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    How exactly is Medvedev gonna hurt Nadal?

    Want to see who wins? Behold the viewing globe! Zordon had the answers to everything. Too bad Medvedev will not be able to consult Zordon before rafito dominates the atp slam count.
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    Prince Warrior EXO3 100 - pros and cons?

    Ports do help with comfort. I use an 03 beast 98 RA 69 with no dampener and it's fine.
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    The new blade V7 May just be the best blade so far

    I always found the blades quite intimidating. Generally higher swingweight and not as headlight sitting around the 4pt hl area. But I'm sure developed and more stronger players would love it. These can really crush the ball for heavy balls.
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    Prince Beast 98

    After playing more with the o3 98 it seems like things have settled in. Might have been strings at the start and now I feel the more port like feel and free power. So maybe this thing plays best in a poly or high tension SG or multi. I did notice I was netting more often and seems to me the...
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    Prince Beast 98

    2 days only dude. You missed out.
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    Prince Beast 104 Racket 280g

    I honestly think none of those 2 should bother you. Both should have generous sweetspot. I think it'll come down to control and stability.
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    Prince Beast 98

    Well I got to play with the o3 beast 98 for a set of dubs so it's not a extensive test but these were my initial impressions. A few things stood out in this first hit with it strung at 53lb in prince SG duraflex 17: - This thing is solid and very stable and doesn't get pushed around. Can...
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    New Prince Beast

    I think you're right.
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    Prince Beast 98

    I was about to get both versions but since I already have a TW100 I figured they'd be fairly similar.
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    Prince Beast 98

    The prime 25% off code was too good to pass. Pulled trigger on o3 98. The code is applicable to both versions. What a deal! Comes down to $75USD each! Been a while since I used ports. Will report back when I get to play it. Previously used o3 white, exo3 graphite and exo3 tour.
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    New Beast 2020 in Japan

    I actually dig the more mono colour scheme. It's a nice red.
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Oh, yea then just string pattern. The usual open vs dense would probably apply - lower launch angle and better directional control on the dense pattern.
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Beam thickness and design String spacing. Pattern is still 16x18. Stiffness Twaron
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Wonder if the 290 version plays close. Many reviews on 310 but lacking on the 290.
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    BLX 90 replacement

    Mid and thin beam, the prince 93p is the first one to mind. Despite only 3sqin difference the head shape and the more pronounced throat makes the 93p feel larger. I used to play the Diablo mid and I am pretty sure they've got the same shape. The Prince TT95 has a similar shape to the 90 you're...
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    Grip sizes - too small?

    For some reason they brought in size 5 for the tour 100p. Very close to ordering one but my resistance remains strong. I find smaller grips give me better RHS but also makes me more erratic. Larger grips slow my swings down a bit but i get better consistency and i get better racquet face awareness.
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    Then one fine day you'll announce your return to the phantom xD
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    Prince Graphite 107 vs Prince Phantom Series

    The pog107 is a different animal altogether. Kind of like comparing captain America shield to thors hammer.
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    Prince Phantom

    I have sworn to end my racquetholism last year with the phantom 100p. Now my wife has offered to buy me a new racquet for my birthday so technically I am not buying it. The phantom 100 was on the list given the main difference is the beam construction and RA. If I was to choose this it would be...
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    Lead tape gets messed up while stringing

    What is your experience with this method? Is the gap of the 2 center mains generally enough to get away with it?
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    Tactics for the RG 2019 final

    Yeah well I'd say dom is pretty desperate to win the title. To be honest I think the drop serve is the one that will rattle Nadal most given his deep positioning. If he uses it more often rather than a once off I think it just becomes a tactical norm. And Nadal will accept its going to happen...
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    Tactics for the RG 2019 final

    Because Chang showed how its done. Einsteins definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Thiem has to rattle Nadal the same way Chang rattled Lendl. If Nadal is allowed to ball bash into 1 handers all day then thiem should be allowed to expose...
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    Tactics for the RG 2019 final

    For sure. Moon ball it back to Nadal and try force him back and get the ball high on him too. Better than short ball to pounce on. He's gota take that Chang like mentality against lendl. Even try drop shot serve returns and underarm serves with backspin since Nadal stands so far back. Or lunge...
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    Tactics for the RG 2019 final

    Thiem will have to play a tight rope match. He will have to pick his moments carefully when to stand his ground on the backhand and not fall back. And pick the moments to run around for forehand and not watch it fly back into the open court. Throw in some short slices and drop shots. Last year...
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    Ashleigh Barty the first Australian woman in 46 years to win French Open

    Yea her backhand hasnt really been the one winning her matches. Her slice is so much more effective in setting up forehand. People go after that side but it's often neutralised by the slice.
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    Lead tape gets messed up while stringing

    I'll have a look when it's time for a restring. I was only speculating by looking from the outside and putting the tape over the bumper guard to gauge. It appears to be a rigid fit with TW tungsten tape.
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    Lead tape gets messed up while stringing

    I have considered this but I think the tape might not sit nice and flat enough to be concealed due to the thin beam of the phantom.
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    Lead tape gets messed up while stringing

    Thought I'd revive this thread. I've had weight at 12 before and after a restring my tape is still sticking but the mount clamps have messed it up a bit. I use TW tungsten tape. Regarding the gap method mentioned above, is it sufficient to leave a gap between just the 2 center mains? Or do...
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    Prince O3 Tour 100 (290g)

    I just thought you need a lock function and you don't need the tool.
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    Convince The Casual Fan To Watch The Barty-Vondrousova RG Final

    If Ash wins then maybe Australia could be put back into the elite league of a sport besides cricket. We've had too many high hopes with disappointment. Maybe Ash will set the record straight and get kids playing again.