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  1. apriliano

    If Nadal doesn't win '19 USO...

    ...will be the beginning of the end for the Big3? Lets be serious, Ned is getting married in a month (moving to Helsinki) Djoker injured (getting tickets for the next Finnair flight) Federer doing "giving away break/match points a-la Santa Claus" (already living in Finland but nobody seems to...
  2. apriliano

    What do people here think of DeMinaur?

    Poor De Miñaur getting destroyed again
  3. apriliano

    2019 Wilson Blade

    V7 16*19 with 1'25 rpm blast rough sounds great
  4. apriliano

    Thoughts on Roberto Bautista Agut as a player?

    Another three letters uninspiring Spanish player. RBA, PCB, ARV. The three riders of boredom.
  5. apriliano

    What went wrong at 40-15 for Federer?

    Federer panicked Not for the first time, not for the last time
  6. apriliano

    Why do so many people HATE Djokovic?

    It's all because the overheads
  7. apriliano

    Is racket size difference vastly overhyped here ?

    SV95 is bigger than DR98
  8. apriliano

    Who do you think has a bigger chance to beat Djokovic in the potential final, Fed or Nad?

    Maybe thanos. But only if he has all the Infinity Stones.
  9. apriliano

    Did you watch the Womens Soccer World Cup?

    You mad bro?
  10. apriliano

    Roger Federer: “It was like, Rafa, please…”

    Rafa is grumpier than ever this year.
  11. apriliano

    If Felix fixed his serve, why can't Rafa ?

    Imagine him playing with two rackets Double helicopter.
  12. apriliano

    If Felix fixed his serve, why can't Rafa ?

    Because Rafa serves with the wrong hand. Admit that, Toni
  13. apriliano

    Will Kyrgios transform?

    Yeah sure, Pokemos like evolution.
  14. apriliano

    New FAA Strings

    How plays the black one compared to red and yellow?
  15. apriliano

    New FAA Strings

    Rpm blast rough.
  16. apriliano

    Not all dampeners are created equal

    Oh My God Please kill me
  17. apriliano

    Djokovic's awful net play

    His 5th set net game was (surprisingly) more than decent.
  18. apriliano

    Federer will beat Nadal in 5 sets

    5 sets in how many matches?
  19. apriliano

    Tsitsipas stirring post-match Soliloquy on Instagram

    Hey Stef What happened yesterday happened, no?