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    Thoughts on Roberto Bautista Agut as a player?

    I like him since I discovered he supports LGBTQ and loves horses. He is very understated which is much better than Nadal's phallic pumping every time he wins a point.
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    Nadal 10 Federer 3

    This match had huge symbolic significance. Because Nadal lost he remains clay goat. Had he won the arguments would have started about how he's THE goat and he would still have had a chance to win another major. In terms of the legacy this match is actually more important for Roger than the...
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    Double standards? Fognini fined just $3,000 for saying Wimbledon should be bombed while Kyrgios gets $8,000 in fines

    Fognini didn't say Wimbledon should be bombed. He just said Court 12 should be bombed.
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    Nadal vs Kyrgios; tennis needs more of this

    Hw goes too far sometimes (often) but when he is like he was against Thompson yesterday I really enjoy watching him. It's just as likely that tomorrow he'll lose in 3 routine sets as that he'll light the place up and beat Nadal as he did all those years ago. I do think he cares about...
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    Djokovic will win Wimbledon #5 in 2 weeks

    Of course Nole is the 'bookies favourite'. Many fans believed he would win RG (though I think the bookies stuck with Nadal, didn't they???) He was not playing particularly well in Paris, so if he is the favourite at Wimbledon it is because of 1) past history (i.e. 2018), 2) it would be very...
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    The toughest draw of all time: Nadal at Wimbledon 2019

    This would be a tough draw if the 'tough' opponents weren't in the doldrums. Cilic? He's done nothing this year. Thiem has never been good on grass, but I think he may do better this year, but it won't be enough, Kyrgios will withdraw/tank/get disqualified, Shapovalov has been pathetic...
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    Djokovic is "surprised" at Wimbledon seeding

    Nole is being subtly bitchy.
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    Nadal is ahead of Federer in Slams adjusted by difficulty

    This is all childish and silly. Numbers don't tell the whole story. There is never a level playing field. Federer Nadal and Djokovic each play differently. Comparisons are in the end pointless and actually meaningless. There is no one greatest player in the whole history of the game...
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    Wilander believes that RG is the most difficult major to win

    Wilander believes RG is the most difficult slam because he won it - 3 times, I believe?
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    Federer skipped stuttgart

    That is correct. Wimbledon adjusts grass court seedings and Federer is an 8 ties champion. He has previously been seeded above his official ranking. Think he was even seeded 1 when he wasn't 1 in the rankings.
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    Should Novak tank the Zverev QF and focus on Wimbledon?

    Iy is also scheduled to rain on Monday. And will be very windy on Saturday
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    Tsit stops server to change racquet

    I haven't really seen much of all this and I thought his racquet was broken. None of it matches Nadal's brilliant use of sudden injuries over the years to disrupt a winning opponent, e.g. against Petschner at Wimby in 2010. The German was winning the match 2 sets to 1 when Nadal discovered he...
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    Is Roger The Favourite For Wimbledon 2019?

    Novak and Nadal are still the beneficiaries of the state of the field. In 2018 the 'lost generation' (so called) was already lost - wasn't Berdych's last good match against Fed at AO 2018? Kei can still go part of the way but that's all. Cilic really went into decline at his inexplicable...
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    Brain Game: Nadal’s Serve + 1 Proved Winning Math Against Djokovic

    This is by far the clearest thinking I've read about RG so far. Nadal fans are full of wish fulfilment and self delusion. At least Federer's fans are being realistic and know his chances of winning are almost nil. On the basis of having watched a lot of the Rome matches (on t.v.) I feel...
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    Are you hyped for Roland Garros?

    TOTES agree with the above. People have tried to explain to me what they like about Djokovic's game and it comes down to skill. No one denies that his skill level is off the planet and that he is not a merely defensive player. However the point of WATCHING sport is that it is EXCITING and...
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    With just one masters left, who's the current favorite for the French?

    Why do Nole fans refer to Federer as 'flashy' to describe his wonderful style?
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    Novak Djokovic : Tryst with Immortality

    Nole not None, but the website does not like Note and consistently tries to change it to Pole or None
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    Novak Djokovic : Tryst with Immortality

    This is totally sick making. What human being with any taste or comprehension of what it takes to be a real artist would ever drool over Nole. Robots should not be playing tennis and None being a human metronome does not qualify for any of these ridiculous handles such as j'earth's...
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    Djokovic closing in on Federer's big titles record

    But his 2014 'win' was a walk over as Roger retired after his epic match against Stan in order to save himself for the Davis Cup final. So that 'record' is a fake record.
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    With just one masters left, who's the current favorite for the French?

    I never said Djok. doesn't attack. My beef is his game absolutely lacks any aesthetic dimension or thrill. I know there are 2 schools of thought: 1) winning is everything, tennis players should be warriors, beating your chest like a gorilla etc etc; 2) how you win matters in aesthetic and...
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    With just one masters left, who's the current favorite for the French?

    Unfortunately Novak Djokovic looks the most likely RG winner at present. Nadal seems in serious trouble - optimists on this site have their heads in the sand. Sadly, I doubt if Roger can cut it. He can be overpowered by Thiem and suffocated by Djokovic. Nevertheless, he does have a chance...
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    Madrid 2019: the best Masters 1000 of recent memory?

    Toronto - the wrong man won. Madrid will not end up as a good tournament if the final is Nole/Nadal the two most unattractive players on the planet. (in terms of their tennis).
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    A week from now: Narrative change, Nadal back on top

    One thing is fairly certain: Fabio will not win the French Open. He has underperformed throughout his career and never fully realised his enormous talent and although he has behaved with more maturity since his marriage, with support from Flavia Penetta (Panetta?) I would be astonished if he...
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    Probably Federer would not beat. Nadal on clay, but he hasn't lost a match to Nadal for 4 years.