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  1. naturallight

    new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300) -- arm-friendly 100 sq in option?

    Has anyone hit with the new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300)? Specs look very similar to the previous model, but the vibration rating has come down to 144 (from 150), which is pretty low for a 100 sq in racquet. Seems like a potential arm-friendly 100 sq in option, which are few and far between. TW...
  2. naturallight

    poly demo for the new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300)?

    Hello, are you going to offer a poly demo for the new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300)? I would really like to try it out! thanks!
  3. naturallight

    How to watch tennis tournaments (like the Masters) on Amazon Prime?

    Is the tennis on Amazon Prime only a UK thing? I'm in the States. When I search Amazon prime for tennis or ATP, it only shows the Laver Cup, the Next Gen tourney, and then tennis shows like a biopic on Tiafoe. No tournaments? I thought Amazon Prime has more tennis like the Masters tourneys, no?
  4. naturallight

    can you lay on your back, raise your arms above your head, and touch your elbows to the floor?

    In the pic I am trying to get my elbow as close to the floor as possible--it's not close. If someone pushes my elbow to the ground, it pinches on kinda the top of my shoulder, in the back right after the bone. It's like this for both of my shoulders, but left is a little better. Has anyone had...
  5. naturallight

    Is New Balance discontinuing the 1296v2 men's shoes?

    Is New Balance discontinuing the 1296v2 men's shoes? Seems like the 996 get all the new colors. thanks!
  6. naturallight

    Yonex line-up?

    Do I have this right? Vcore 98: Spin Ezone 98: Power Vcore Pro 97: Control If not, what am I missing? thanks
  7. naturallight

    Yonex VCORE Pro 100 - how does it stack up vs other 100 sq in options?

    How does Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300) compare to some other 100 sq in options out there, like DR 100, Pure Strike 100, Speed Pro, Instinct, Pure Aero, Burn, etc? Importantly, where would the VCORE Pro 100 stand on the comfort scale relative to those other options? Also curious on how "solid"...
  8. naturallight

    do these stiffer 98" players racquets cause arm pain for you?

    If my shoulder hurts from playing with racquets like the Bab APD and Head Extreme, should I also stay away from the Wilson Blade 98 (66 stiff, 87 rated comfort, 144 vibration), and Bab Pure Strike (67 stiff, 88 rated comfort, 148 vibration)? Has anyone made the switch and noticed the Blade/Pure...
  9. naturallight

    soles for sliding?

    I find the soles on Asics and New Balance to be rather sticky. Whereas Nikes are fairly slick. How do some other brands like Adidas, Yonex, and Wilson compare? thanks in advance
  10. naturallight

    Yonex Men's 2018 Slam Short - Charcoal

    Is the Yonex Men's 2018 Slam Short - Charcoal really a dark gray? It looks navy in the pics. thanks
  11. naturallight

    Shoulder blade pain

    Man, what the heck is going on here. I’ve developed this weird pain primarily in my left shoulder blade area. However sometimes it can extend to my front left ribcage, and even the right shoulder blade area can be tender. Things like fully extending my left arm, moving a steering wheel, lifting...
  12. naturallight

    theim string?

    What’s the red string he had today? Wasn’t he using a yellow string (PHT?) before?
  13. naturallight

    PTP gauge for Hingis, Bencic, Osaka?

    For the tour players that use Yonex Poly Tour Pro (Hingis, Bencic, Osaka come to mind, probably others as well), what gauge to they use? thanks in advance
  14. naturallight

    poly and tension maintenance

    I have some poly i strung at 55 that’s now on 25 hours,looser than normal but still pretty good I strung up some new poly at 51, very hard to control despite being new i thought poly was supposed to lose tension super quick why does the old poly feel so much better (tighter) than the new poly?
  15. naturallight

    kyrgios strings not full poly?

    I thought they were all PTP? Is this gut mains?
  16. naturallight

    trucker hat for tennis?

    Can anyone recommend a good trucker hat for tennis? Something that's relatively more lightweight and softer than a normal cotton trucker hat, but still has the look. I see this one, not sure though....
  17. naturallight

    FS: Head Microgel Extreme Pro

    Racquet Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Head Microgel Extreme Pro Grip Size: 4 1/2" Quantity: 1 Head Size: 100 Condition (x out of 10): 7/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Several years *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes)...
  18. naturallight

    Possible to put a TK82 pallet on a Head Speed?

