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  1. ttbrowne

    Bianca Andreescu, first player born in the 2000's to win a slam! Congratulations to Canada.

    She almost made history by choking...glad it ended so well.
  2. ttbrowne

    2019 US Open Women's Final - (8.) SERENA Williams vs. (15.) BIANCA Andreescu

    The biggest choke job by a Canadian in the history of sport?
  3. ttbrowne

    Are you pleased Djokovic lost?

    How could you possibly know what goes on in the mind of a 16 Majors Champion?
  4. ttbrowne

    Are you pleased Djokovic lost?

    His shoulder and mine exactly the same. Don't know from one day until the next how it's gonna feel. Some days great..other days meh..others fugehdaboudit!! But not happy he's out.
  5. ttbrowne

    Coco Gauff will get crushed at USO

    And.....(silence)....That's what losing sounds like - Billy Beane
  6. ttbrowne

    Coco Gauff will get crushed at USO

    Lets all remember Coco didn't have to qualify for the USO.
  7. ttbrowne

    Do people really think Djokovic was faking the injury?

    You begin with "I'm not a Novak fan". Everything after that is pure ******** with no evidence. Try again.
  8. ttbrowne

    Uniqlo apparel review

    My last order was a lot easier than the first. Very satisfied w Uniqlo! New USO Fed clothes look great!
  9. ttbrowne

    Is ESPN's tennis crew selling a lie?

    He has no professional reputation.
  10. ttbrowne

    USO Maureen Connally Statue

    Here's hoping the USO already has a Little Mo statue. I hear Althea Gibson is getting one and Connally was head and shoulders above anything Gibson did. It wouldn't be right.
  11. ttbrowne

    String stencil

    Our pros racquets are all stenciled...they get free sticks and want to represent the brand. Looks great!
  12. ttbrowne

    Dubs: When your opponents are about to hit an overhead smash...

    What level would you play where you would NEVER be turning on an overhead?
  13. ttbrowne

    Strategies to hold serve in mixed doubles

    I always tried to power the female. This didn't work. I was always overcooking the ball and some women like to just stick a racquet up for a lucky volley. Now...I'm more into a placement game. With most 3.5 women I only need to hit behind them, hit at feet or make them go or a return off...
  14. ttbrowne

    Does doubles get respect in your area?

    Our area loves dubs so much we'd love to see USTA league go to a 1 singles 4 doubles format. We can hope.
  15. ttbrowne

    Jo Konta complains about questioning

    Oh good's not firing's people asking questions. Her first answer was lame. "Because there's another person on the other side" . Brilliant!! Konta froze up in that match..pure and simple. That's why it's so hard to answer questions.
  16. ttbrowne

    Coco Goff started playing tennis 7 years ago.

    Does anybody remember Oudin? Big story...short career. Stephens? Next Serena...well...guess not. Get off the Coco Coo-koo train. It's goin nowhere.
  17. ttbrowne

    WTA No. 1 Knocked Out By World No. 89 In Fourth Round? Whatever.

    A girl who has only been playing tennis 7 years whips Venus! WTA sucks and always will.
  18. ttbrowne

    Wimbledon "traditions" as marketing gimmicks

    Wimbledon: Where stodgy old men still want people to dress in all white But don't give a damn about how worn out their crappy grass courts become.
  19. ttbrowne

    Coco is great.

    Coco is not just have the WTA do-nothings like Hercoq playing so terrible and choking...that it makes her look great. Horrible Center Court match! Neither player deserved to be there.
  20. ttbrowne

    Coco Goff started playing tennis 7 years ago.

    But most of the WTA plays like 12 year olds so it all evens out. It says something about womens tennis that a 15 yr old can reach the Wimby 3rd round.
  21. ttbrowne

    Annoying chit-chat during changeovers...

    USTA I don't make myself available for talk especially in doubles. Club league I can yak w the best of them. But our guys are very personable.
  22. ttbrowne

    why not get rid of the seeding system altogether?

    No, we wouldn't get to hear Nadal and fanboys ***** about it!
  23. ttbrowne

    Uniqlo apparel review

    Great quality! But I believe Uniqlo is just doing the tennis just to drive people to the street apparel.
  24. ttbrowne

    Cori Gauff Wins!

    Gauff...Hasn't eclipsed Oudin yet.
  25. ttbrowne

    We have a winner in buthurt journalism

    How dare he cut down about a tennis star...only we are allowed that honor!!
  26. ttbrowne

    UTR shows NO matches

    Utr is a total waste of time.
  27. ttbrowne

    At this point, if Fed loses this match to Wawrinka, does it get added to his long list of horrific defeats?

    It will go down in history as Fed's worse loss of all time. Furthermore, this loss will crush his spirit causing him to enter a period of depression like no other. And to add to the misery, Fed will.......wait......................uh nevermind.
  28. ttbrowne

    Sofia Kenin destroys Serena (and saves the world of tennis from Serena's outfit)

    Hey, I'm proud to be a Serena hater. And I hate most of what she wears.
  29. ttbrowne

    Serena's FO Outfit ;) (The haters will love it)

    Best we an hope for is an early exit so we don't have to see Queen Mess.