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  1. 1HBHfanatic

    whats your most memorable place/story where you've strung a racquet!!??

    for me it was in the back of my suv, at a college tennis event strung the racquet using my klippermate stringer! it was a bit of pressure situation for me, this was the backup racquet for the person playing its been years, but I recall it took me around 30 minutes or so, its a DW machine after...
  2. 1HBHfanatic

    racquet LABEL HOLDER

    your thoughts on this?!?!
  3. 1HBHfanatic

    good trade with @shlove

    Just traded string successfully with @Shlove , and wanted to post a referrence,, tnx..
  4. 1HBHfanatic

    wilson camo racquets, wtf or omg ?

    The summer of the camo racquets is here, what say you?
  5. 1HBHfanatic

    String Stretch - save string

    Just ran a experiment on string stretch, my findings, thus far.. I used a multi fillament 16g string, prosupex.maxim touch (so far; i plan to do this with a poly and synthtic.gut strings latter).. @57lbs -goal: to save string. (Note, if you dont care to save string, no need to read further!!)...
  6. 1HBHfanatic

    Do you inventory your strings?

    Just curious if you all inventory your strings? as a home stringer one could say its not a necessity but nice to know what you have on hand,,, or does it depress you to know exactly how much $ you have "tied up" :D Myself, ive been writing it down just on paper, and updating about every...
  7. 1HBHfanatic

    Prince T22 lite issue/resolution

    My left foot started to hurt near my left heel area, almost like a heel spur, or plantar fasciitis (if youve had this, you know how difficult it is to play with it), tried everything to cushion the impact, that I could think of, double socks, new insoles, double insoles, etc.. same,, I was...
  8. 1HBHfanatic

    Tennis Socials

    i am always looking for new ideas/themes for club tennis socials! What would be some good ideas/themes for Tennis Socials you have been part of, or would like to organize at your club?? for example, i organize every year, a RETRO TENNIS SOCIAL, it entails playing with wood racquet (only), white...
  9. 1HBHfanatic

    PENN ATP balls

    i recenttly re-ordered a case of penn atp xduty balls the penn-atp x-duty balls use to have all letters in plain BLACK letters, the penn-atp regular duty balls use to have all letters in plain RED letters, this new case has both, penn-atp in black letters and the numbers in red!? i...