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    The Lawn Society tennis bag

    I wish there were inside pics of the bag too.
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    The Lawn Society tennis bag

    Started to see this on my instagram feed. Has anyone seen or have more info on this bag? Looks pretty sleek and cool:
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    Zero Drop Shoes With Enough Grip and Cushion

    You’re probably right I wouldn’t play with the Xero shoes, on a hard court. We were on clay and I wouldn’t mind giving them a try on soft surfaces.
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    Zero Drop Shoes With Enough Grip and Cushion

    A friend I was hitting with who's probably 5.0+ (I am a 4.5) played with Xero 360 shoes. I looked it up and decided to order a pair since it's zero drop barefoot style with a cross training, more durable looking outsole. Take a look:
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    Djoker's Racket tech/adviser on all things pro/rec, you shouldn't use the RF :)

    I've been stringing my racquets with Roman and his wife Angelica for about 3+ years. I've never used the consultation services that he offers, but have been extremely happy with their honest recommendations when I venture out to try new strings or demo new racquets. Top pro shop in NYC with...
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    Shoes like Nike Vapor 9.5 / Vapor Prestige

    I see NB and Asics are sold on the TennisWarehouse website. They used to have Mizunos here but I haven't seen recently. You can go directly to mizunousa website for those.
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    Shoes like Nike Vapor 9.5 / Vapor Prestige

    I haven't tried them myself, but I've heard that the New Balance 996v4 has the feel of Vapors. I loved the 9.5's and nothing will come close, and currently I have these two shoes: Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4 and Asics Court FF2. Mizuno is lighter and has great fit, 6-month durability guarantee...
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    Yonex Ezone 98 Tour

    Not at all. I feel like I can swing out more, using Solinco hyper-g or confidential at 52lbs. Easy power and didn’t take long to adjust from Blade v7.
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    Yonex Ezone 98 Tour

    I’ve successfully switched to the Ezone Tour for 2 months now. I’m finding that I’m hitting out more on the backhand, flat and topspin. Just have more confidence in general now with the Ezone. With my old racquet Blade 98 v7, the ball wasn’t getting enough pace or spin, so I felt more...
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    Most Asics Mens Shoes out of stock?

    Most sizes out of stock as well on Asics website. Any ideas @TW Staff ?
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    Did Someone Say Champagne Strings?! We take a Deep Dive into the development of HEAD Lynx Tour and How Tennis Pros Playtest Strings

    Great episode and thank you Michelle for a test string set. Great feel and play and holds tension up very well but won't make me change yet from my Solinco Hyper-G 1.15 setup.
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    Tecnifibre Triax: Does this multifilament tennis string really do everything it claims to?

    Love this episode, and excited to try out the Triax as well (it's on my next TW shipment) --great insight by all and looking forward to it! I have similar set-ups to the playtesters (Solinco Hyper-G or Confidential at 52lbs, on Blade 98 V7)
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    1st Video Episode! Playtesters Talk about new Pure Drive, Pro Staff, Nike Challenge Court Gear & Answer Your Questions!

    My long shot hope is bring back Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5, after all Adidas brought back Ubersonic 2.
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    Need shoe advice - former vapor 9.5 wearer

    If you have a chance try the Vapor X wide version. I haven't played in them yet, but fits nicely right out of the box when I bought them during a sale.
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    Last shoes you "stocked up" on?

    I'm on my last pair of Zoom Vapor 9.5 (white version still on ice just for clay/grass play). Love this model and will be very sad when this pair wears out.
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    poll: which of these type of shoes is better

    I've been on a few pairs of Mizuno Wave Exceed Tours now (versions 2 and 3) and cannot wait to get the 4. It weighs only 12.4 ounces but now includes a 6-month outsole guarantee. There has been talk of previous versions being too narrow, but I am a medium wide and it fits me just fine, and...
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    Need shoe advice - former vapor 9.5 wearer

    From reading reviews of the Tennis Warehouse testers, New Balance 996v4 seems to be close to the Vapor 9.5's.
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    When BNP Paribas Open gets CANCELLED, Tennis Warehouse Still Finds a Way to Bring You Cool Content from WTA & ATP Pro Players!

    I'm really enjoying your podcasts, especially in this uncertain climate. Thank you to everyone at TW!
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    Adidas Stycon Laceless Tennis Shoe

    Unfortunately yes, at the adidas retail stores only.
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    Adidas Stycon Laceless Tennis Shoe

    Picked these up this weekend as Adidas is having a 25% off plus 10% creator app member. Tried them on twice now in the store and they’re growing on me. Can’t wait to train in these to see how they are.
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    Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4

    It seems like Mizuno fixed the narrow and long fit that was on the Wave Exceed Tour 2 and 3 (I had both versions). The fit was a bit long so I had to go a half size down. Thanks for sharing your first impressions, I will go true to size on the 4's.
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    Adidas Stycon Laceless Tennis Shoe

    They look low to the ground, but from trying them on yesterday at the Adidas flagship store NYC, there is a layer of bounce midsole in there that's quite supportive. Overall, it's a nice fit but I'm still on the fence about how they'll perform on court. Only one way to find out!
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    Novak wearing Solution Speed FF for 2020?

    Thank you for clearing that up. Cool colors.
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    Novak wearing Solution Speed FF for 2020?

    Saw him on tv today playing Anderson at the ATP Cup wearing Solution Speed FF instead of his signature shoe Court FF 2. Interesting.
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    Best shoes for toe-draggers?

    From my experience Asics Gel Resolutions have the best durability for toe dragging.
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    New Adidas Shoe?

    On the left it's a leather version of the Ubersonic 3 (I saw this shoe at the 5th Avenue flagship store in NYC). And on the right it looks like the classic Stefan Edbergs.
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    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    Great news @Mizuno USA Official new colorways for Wave Exceed Tour 3 now offer a 6-month outsole guarantee!
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    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    @Mizuno USA Official any word on 2019 Wimbledon gear going on sale to the general public? I’m liking the all white Wave Exceed Tour 3 shoes and white apparel on men’s doubles champions Cabal/Farah.
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    Adidas Torsion Edberg Comp

    I loved these Edbergs, and also the old Lendls. I hope they get to re-release those too.
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    Ubersonic 2?

    @TW Staff can you guys confirm? Just about to wear out my remaining pair of Uber 2 and would be great to get some in August.