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    Adidas Barricade 2017

    I had some wear but went through the outsole before the laces broke
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    Yonex EZONE (2018)

    I like both the DR and Ezone 98. New Ezone needs a string with good feel like alu power. I like the Xi 98 alot and the new ezone feels the same. DR is pretty dampened in comparison.
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    So.. My PS97 bit the dust. What's next?

    Blade 98 with leather grip and weight in the handle.
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    Łukasz Kubot playing clay court shoes on hard court

    More support with a full length outsole. Also easy to slide in
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    Michael Chang now endorsing Dunlop / Srixon brand racquets?

    I worry that the production may be half assed and they are met with a big response. In the past they threw everything they had at i-dapt and it fell on it's face.
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    2017 Aerobill RF Cap vs. Classic RF Cap

    But is it better than the GHOAT?
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    Hybrid setup for Blade 98 18x20 (coming from full gut)

    Alu power. Go big or go home.
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    Awesome new Aquaman/Matrix Rafa shirt! (identify please)

    Its for sale. Item no. 855279-471
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    Aero Pro Drive Original VS 2013 APD

    But now you need an original pure drive and original pure control.
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    Lead Tape Warning: Setup Poisoning May Occur

    I played my best when I came back to lead after a long break of swinging 13oz rackets for those at stock weight. Just enough to add about 10pts of swingweight and now I have no qualms.
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    Adidas Barricade Boost vs. Nike Cage 3

    Cage 3 is pretty narrow and requires a short break in. Worn the last few iterations of the barricade including 2015 boost and can say they are very stable, but a bit clunky. Cage 3 will be a bit quicker but both depends on how they fit. Dont be too discouraged by the cage's tight fit as they...
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    Does What I'm Looking For Exist?

    Lux 4G should last 12-15 hours or more, although its pretty stiff. I do like the consistency of it through the entire life.
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    wilson burn fst 95

    Cant say I'll miss it. Promising specs compromised by overly muted feel
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    Are these stringing prices worth it?

    Pretty much the same as here. Pretty good including tax, would expect NYC to cost way more but perhaps our prices are higher for Cincy being tennis town.
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    So if polys are all trying to get softer, why aren't multis....

    Velocity/4g rough can change a man almost as well as some wild turkey
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    New Babolat racquet - Fanny Stollar

    How does she play with nails that long?
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    Fila Heritage Quality?

    Pretty good. Bit better than adidas and nike, not quite lacoste but somewhere in between. Get lots of compliments on it as well because it looks good without gross colors like nike.
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    Federer setup: Natural Gut mains, Luxilon Alu Power Crosses, why?

    Might win the french, might open a black hole. Ya never know
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    Most Stable Shoe?

    Novak Pro/Barricade. Gel Res are close 2nd
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    Even if Federer wins his 6th USO and reclaims #1 I won't be too impressed

    Yes, but you gotta look somewhere to avoid watching that awful service motion
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    Andrey Rublev gear

    Saw him in cincy. Can confirm on lux adrenaline. A lot of younger players are using it.
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    Luxilon Natural Gut 1.25

    People have mentioned that this is a lower powered nat gut. But do you have any particular comments on the feel? Is it stiffer than tough gut would you say?
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    Best Racquets for Aggressive, All-Court Players?

    Ultra 97 (first gen)
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    last cross broke when tightening knot...

    I would just restart. You'll probably want to as soon as you get out on the court and think, "man, that looks bad"
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    Best current frames for "feel"?

    I like the old version of the ultra 100. Good feel for a tweener and way easier to play with than something like ultra tour or tec 315 ltd
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    [Help] Yonex Dr 98 Blue Lite

    If u just need the lid, they will all fit. The size doesn't matter if the lid just fell out.
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    Are You a Tiafoe fan?

    Liked him ever since I heard his story. Like him even more now that he is rising above the other americans like mmoh who have a boring game and boring personality.
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    Yonex players - what are you using?

    I'm over the 95D after owning 3. Moving on to ezone xi 98. Possibly new ezone 98 or sv 98
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    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    I might have to put up my own blades for a while. Ezone Xi 98 is just too easy to play with, finally I can hit a consistent second serve without the tiny sweetspot of the blades. I do miss the sweet backhands of them though.
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    Vision Correction for Pros

    Djokovic wears contacts. Actually one of his few losses last year came from an eye infection. Also he has played a match in glasses.