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  1. Parabolica

    Federer will beat Nadal in 5 sets

    You heard it here first. These are the top 10 reasons why: Roger is full of confidence from his recent victory over a top opponent in Stanimal. Roger is full of confidence as he has beaten Nadal the last 6 encounters. Roger now understands what tactics work against Nadal. Whether its hard...
  2. Parabolica

    Katie Boulter

    Incredibly hot. Feel free to discuss.
  3. Parabolica

    K Khachanov to win AO2019

    You heard it here first. Feel free to discuss.
  4. Parabolica

    Federer will win his 8th Wimbledon crown

    Yes, you heard it here first. Mark in your calendars. Roger Federer, the greatest of all time, will overcome his age and win his 19th grand slam. He may even roll through the clay goat in the process.
  5. Parabolica

    Wawrinka will win his 2nd French Open

    You heard it here first. He is playing great tennis and i think he will beat Nadal in the finals. A great combination of his serve and hard hitting will do Nadal in. Nadal is playing great as well but i think the number of matches he has played in 2017 will do him in at age 31.
  6. Parabolica

    To summarize Federer If you sit down and really think about each of these and how remarkable they are, you may come close to fully appreciating one of the best athletes in the world that is Roger Federer.
  7. Parabolica

    Racquet grip

    Hey all: I'm having problems with my racquet grip. I'm about a 4.5 to 5.0 player but my major problem is consistancy. The consistancy is mainly due to my hand rotating slightly on the handle once in a while. I have checked to ensure i have the correct size handle and replace with a new...
  8. Parabolica

    Why dont they have replay...

    Why dont they have replay on the outide courts? I think its ridiculous. They're basically saying that the matches on the outside courts are not as important as the matches on the main court? Whats the reason for this? Please dont say money.
  9. Parabolica

    Nadals going to win at Indian Wells

    After watching his 2nd round match, wow. I know his competition wasn't very good but he looked awesome out there. Considering he has a relatively easy quarter(especially with Monfils now out), it looks like its going to be an easy ride for Nadal into the Semis.
  10. Parabolica

    Federer vs Nadal

    Enough already. Almost every thread turns into a Fed vs Nadal exercise and it's always the same opionion. I'm a huge Federer fan but i can appreciate Nadals greatness. Even Fed and Nadal have great appreciation and respect for each other, why can't fans have the same amount of respect for...
  11. Parabolica

    Was Murray right to play hard?

    Did he do the right thing to play Fed hard? He obviously drained himself out for the Davy match and wasn't able to play to his potential. Basically lost himself a better chance at winning the Masters cup. You can easily see similar circumstances in other sports. If a team has already...
  12. Parabolica

    How is Mens tennis without Fed?

    If you remove Fed from mens tennis, it's all of a sudden quite dull imo. Nadal is a great player no doubt but i think he's quite boring to watch. Murray is getting better but not fun to watch either. Tsonga was pretty fun to watch but it may have been a function of the french crowd...
  13. Parabolica

    Who's the next best?

    We know that Federer and Nadal are the top 2, but who's the next best or who do you see as the next future #1.
  14. Parabolica

    Wimbledon grass

    Why does the surface at Wimbledon play so much slower? I mean technically speaking. I'm sure its a huge reason why Nadal was able to compete so well against Federer. In actuality, i haven't seen a prototypical serve and volley player compete at a high level for a long time.