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    Classy Comments from Federer

    Roger's input after losing to gulbis "I hope I can bounce back, it's usually what I do after a loss like this," said Federer, who had beaten Gulbis in three sets in the pair's first meeting at the Qatar ExxonMobil Open in Doha in January. "Sometimes it takes a loss to shake your mind...
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    Rafa, the "nice guy"

    that is extremely ignorant question... if you even watched the match (it should be taken for granted even if you didnt) it is obvious that he did no just "give up" because he is too nice.........
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    Biggest underachiever in history

    Gulbis, mathieu, monfils, berdych
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    Cothing Sponsorship

    ya mine just came through too, and yup, 250dollar for 4 crews, 2 shorts, track suit, 2pair sock, 2 hats, 2 pair wristbands, and 1 pair shoes. not the best deal. at least we get the whole store on discount. did you buy the package? i did the math and it sums up to $250+tax as opposed to about...
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    Cothing Sponsorship

    ya, that all sounds about right. i am already sponsored by head, but i want a clothing sponsor so i sent in my application. anyone know how long it takes for the application to go through?
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    Cothing Sponsorship

    If you have a clothing sponsor, please post here your thoughts, opinions, and how to get that sponsor. i need a clothing sponsor so i really appreciate it! especially i am waiting for my kswiss application go through. any tips?
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    Having a 1h and a 2h BH?

    playing with both a oney and twohanded bh is a bad idea. doesnt work. your going to think about which one to hit when and what shot etc. i switched to a 1 handed "by accident" 4 years ago and my one handed is so much better. not saying 1h is better, my 2h just wasnt technically sound. i suggest...
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    Pro Workouts

    thanks guys this is good info. that murray thing is cool
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    Pro Workouts

    Hey, does anyone know or have a list of routines of the workouts off and on court used by the men on the atp tour?
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    How long have Barricades lasted for you?

    mine lasted three weeks. i had two tournaments in a row though...
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    a problem with my oreo's

    o...m...g... my oreas should arrive this week. hellz ya
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    Nike '10

    does anyone know when this stuff will officially start selling? shoes, apparel, etc... and possibly how to get a hold of them before they come out:)
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    Oreo Nike Vapors Have Arrived.

    i have a problem... i have waited FOREVER for the oreos to come out.. but i am second guessing thinking i should get the new ballistics instead because of their warranty. should i do tht then use the voucher on oreos??
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    Nike iD tennis shoes

    of course i would, who wouldnt??!
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    Vapor VI Wimbledon's - Black Spots?

    yeah i am pretty sure it was me sliding and scraping them, so the spots arent an issue
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    NYC Niketown has the oero Vapor VI!

    wow. now tenniswarehouse europe has got the oreo's... i am not happy lol i really really want these. tisk tisk. and btw what do u mean by coming out oct 1? does that mean or tw will have them available online?
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    Vapor VI Wimbledon's - Black Spots?

    yeah um i got some spots that look the same as the ones on the first colurway. its kinda blueish green but idk it was prob from the court i was playing on and me sliding
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    Nike Spring 2010

    hey just a qick question, is there a possibility for the vapor 7's to have rf logos on em?
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    NYC Niketown has the oero Vapor VI!

    hey whats up with the heel?? i thought there were supposed to be an RF logo...
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    Nike Winter 2009.

    When do these come out???????!!!!!!!!!!!!! COOLEST SHOES EVER!!!!!!!!!!
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    which shoe wear out first?

    this poll is pretty much a poll for who is a lefty and who is a righty
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    Are Vapour 6's That Bad? (fans Of The 5)

    dude vapor 6's rock... just got my wimby pair! and this is coming from a fan of the 5's. PLUS! no red spots!
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    NEW Babolat Pure Storm

    i hit with them the other day. solid frame, much like the old ones. just a few touches here and there
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    Jeremy chardy haircut

    short hair defiantly
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    Rogers PJ French Open Vapors

    dude it looks the same O.o
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    Ballistic 2.3 is up...

    these look awful
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    Anyone have the nike wimbledon apparel and shoes pics?

    when are they out for sale???
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    Rafa French Open Courtballistec 1.3

    one way to prove that rafas shoes are different from online ones is the tongue is not connected to the entire shoe. just look you cant pull it up that high
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    Cotton Candy Ballistics Released!

    will they get some of these out with roger?
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    OMG. Brand new RF shirts are now available...

    woah!!! lol! i opened the paige while singing and i literally stopped singing and dropped my mouth! its awesome!!! LOL