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  1. naturallight

    Poly Tour Spin G vs Hyper G

    I've played with Hyper G and Poly Tour Spin (the blue one not G). Overall they were very similar. Hyper G had marginally more control, more spin, but was pretty tough on the arm. Both were excellent on tension maintenance. Ultimately I preferred Poly Tour Spin. More comfortable, still great...
  2. naturallight

    Making an Ezone 98 even more arm friendly

    A little bit of lead at 12 will reduce vibration
  3. naturallight

    Hidden Gem: Head Liquidmetal Instinct MP

    I have LM and MG Instincts. On paper, the specs are about as close to perfect as I can imagine. I really like the 18x19 string pattern on the slightly bigger headsize--great blend of control and spin. But for some reason, both of these racquets just burned my arm. I was using soft poly, at one...
  4. naturallight

    new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300) -- arm-friendly 100 sq in option?

    Good stuff, @Snaab. Did you play with the previous version -- any differences? How is it on volleys? Can you compare it to any other racquets? What racquet would you say it's most similar to?
  5. naturallight

    new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300) -- arm-friendly 100 sq in option?

    Has anyone hit with the new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300)? Specs look very similar to the previous model, but the vibration rating has come down to 144 (from 150), which is pretty low for a 100 sq in racquet. Seems like a potential arm-friendly 100 sq in option, which are few and far between. TW...
  6. naturallight

    poly demo for the new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300)?

    Hello, are you going to offer a poly demo for the new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300)? I would really like to try it out! thanks!
  7. naturallight

    Advice on an Older Head Youtek Instinct MP vs LM Instinct

    Wow, I thought I was the only one! I tried out a LM Instinct, totally fried my shoulder. Was really confused because the stiffness is supposed to be like 63-64, which is less than my current racquet (had exact same strings in both). It does have a higher SW than I'm used to. So I got a used MG...
  8. naturallight

    Round poly with long playability duration

    Yonex Poly Tour Strike scores really well on the TWU tension maintenance scores. Nice and soft too.
  9. naturallight

    Does Tecnifibre Multifeel feel like a multi or a solid-core syn gut?

    Feels more like a nice syngut than a true multi to me. NRG2 was way softer than MF.
  10. naturallight

    Just got my new Blades!!

    Wouldn't this be like 58ra strung?
  11. naturallight

    The gut/poly thread

    I'm currently a full poly user but am thinking about giving NG/poly a whirl in an old racquet (Head MG Instinct, 18x19) that I liked a lot but caused some arm issues. I had a few questions: Will a single NG pack be enough to cover 18 mains in two racquets? Does the NG stretch quite a bit when...
  12. naturallight


    They've gotta make these Clash racquets with more control. Maybe a 18x19 version for the 100? The current stringbed is beyond erratic. My buddy switched to one and he's definitely taken a step back--a lot more wild groundies, can't place the serve like he used to. Love the concept, just make it...
  13. naturallight

    Babolat Pure Aero 2019

    How’s the comfort level on this puppy? I had to give up the 2007 version because it hurt my arm. But i loved that racquet.
  14. naturallight


    Great info! thanks! Are the weights for strung or unstrung?
  15. naturallight

    Yonex Poly Tour Strike power

    On the power scale I would say PTP>>PTStrike>>>>>>>>>PTSpin Spin is definitely firmer (but still pretty darn comfortable), lower powered, great tension maintenance. Strike is a softer poly with a higher power level and excellent tension maintenance (for a poly). I string Strike at 55/53.
  16. naturallight

    Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro vs Wilson Ultra Tour???

    Similar specs but the WUT is def more of an old school frame. Speed had bigger sweet spot, more spin, more solid. I didn't pull the trigger on either, but thought Speed was much better.
  17. naturallight

    How to watch tennis tournaments (like the Masters) on Amazon Prime?

    No, I have not found any more tennis on Amazon Prime. I actually signed up for the ATP Tennis TV App. Seems pretty good. The HD is very clear. But at $15/month, it will add up. ESPN3 used to have a bunch of tennis, but almost no pro tourneys anymore. Just college. Big bummer.
  18. naturallight

    How to watch tennis tournaments (like the Masters) on Amazon Prime?

    Is the tennis on Amazon Prime only a UK thing? I'm in the States. When I search Amazon prime for tennis or ATP, it only shows the Laver Cup, the Next Gen tourney, and then tennis shows like a biopic on Tiafoe. No tournaments? I thought Amazon Prime has more tennis like the Masters tourneys, no?
  19. naturallight

    New Head Racquet

    what head size?
  20. naturallight

    NB Freshfoam Lav ? Anyone have them? Thoughts?

    when do the v4's roll out?
  21. naturallight

    Sunglasses ... Yes, No & Which?

    I wear Smith Rx Forge sunglasses with polarized brown lens. The ball really pops. No prob serving into the sun. Much more comfortable than contacts.
  22. naturallight

    Favorite 100sq in Yonex frame?

    @teekaywhy and @bobombom, tell me more about the VCP100! It's on my demo list (but bummer TW doesn't have it in a poly). In particular, * stiffness of 66 -- how comfortable is it? * relatively thin beam -- how much stability? * vs peers -- is it similar to Speed 360? I tested the VCP97...
  23. naturallight

    NEW 2019 Radical (May 16th) Release Date and (Some) Changes

    Has Head changed the face shape on the Radicals from the old days? The one I saw in the store recently (orange and purple spiderman paint) seemed extremely narrow....maybe I'm just used to the wider faces on Yonexes and Babolats.
  24. naturallight

    Too much plastic!

    Agree, not a fan of the plastic at all. I have switched over to New Balance.
  25. naturallight

    effects of adding weight to the top of the racquet

    Adding weight at 12 o'clock will reduce racquet head vibration and increase overall comfort. I tried it for a while and it seemed to work.
  26. naturallight

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    lol same-sies! @RobS what kind of strings do you have in there? I have Poly Tour Strike in gray, think the black looks a little better
  27. naturallight

    Official Wilson Clash thread

    As someone who really likes racquets like Bab APD's but can't play with them due to their stiffness, I was super excited to see Wilson come out with the Clash. The racquet does a lot of things right, but ultimately it's just not for me. Good parts: Easy access to spin and power in a super...
  28. naturallight

    Poly Tour Pro Vs Hyper G

    I found Hyper G to have better control, spin, and tension maintenance than PTP. PTP offered more power and much more comfort.
  29. naturallight

    Hard hitters: What would play similar to Poly Tour Pro but lasts longer?

    I've said it before, but Yonex Poly Tour Strike is basically the same at PTP but with better longevity. PTP is great for one maybe two sessions, then worthless. Strike will give a good 10 hours +/-2 depending on your tastes. Check out the tension loss scores at TWU...