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    Prince items on TW Europe

    Will the boomerang stringing tool or o3 textreme racquets be coming to the main site anytime soon?
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    Racquet Review Scoring

    I was looking at Chris's scores for the Pure Aero and Beast O3 98 and noticed that even though he rated the Beast equal to or slightly better in every category the PA got a higher overall score from him. I always thought overall scores were based on an average but looking at other racquets it...
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    WTB: Nike Lunar Ballistec 1.5 Orange/Volt (705285-801)

    Looking for a size 12 in good condition.
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    Nike Lime Vamos Court Crew (Nadal 2010 US Open)

    Wanted: Nadal 2010 Lime US Open Crew in sizes medium or large email: