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    Dealing with blocked holes

    I strung for the first time the 93P 18x20 Prince Phantom. Played with it, it's excellent, might be my final choice for the next several years. But really problems with stringing compared to my Volkl. Blocked holes tough to deal with. Any tips?
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    Amazing sad old folks! Just amazing. Just heart-wrenching sad.
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    Epstein creepier than I thought

    Here's an old released video of a walk through Epstein's "mansion" in Palm Beach: Thoughts: 1. what a dump for a mansion. Third rate Holiday Inn look. How can a guy with this much jack live in quarters like this? Amazing. 2. OK. Really had a very serious personality thing about women...
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    so many Poly players???

    Reading TW forum, it sounds as if just about everybody's using poly strings. Do you? I just see a lot of negatives there, unless one is a baseline with a strong arm.
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    Stringing a Prince TT 310 that's feeling stiff and unforgiving

    This one kind of feels like an old Wilson Pro Staff 6.1----just boardy stiff. And way, way powerful I'm skeptical the RA is 65; that's TW's measure. Tennisnerd gives it a 68. what can you do to give it some feel? Originally I had it strung at a higher tension with a multi, now I strung it...
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    Anyone Got a Pilot's License?

    Curious about this and whether it's worthwhile getting into. After you pass and get the license, what next?
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    Good Kayaks

    I'm in the market for a two-man kayak---basically something stable for rivers and creeks. Inflatable wouldn't work. Don't know much about what is out there. Can anyone recommend a model?
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    Why can't I tie the Parnell Knot?

    I'm an old Eagle Scout and can tie a dozen different kinds of knots, do lashings, etc. why the f can't I tie the Parnell?
  9. max

    String Pattern for Prince Textreme 310

    Can't find this on the Klippermate site. Anyone got a notion of how a stringer proceeds with this?
  10. max

    Know anything about Guitar Amps?

    I've got a Vox 30 watt modelling amp, Valvetronix series. Used it playing out a few years back; mainly sitting upstairs in an unused room for the past couple of years. I pulled it out recently, and it's not working. . . what could be wrong? I checked the one fuse for it, and it seems fine...
  11. max

    How are you setting up and stringing your Prince TT 310?

    I'm finding that a multi at 57 just feels too tight and jarring. Need to soften things up a bit. BUT just what trips your trigger with strings on the 310? What flavor ice cream do you like here?
  12. max

    Trucks and trucks in the *******! good stuff news

    Thrilled the ******* economy seems to be pulling up; Illinois' been dead since the 2008 recession and seeing all the trucks, a good many with capital gear, around here is just an amazing good sign. . . kind of like rain looks to a farmer with parched lands. It's just good to see something really...
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    TW: Move to Indiana!

    You'd like it; give Indianapolis a shot. Superior in most respects to your current situation, many positives.
  14. max

    Using 16g string for mains, 17g for crosses---is it OK

    Just curious. Want to do a poly syn gut hybrid and the only syn gut I have is 17g. Mains would be poly 16g; crosses at syn gut 17g. Any problem with this?
  15. max

    Prince handle system----pallet? changeable?

    I'd like to know if the Prince handle can be made larger via a pallet system. I'm using a 4 and would like to up to a 5 without the blow-on shrink-wrap stuff.
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    Ahhh, those High School memories! share some with us

    . . . me, I was voted Most Likely to Watch a PBS Special. what's your personal high school memory?
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    Elton John and Billie Jean King

    . . . oddly enough, they are starting to resemble each other, including clothing choices. Time makes us all old.
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    Fun Little Video Snippet for You

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    Protocol for cutting out strings

    I want to restring a racquet. Won't be doing this immediately. Is it better to cut out today, and have the frame sit there. Or better to cut out strings immediately before restringing?
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    POEM: "A Piece of String is a Wonderful Thing"

    A piece of String A piece of string Is a wonderful thing A snake that binds and wraps. A tool so neat. A tool complete. It binds, it winds, it snaps. A piece of string is a curious thing, Its life a marv’lous double. With a pull it’s taut, With a push it’s naught, But a wriggly worm of a...
  21. max

    should I use a leather grip?

    I've been playing with a new Prince Textreme Tour 100P. Has a plastic grip, bit of squish to it. I can appreciate that this might be taking out some vibration stuff. But I have always had leather grips. What would be the upsides of putting leather on this Prince?
  22. max

    What is/was your Most Favorite String Ever?

    . . . I spent years lacing up frames with Prince Synthetic Gut Soft, and then, more years when it was sold to racquetballers as Ektelon Powerplay. But alas, it seems this variety of Prince Syn Gut is made no more! What is your favorite string?
  23. max

    Bigger, Better Stringing Knots

    I'm been stringing since 1998 and I have always used two half-hitches as knots. This usually works okay, but I'd like to find a fatter knot. I've tried several times to tie the Parnell knot, but it never seems to work out the way the diagram shows. Any suggestions of a simple and fat knot?
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    soemthing for ya

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    FYI: Just a Great Take on PC-Mania

    Here's a great short video on what it really boils down to:
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    Where's Amnesty International? Are they still around?

    This is 2019, and this is barbaric and disgusting.
  27. max

    FS: legendary Volkl C-10 classic; 9/10; grip 4.5

    Item description: one Volkl C-10 Grip size: 4.5 Quantity: one Condition: 9.0/10.0 Specific time used: 30 minutes General description: great shape c-10, in great condition, with Gamma leather grip installed. Grommets in top shape, no chips or dings in paint. Price $129 Shipping; CONUS shipping...
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    Pange Lingua Gloriosi

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    AT&T router bizness. . . tech help

    So my internet would every so often die, a couple of times a day. I call AT&T. They send a helpful guy. We talk, etc., and it's my guess---since I've jacked around with phones---that the router is "dying." This happened once before. Routers, to the extent of my experience, are very flimsy...
  30. max

    FS: One Angell TC-95, 9/10 condition, 4.5 grip

    Sometimes you just have one date, and you know she's not for you. Happened plenty to me in college. It happened here with me, just now, with the vaunted Angell TC-95. It's a high quality frame, plush and well-engineered. I can buy why folks love it and speak highly of it. But she's not for me...