to Hyper G/HGS but with equivalent spin potential. Going to take it out for another hit over the...
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    racquet handle shape

    You might need to bring it to a professional racket customizer (like Roman Prokes).
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    **** Poly Black Solinco

    No need to apologize at all, you might be right.
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    **** Poly Black Solinco

    No need to apologize at all, you might be right in the end.
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    **** Poly Black Solinco

    There is a light blue Confidential prototype floating around (yet to be released), although I'm unsure if Roman Prokes was referring to this light blue string or the black string when he was referring to Confidential 3.0.
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    **** Poly Black Solinco

    I just strung up my racket with it - first impression is that it's on the softer side (easier to string) but with defined edges. Will play later this week so hopefully will report back then.
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    IW 2021

    Thanks for the heads up - will be there this weekend as well and looking forward to it.
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    Ask us anything regarding HEAD Strings

    What are the current top selling Head strings? Does Head have a recommended tension range to string at?
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    Is the Blade Pro 16x19 really stiff?

    The BP is noticeably flexier and more head heavy compared to the Prostaff.
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    Pro Staff 100 v13? Discuss here!

    That's correct, my bad.
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    Pro Staff 100 v13? Discuss here!

    Correct, TW exclusive.
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    Yes, I have the v7 Blade Pro 16x19. I found it easier to control with a lower SW racket (mine was 303 SW unstrung).
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    While I have not used a PT57A before, I agree with the 2nd part of your post (if you can wield + hit cleanly, you'll definitely get that power). Really addictive feeling.