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    Don Budge Advised Mac To Approach Up The Middle.

    It works in some cases and not in others. Carlos Rodriguez had his player Justine Henin use it against Sharapova, and it turned out disastrous for Justine on two occasions. Sharapova was still able to find angles and overpower Justine. The Belgian's victories came when she moved the tall and...
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    Prince O3 Tour MP (2005/2006 version) - what else comes close now?

    EXO3 Tour was far better than O3 Tour in comfort.
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    How can everything always goes Nadal's way?

    It's a comparison between the three. Of course, all three are super talented and all three are fierce fighters. Nonetheless, there are degrees of separation among them.
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    Djokovic is the only one, who can save men's tennis

    Djokovic is graciously allowing Nadal to break Federer's slam record. He knows he can break both of their records soon.
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    How can everything always goes Nadal's way?

    Federer is more talented than Nadal and Djokovic. But Nadal and Djokovic fight harder than Federer.
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    This victory is sweetest of them of all.

    Medvedev is the real deal and a legitimate threat to the Big 3 on hard courts and more. Thiem on clay.
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    i dont believe Rafa is capaple of winning slams after 35

    For the Big 3, the biggest obstacle is each other. They are all still getting to the QF and SF consistently. Roger, for example, still has a good chance at winning more slams if someone eliminates Novak. The same goes for Rafa. For Novak, even at RG, if someone like Thiem were to upset Rafa...
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    Fellow Novak fans, would you be happy with Nadal having the all time slam record?

    I'd like to see all 3 tied at 20 a piece in about 2 years
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    Roger Federer set to surrender lead to Rafael Nadal in GOAT race after US Open slip

    Rafa will overtake Federer first, but eventually Djokovic will overtake them both.
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    The court was playing like a clay, Fed was injured, he played night session and the night was too dark!

    He lost motivation when his nemesis Djokovic was eliminated in the previous round.
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    2019 US Open QF: (3) Federer vs Dimitrov

    Fed shanking a ton. Yet the score dead even. Doesn't look good for Dimitrov
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    Djokovic is a hero

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    Djokovic is a hero

    I would rather that he surrender the #1 ranking and be completely healthy so that he might give himself a good chance at nabbing 2-3 slams a year for the foreseeable future.
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    Djokovic is a hero

    Novak should call it a season and let the shoulder heal.
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    2019 US Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion

    Koepfer getting it done for Djokovic ... hopefully.
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    Djokovic News

    Novak should just wrap up the season right after the US Open and let his shoulder heal.
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    OK, after watching Rafa's 1st round match I have to confess

    Is purple the new pink for Nike?
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    There is no GOAT. -Djokovic

    Have a feeling when Novak reached 21 slams, Fed fans would change their minds and agree with Novak's current opinion.
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    Matrix 4 with both Keanu Reeves and Moss will start filming in 2020.

    I agree, but if you compare M1 and M2, you would see that she had visibly and drastically aged. Perhaps she went through a real stressful period of time and then subsequently recovered.
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    Season 3? I haven't even seen Season 2. I was waiting for Season 2, however many years ago, and then totally forgot about the whole thing.
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    Matrix 4 with both Keanu Reeves and Moss will start filming in 2020.

    I always thought Moss had aged too drastically between M1and M2.
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    Talk Tennis: Tecnifibre HDMX 16 playtest!

    A very nice string. Used it in a tournament Saturday.
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    drink apple cider vinegar and virgin olive oil every morning

    Yup, repeated trial, same result. Your experience may be different.
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    drink apple cider vinegar and virgin olive oil every morning

    No apple cider vinegar for me. Just a week into it, I developed acid reflux.