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    Recommended Multifilament Strings?

    I'm sticking with my ashaway dynamite 17, best multi for me, only next to how comfortable dunlop mfil tour 16 is on my arm (but loses it's "pop" too quick). I hybrid these two together with ashaway on mains both at same tension, or mains at 2lbs lower.
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    Catching a ball that is probally going out

    In this scenario, and it's obviously going out, occasionally I can see it oka y that someone catches the ball. BUT, what I hate is when someone swings and hits it back to you, then claims, oh, that was out. Leaving me wondering if we're still in play. Much like some pushers do by not calling...
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    So who's gonna get a Vantage tomorrow?

    How do you know what to order? I'd hate to just go by the specs on my dunlop m-fil 300. I'm pretty happy with it, but would like a little less head weight, and maybe the more octagonal grip? Maybe length but never played with anything but a 27". How would one go about finding out what would work...
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    where to learn to string rackets????

    I bought a stringer, went to my local courts asked to shadow their guy while stringing, learned quick, went home strung my first racket and have never looked back since. now i'm doing hybrids and all. I don't agree with going cheap. I got a prince neos and i think it helped me learn quicker...
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    What's your favorite hybrid combo?

    my current fav is in my signature
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    string tension

    I used to play with 62 and 64 lbs on a very stiff string (which played even tighter). Loved the control, hated the elbow, wrist and shoulder issues. As i've gotten my form and consistency better, and now that I string my own sticks, I've been dropping it more and more each stringing. Lately I'm...
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    Dunlop M-Fil 300

    From what I understand, the mains are your control and your crosses are your power. So I chose to string with the ashaway dynamite (that has a really good control, 17 size that bite nicely into the ball) for my mains and the mfil tour 16 for crosses. Love the combination.
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    Dunlop M-Fil 300

    all 4 of my sports authority models are just fine. I have replaced three with the TW leather, I used a new staple/tack for the end on the buttcap. may just be a fluke on yours. glad you got it's go play some tennis with the best racquet ever! by the way, been doing some...
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    Dunlop M-Fil 300

    I strung one that i'm currently playing alot with dunlop mfil16 mains at 56 and ashaway dynamite 17 crosses at 54. dream come true, sweet hitting, tons of pocketing and spins, plenty of control even on off shots, nice power, seems to last longer at holding tension too. goign to do up the rest...
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    Dunlop M-Fil 300

    I've replaced my stock grips with the new tennis warehouse leather grips. the thin small ones are great, are very tacky and wrap tightly, giving great bevel feel. Love them! cheap too!
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    Any Tennis Software for OS X (MAC) out there?

    I'd really love to have some sort of program to track my league performance easily and make match, tournament notes about players, places, etc. What else would work (other than pen to paper!) to help me see a charted type info on the mac? I'm not a PC user at all, only Macs. But if you can join...
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    The best way to take off the original grip?

    I get this stuff at my boating supply called "adhesive off". It's used on boat hulls to get hull numbers off cleanly but I use it for any adhesive residue, it's citrus based, not as toxic and won't hurt your racquet or plastics. works like a charm and cleans up better than wd40 or spray and wash...
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    What tennis stroke pumps you up the most?

    1HBH with lots of top spin hit down the line after a cross court service return. get em everytime!
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    Really important question

    Look for a multi filiment string, keep tensions in mid to low range but well within your racquets specs. then take a break from playing, use ice and heat, heal your arm first, then slowly work back into it. I recommend seeing an arm doctor, it may be your ulnar nerve compressed. get it now...
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    How Many Lessons Are Enough?

    Hey, Cindy! My lessons in may really helped me but I noticed that they plateaued pretty quick. then i would ask my teacher for specific things to work on but she always "ran out of time" and kept on with her normal "lesson". I got fed up and decided to quit for a bit. I had to let my wrist get...
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    Anyone Heard About The New Ipods?

    yeah, and during that announcement they lowered the price of the iphone...the one I just bought 16 days ago and can't return after 14. $200 drop! they better give out an itunes credit or something to those of us who bought in the past 30 at least! man. I learned my lesson apple. I loved you and...
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    -The Ultimate Sports Drink-

    I make a strawberry banana orange juice smoothie with advocare spark citrus supplement and a liquid glucosamine/chondroitin in it every morning in lieu of coffee and before every match. The good thing about the spark is i can add a scoop to my bottle of water to drink during the match and it...
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    Do you have names for your racquets?

    Hey, I guess you could be like the judge in caddyshack and name yours billy baroo... we know how big a j@¢k@$$ he was...don't be like him, please?
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    McEnroe vs. Borg advert

    NIce! ha ha mac loves to be on camera, borg needs the $$
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    Roddick seen having dinner with....

    seriously, could you blame him? rich, famous, young, good looking, single going after the hot i'm biting my hand just thinking about how fast i'd sell my soul to live that life baby!
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    All of my respect for gone...

    man i love ferrer more than ever! it doesn't matter what nadal did or how bad he was infirmed. ferrer was not moved by it, it didn't seem to effect his game at all. he played better than i've ever seen him play. it was very inspiring. we watch these "warriors" play their games but sometimes...
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    Classy Nadal....Classless Serena

    yes, it's tacky and unprofessional to say things like that after a match with this level of pros playing. she should have just said that her opponent was a better player today and beat her, just like nadal and everyone else. Serena has the track record of press conference excuses and a...
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    Dunlop M-Fil 300

    You could play with different strings/tensions. I've been messing with mine and have found that strings I used on babolats act different on this one, of course that could be the string pattern 16x19 over 18x20. Just strung two up with ashaway dynamite 17 @ 59 and 56 got one newly strung with...
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    Caption this: Andy Murray

    talking to himself – "arrrg, laddie, if yah dooint hit this buull, yar fooked, yah eedgit!"
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    What are the best strings here for a Dunlop M-Fil 300?

    I've been using the dunlop M-fil 16 tours at 60lbs. enjoying them quite abit. I just strung up one of my frames with the ashaway dynamite 17G black at 59lbs to try out as I like it on my other frames, but the ease on my arm that the dunlop string affords me, plus it's lower price, i'll end up...
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    Effects of a leather grip

    wow, glad you posted about the TW private label ones. I think i'll try one of the thinner smaller ones on one of my sticks next order I make with them. I like that it isn't branded too. Since switching to the mfil300s, i've missed feeling my bevels the most, so hope that a thin leather will...
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    New vision

    I realize reading this that i hit backhands that way (1HBH) but have never really tried it on my FH. I will next match!
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    Wilander underrated ?

    I love the guy. I think he's a smart player, not a grandstander. He has always been the quiet type, so he never really got the publicity that others got during his era. Plus, if you see him play now, he's a funny guy on the court. He exhibits some of the best of what this game has to offer!
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    I can't play properly against worse players.

    My philosophy on this has always been: you give as good as you get. Playing newbs is hard, they throw all kinds of junk and it's just plain hard to hit. they are inconsistant and so on. When I was moving from 2.5 to 3.0, this was the hardest part. One week in league i'd be against someone my...