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    Natural Gut Wholesale: Version 4

    I am actually having good luck with NGW natural gut. I ordered the 17 guage which is more like 16 guage. It strung up nicely however, I took my time and was careful not to kink or coil (mains with smooth poly crosses) and playability has been solid nice pop, spin and comfort. So far...
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    Racquet Advice

    I played with ncode 6.1 95 16 x 18. will want to go lighter and more easy power
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    Racquet Advice

    I have been away from the game for the past few years and I am starting to play again. I am a 4.5 all court player singles and doubles. I need to get new racquets that has some pop but control and feel. I read reviews on TT and TW and going to demo the Yonex DR 98 and the Babolat PS17. Any...
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    looking for a new racquet

    i will try it, did the grip shape bother you?
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    looking for a new racquet

    can you tell me about the head pp compared to ncode?
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    looking for a new racquet

    thx, i am going to give the blx another go
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    looking for a new racquet

    how would i measure swingweight?
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    looking for a new racquet

    Thanks, i will try the blx again, Head PP is a nice frame, swings easily, but lacks pop and has a slightly smaller sweetspot. PST GT i am just not sure about, seems to do everything well just with less power than my Ncode and I am not sure I want to give that up.
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    looking for a new racquet

    I used to play the wilson Ncode 6.1 95 16 x 18 and was very happy with it. I have since tried the K factor and the BLX and haven't liked either of them. BLX has good feel, but plays heavier than the Ncode version. I play mostly 4.5 dubs and some singles. I S&V in doubs all court singles...
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    Kneissl Red Star CLUB

    I am interested in your red star grommets e-mail me at
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    Played with the Pacific Xforce Pro Today...

    the pacific is one of the most arm friendly racquets on the market period. some people experience "elbow discomfort" when ever you hit with a new frame due to weight balance swingweight and vibration frequency. i would not hesitate to recommend this racquet to anyone who has had elbow isssues.
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    Best Doubles Stick

    is the 6.1 95 series from wilson: Ncode, Classic, BLX, Hyper Prostaff, kfactor in that order imo. the head microgel radical pro isn't too bad for dubs either.
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    Greatest Forehands of All Time

    Verdasco...... verdasco's forehand is bigger than nadals, He, Fed and Monfils probably have the biggest forehands on tour today.
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    wilander was a pusher

    watched your first clip--big time pusher at the pro level
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    Spadea: Machine

    spadea has been disrespected his whole career.
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    head grip shape vs. wilson grip shape

    thanks for the feedback
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    wilander was a pusher

    wilander was a pro level pusher
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    head grip shape vs. wilson grip shape

    what are the pro's and con's of each? besides familiarity, does one have any advantages on serve /volley/forehand etc. thanks
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    Which is the better racquet Babolat pure storm tour GT or wilson Kfactor 6.1 95?

    Agree with ClubHoUno--I left wilson because i couldn't find anything by them i liked as much as the ncode 95 and they stopped making them. The babolat PST GT is just a sweet racquet. I wanted to stay with Wilson but the Babolat just out performed the latest wilson stuff.
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    Nicest New PJ's

    fischer - pacific
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    Which is the better racquet Babolat pure storm tour GT or wilson Kfactor 6.1 95?

    guys, thank for the input. I played with the bab pst gt again today singles. I found no drop off on mph's on first serves, and great action on second serves. My groundies were ridiculously accurate with nice pop and spin. the only area i would give an edge to the wilson 95 series (take your...
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    Which is the better racquet Babolat pure storm tour GT or wilson Kfactor 6.1 95?

    I am replacing my Ncode 6.1 95's. I am a 4.5 mainly doubles all court player. I have hit with both racquets and I am having trouble deciding. I prefer the ncode version of the 95 over the kfactor, ncode feels better balanced, more manuverable and more solid at impact. The Kfactor seems a...
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    need help deciding between a few racquets....

    i have decided after significant demoing that I could happily play two or three of the racquets that i demoed. i play mostly doubles i decided on the head extreme pro 08nfor the following reasons: effortless pace on serves, huge sweetspot, manueverability, huge topspin and pretty solid at...
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    8 grams off racket specs, would you bother?

    what racquet?
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    is it just me or does Nadal..........

    i'm going to doooo it!!!!!
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    is it just me or does Nadal..........

    is it just me or does nadal sound like Fes from that 70's show when he addresses the crowd?
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    customization question

    I have heard a lot about silicone in the handle. what silicone do you use and how do you do it? the reason I am asking is I am thinking about getting a LM rad for $69.00 putting silicone in the handle and Cap grommets on it to bring it somewhere around 12 oz and hopefully a bit more...
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    Worst US Open in Recent Memory

    great matches are around the corner--semi's and finals