    Hi @TWE Staff, I was wondering if it was possible to switch a Head Speed to the traditional rectangular handle shape by putting on a TK82 pallet. It seems like this should be pretty straightforward, but then I noticed at the bottom of the link it says: Note: This pallet is not suitable for the...
  19. naturallight

    new stock Head MicroGel Radical stiffness?

    Hi, I was curious if TW has actually tested the stiffness of the new stock Head MG Radicals? The site lists them at 57. This is the same as what's listed in the TW review from 2004 (?), yet several posters have said the new stock feels stiffer than the original issue. Is 57 the right number...
  20. naturallight

    Does string pattern make a big difference in comfort?

    After struggling with shoulder tenderness/pain from serving with the light stiff (69 flex) racquets, a few years ago I switched to a Yonex E-Zone 98 (flex 63). It’s been great—what a joy to play tennis with no pain (even with full poly)! A couple of weeks ago I picked up an old Head Instinct...
  21. naturallight

    Head Graphene Touch Extreme

    Any one have any specs/pics? Looks like the last version came out in Jul-2015 so it seems like the new one should hit soon. General trend with the Touch versions have been softer--think that might happen here? thanks!
  22. naturallight

    what do you like more between New Balance 1296v2 and 996v3?

    They both look pretty sweet. Both have durability guarantees. A little surprised the 996 is slightly heavier--isn't this line supposed to be NB's lighter quicker shoe? How is the knit on the 996? A lot of mesh on the 1296--seems very breathable.
  23. naturallight

    Tour Bite test results on TWU String Database?

    Maybe this is a better question for the TW Questions section, but what’s going on their the TB stiffness (1st column) and tension loss % (2nd column) ratings on the TWU String Database? I would have expected a more linear result. Between 16L and 17, which is the more representative...
  24. naturallight

    head instinct handle shape--rounder or rectangular?

    Sorry, I know this has been addressed before but it doesn't seem like there was a consensus--are head instinct handle shapes rounder like extreme/speed or rectangular like prestige/radical? Some people have said they are rounder, but just eyeballing it it looks like it might be rectangular. Hard...
  25. naturallight

    Head Graphene XT Extreme Rev Pro Racket - missing stiffness and SW

    Hi, the TWE listing for the Head Graphene XT Extreme Rev Pro Racket is missing stiffness and SW -- do you have these numbers handy? Head Graphene XT Extreme Rev Pro Racket
  26. naturallight

    head microgel instinct review link not working

    Hi, any way to get this link working again?
  27. naturallight

    thinking of weighting up an Extreme Lite to get more comfortable tweener racquet

    I’ve learned (the hard way) that I simply can’t play with racquets with a >66 stiffness (unless a full multi string which is a non-starter). The stock Head Graphene XT Extreme Lite comes with a 100 head, 10oz, 311 SW and only 62 flex. With foam/silicone injected in the handle and lead tape up...
  28. naturallight

    How many matches in your Adult 18 & Over league?

    Last year we only had 6 matches in our 4.5 Adult 18 & Over league in Colorado. The league ran from the last week in April to the first week in June. In previous years, it was more like 8-9, although one year it was 10. This did involve a Fri match or two, which I guess no one liked. 6 matches...
  29. naturallight

    feels like a muscle pull but i don't think it is--what else could it be?

    For the past couple years I would get what felt like groin pulls. They would normally occur in the winter when I was less active. They seemed to last longer than they should, i.e. 1-2 months. The weird thing was that I would never remember doing it—I would just wake up one day and it would be...
  30. naturallight

    FS: two 2014 Babolat AeroPro Drive French Open racquets

    FS: Two 2014 Babolat AeroPro Drive French Open racquets Grip: 4 3/8 Quantity: 2 Head size: 100 Condition: 8.5/10 Specific time used: 1 season (roughly 2x a week). A couple of paint chips but nothing significant. Bumper guards are fairly scuffed up. Always used overgrips. General description...