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  1. Soul_Evisceration

    Djokovic deep down inside must be ticked off at Martin, Agassi and Pepe

    Djokovic while being an all time great player currently sitting at 14 Majors, must be kicking himself in the face and could of won more if he would of made smarter decisions and never hired Todd Martin nor Andre Agassi or even hire that freak Pepe and even worse firing Vadja just to bring him...
  2. Soul_Evisceration

    Another record Federer has accomplished

    With his 3 set win over Lopez and blasted a combined of 42 aces thus far, Federer has now 10 141 aces which along with Karlovic has surpassed Ivanisevic Ace Counts with 10 131 aces. However, I also expect that John Isner with 9446 aces will surpass both Ivanisevic and possibly Federer in the...
  3. Soul_Evisceration

    Best Federer match since switching to the RF97A

    What's your favorite Federer match since he switched to the RF97A in Mid 2013? Mine is the Dubai Final 2015 vs Djokovic.
  4. Soul_Evisceration

    The era of Grinding/Defensive Counter Punching style is coming to an end

    After the shocking losses from Djokovic and Murray, I believe the aggressive, taking no chance prisoners tennis players are slowly making an appearance and will be taking over the new era while the grinder/defensive counter punching will take a back seat. What do you think?
  5. Soul_Evisceration

    Xcel 17 Gauge alternative

    I am playing with the RF97 2016 edition with 4 grams of lead tape at 12 o'clock, 2 grams at 11 and 1 o'clock with Excel 17 Gauge at 54/52 lbs and also replaced the Wilson Leather grip with the thick 25mm leather grip. This option feels great power wise on everything. The only thing I wish this...
  6. Soul_Evisceration

    Yonex VCore 95D vs TC Angell 95 16*19 63 or 70RA

    While I do love the VCore 95D on pretty much everything, I just know this racquet has been discontinued for a while and it will probably be hard to grab a few of those in the future. I never gave Angell racquet a try but I was just curious if the TC95 whether it's 63 or 70 RA, how is it power...
  7. Soul_Evisceration

    Djokovic second serve in Toronto Masters

    I remember Djokovic used to have a big second serve. I am now seeing him doing Murray like top spin 70 mph second serve. Why is he changing tactics?
  8. Soul_Evisceration

    Roger Federer is heading towards the Andre Agassi route

    It's unfortunate but it needs to be said that Federer will go at the same pace and route as Agassi when Agassi retired at the age of 36. The parallels between the 2 is evident since both are suffering from the same problem. No matter how far Federer will go, someone will be there and prevent...
  9. Soul_Evisceration

    Low clearance net racquets that are not 18*20

    Hello all, How can you tell which racquets that are not 18*20 that has a low trajectory/net clearance without even demoing racquets? Is it the tighter string spacing on the sweetspot that causes this? Are tennis strings playing a role in this? Thanks.
  10. Soul_Evisceration

    Question for all Mid users

    Between the Pro Staff 90 (2014 version), the K90, Pro Staff 85 and the Vantage 90 which one has the most power, forgiveness and solid feel? I would probably say the K90 based on the stats but I would like to hear different opinions. Thanks.
  11. Soul_Evisceration

    Prince Response 97 vs Prince Textreme Tour 95

    Hello guys, For most of my life, I played with the Blx Prostaff Tour 90 (2012) and the K Tour 90 (which I slightly like more) and I love the entire package. Unfortunately, when I play vs players at a higher caliber, I have a hard time returning serves and hit certain shots and would like to...
  12. Soul_Evisceration

    Wilson KFactor 6 1 Tour 90 vs Wilson ProStaff Tour 90 (2014)

    Hello all, I was thinking of buying the K90 since it was my favorite ProStaff racquet of all time IMO. However I'm reading reviews from the Prostaff Tour 90 and it seems like alot of people loves the new update. I just wanted to know other than the stiffness level, which one is the more...
  13. Soul_Evisceration

    RF97A vs QTour

    Hello all, First of all, I'm just about to buy the RF97A since it performs fantastically well on almost everything IMO. However there is a tennis racquet that caught my attention and it's the Prokennex QTour. It seems like it's a flexier, arm friendlier, more maneuvreable, more control...
  14. Soul_Evisceration

    RF97 vs Prince Response 97

    As I demoed the RF97, I thought this racquet IMO performed fantastically well. Everything from the volleys to the serves to backhands, forehands, dropshots, etc... it was a great experience. I figured maybe my arm would of felt something after 2+ hours but nope my legs and timing let me...
  15. Soul_Evisceration

    Head Youtek Prestige IG Midplus vs Tecnifibre TFight 315 Ltd 18 Mains

    I just came back from a demo session playing for 2 hours with the Youtek Prestige Midplus (non IG) with Big Banger hybrid (not sure about the tension but I would guess anything between 54-57lbs) with a Dunlop Shock absorber. and here are my thoughts: Pros: Great on the 1HBH, great for...