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    RF Stand Alone Records

    UTS hasn't been updated since the end of last year. Only during past 6 months Novak crushed around 30+ of Federer's records and equaled dozens... At this moment they are about equal, around year end Federer will be trailing Djokovic.
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    Novak's 10 x 3

    Amazing achievement, greatest versatility, proven once again...
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    This line made me laugh so hard I almost coughed my lungs out, thanks bro... :-D If he had any, it was for sure superiority complex towards the player he took all the records from and the country he refused to play for in exchange for their passport. On the Muuuuu chant, I'm almost certain...
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    Djokovic Alcaraz rematch

    I hope so, that will be a perfect scenario, looking forward to see both matches...
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    Does our beloved sport have a growing injury problem?

    Completely agree, striving for perfection takes its toll, sooner or later. In good ol" days players would come on the court after burning couple of cigarettes or with massive hangover :)
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    Tommy Paul has mastered tennis not even kidding

    He's definitely playing good, never afraid to hit risky shots, has variety and precision. I'm not gonna be surprised to see him going deep at Wimby and other big tournaments this year...
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    Novak will be fine at WB ‘24

    He's looking fine, no worries... I think He's playing smart, just enough effort for a comfortable win without any extra pressure on his body, especially knee. Novak wouldn't be holding all significant records if he cannot balance the effort he puts into the matches, we've seen that many times...
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    Djokovic News

    I agree on the playing prematurely, if he's not completely healthy. On the second part, completely disagree, Wimbledon is a wolf's den, it still belongs to Novak...
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    Prime Novak vs prime Federer on clay

    This is absolutely true. Novak won 1 of every 4 clay tournaments entered, while Roger managed to win 1 out of 8. Plus, Novak has double more big clay titles than Rogie, exceeding even Borg's big titles haul. But yeah, Roger is better clay court player :D
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    Prime Novak vs prime Federer on clay

    You may want to look also at clay W%, it's self explaining, not to mention big clay titles... It's not even comparable.
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    Prime Novak vs prime Federer on clay

    Agree, no one can make a case based on one match, it's nonsense... That year Novak beat Rafa black and blue across all surfaces, especially on clay, sweet, sweet victories. Their carriers (Novak- Roger) on clay are not comparable, Novak is miles ahead...
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    Lacoste releases Djokovic #25 garb

    So where outside of tennis courts did you expect to see a Djokovic's hat, Cannes film festival, Wien Opera, G-7 summit? Don't waist mine and everyone else's time here, we've all seen plenty of Novak's hats and logos everywhere. The only reason for your banter is it burns your eyes and it's...
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    Prime Novak vs prime Federer on clay

    All kinds of assumptions are based on just one match, RG 2011... After 43 wins in a raw, probability is always high that next match will possibly be a bad day in the office. Novak is not just ahead of Roger on clay and RG, he's miles ahead, it's not even comparable...
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    Djokovic flying to London on Monday

    As much as I want to see him playing, I'm not sure it'll be right decision. I just don't wanna see him suffer the consequences of premature bloody battles at Wimby
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    Lacoste releases Djokovic #25 garb

    That explains your posting history, you are an ignorant hater, nothing more, nothing less... You are shame for your fellow fan base
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    Djokovic equals Federer's record for most slam matches won ever!

    Two legends in one photo, so many good memories, sleepless nights and excitement, blood battles, moments of glory on both sides... Is there anything better for a real tennis fan? Those two will be remembered in the centuries to come...
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    370 Grand Slam wins

    Looking forward to see it happen, can't wait for Wimby now...
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    I would like to apologize Roger Federer and his fans

    Uhm... 2005 was loooong ago, I better remember 2011, do you?
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    GOAT created new records today

    I just performed cpr on my neighbor, please nolefam, help our opponents, we are not just Novak's fans, we are tennis fans.
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    Djokovic News

    Sure it's reasonable. I'm watching and enjoying every game as is the last, although I believe he'll still give us plenty of joy before he hangs up the racquet. Idemoooo...
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    How many major QF will Carlitos make in his career ?

    Sure, why not... He's very talented and strong player, 50 is definitely not out of reach, barring serious injuries. Not his fan but I love watching good tennis, so go Carlitos.
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    Djokovic News

    He will be ready, don't worry bro :) After all, he's one and only, the chosen one...
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    Djokovic equals Federer's record for most slam matches won ever!

    Absolutely unbelievable ride, one after another, they are piling up under Novak's name, such a joyful times...
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    Biggest choke in a Grand Slam match?

    Hasta la Vista, baby...
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    Unbelievable choke by Djokovic

    Hola! I'm sure you'll sleep well tonight :-D
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    History made as Novak is world number 1 at 37 years old

    There is no time limit on relevance, it lasts forever when backed by facts and numbers. Eye test on the other side, uhmmmm...
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    History made as Novak is world number 1 at 37 years old

    It is relevant when it comes from the same group of hypocrites who were blind back then but all of a sudden see everything clear now. That's not grasping at straws, it's called reality check...
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    History made as Novak is world number 1 at 37 years old

    Really? I've never heard Federer fans complain when Fed held #1 ranking until August 2008 despite winning only Estoril and Halle. That year Novak held one slam and two masters from beginning of the year and Rafa held two slams, two masters and two 500 tournaments. Funny how no one of the...
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    Happy birthday GOAT!!!

    Happy Birthday to the people's champ
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    Djokovic News

    Oh yeah, I do... I never stopped believing in him, and I never will.