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    2023 Nationals Week 1 Simulations Posted - Texas 3.5 at it again

    I wish National had the guts to hand these "winning" teams the trophy at the end but not take their pictures or do any formal presentation. Of course, it then becomes a slippery slope. If the belief is that it takes a little bit of cheating to get to Nationals, when does it become too much to...
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    Does combo league count towards year end rating?

    If it is an Adult league type with progression, it counts. Sections have the option to count Adult Other, Mixed Other, Combo, Adult 18 - 39, Tri-Level, & Tournaments.
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    Southern 4.0 18 and over Men

    Don't be shocked when no one from Georgia strikes out at Nationals. Expect all those that won in the sectional final to be 4.5 on December 1.
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    In 2024 all tri level and combo leagues count towards ranking

    Combo will not universally count. #lies Tri-Level is always a section choice.
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    Can 2023 Norcal Mixed teams have more than three players who competed at multiple 2022 nationals?

    Yes, they can, so long as it's not more than 3 people who were on the same roster and the same level in 2022. Ex: 3 people from a Mixed 18 & Over 8.0 2022 National roster can pair with 19 players from a Mixed 18 & Over 7.0 National roster and 47 players from a Mixed 40 & Over 8.0 National...
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    Official 2022 ratings thread.

    Why does anyone refer to TR or TS or any other bogus site for accurate info? (rhetorical)
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    Move Up/Split Up

    Teams that qualify for Nationals must split up. 2.06A(2)
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    USTA League Suspension Table

    National application. Players may be assigned points at championships by a referee or through the grievance process.
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    Last match date counting for ratings?

    10/31 is correct. It's always the last date for the "Adult" National Championships.
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    2021 18+ 4.0M USTA League Nationals Predictions

    Don't be surprised when a couple of the Intermountain guys receive a year-end 5.0 rating.
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    Post Season Teams

    This is not true for all sections. Some sections require players to declare a team on which they will play the entirety of the playoffs. If eliminated, they're done. No going back.
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    USTA rating algorithm

    Southern should be mandated to come into alignment with the other 16 sections and not be able to play ESL leagues as early as March of the preceding year. As an aside, break off Georgia into its own section, throw Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama into one, Kentucky & Tennessee, and then the...
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    If you could make one change to USTA adult leagues.

    What's the point of 6.5, 7.5, etc...if at straight level you'd accomplish the same thing? If 7.5 can only be 3.5 & 4.0 players, that's already accomplished at a straight 4.0 level. Is the suggestion that mixed is more balanced when one half of the team is most likely to be clearly at a...
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    Announcemet by USTA of year end rating review

    Southern doesn't reverse matches if a player strikes out.
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    Has the USTA released a statement about the debacle ?

    The decision to end family and multiyear memberships is because USTA continues to move toward no universal membership fees. Currently juniors and organizations are free. They don't want to be in a position where someone buys a 5 year membership only to have them asking for a refund because...
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    If you could make one change to USTA adult leagues.

    Converting 18 & Over and 40 & Over into 3 court leagues. Each league type will offer separately 3 courts of singles and 3 courts of doubles. Less players for captains to have to herd. More opportunities to do what you want. Of course, this must be coupled with split ratings (one for...
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    Announcemet by USTA of year end rating review

    Now if you're saying that under a normal 2020 year-end rating a player would have fallen into an acceptable appeal range, I can understand that. Specifically referencing the advice to hit the appeal button, though, doesn't fit that criteria. (That's not the process for the special review.)...
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    Announcemet by USTA of year end rating review

    The player's dynamic can change all it wants. The reference point for an appeal is a fixed point in time. If Becky is 2.73 in the year-end publication, she will be denied either up or down all year long. It doesn't matter what her results are. At the time of publication, she was ineligible...
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    Announcemet by USTA of year end rating review

    Her advice doesn't make sense unless you were a National benchmark this past year and ineligible for appeal. Since your year-end rating from 2019 will not be any different, the appeal answer should be the same whether made on December 31 or January 1. Under the special review criteria, I would...
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    Had a player on my team dq'd - options?

    DQs only apply to an active season or championship. They do not retroactively reverse matches from past play.
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    The Most Exhausting Opponent to Play Against

    This looks like a 4.0 match. Orange has no net game, otherwise, he should win this easily.
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    I could prob google, but Ill ask. Do you switch sides after 7 -6 and

    Yes. Switch ends at the end of a tie break and after the first game of the following set. If playing USTA league, Coman is required at all playoffs. Locally check your rules.
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    Was I in the Wrong Here? Or Justified?

    Justified. I've had no problem booting skater dudes. If I was at a skate park with a tennis racket or on a soccer field, I'd expect to get my ass handed to me for being in the wrong...well, maybe not as it would be obvious I didn't have the sense to not be out there in the first place.
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    Question about doubles ratings

    This is correct for NTRP ratings.
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    The "31 May" line in the sand...

    Keeping the date. Each section and state/district is different and will make their own decisions.
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    Will USTA refund league fees?

    Active is finally trying to create a build in TennisLink to return fees to credit cards or store as credit to future seasons. Target date: June 1
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    How Will the Cancellation of Nationals Affect League Participation?

    To answer the question, no. True, participation will be down this year but that's due to the coronavirus, and with no vaccine in sight, will likely be the number 1 cause for numbers being down in 2021.
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    Updated statement from USTA National

    People need to start making peace with 2020 being the year without national progression in recreational league tennis! Grab the pitch forks, take to the streets! Riot......