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    Uniqlo ND: A Complete Obituary

    RG13: Trackpants: From left to rigth: RG15, USO14, USO13 Wristbands: USO15, Wimbledon 2016, Rio 2016, AO17 Novak off-court collection: The grey one is from RG15 (Mickey's even wearing the all black Novak kit he never got to play in). There was also a blue shirt from that event with Mickey...
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    Uniqlo ND: A Complete Obituary

    Thanks. Got some more items since then and I also didn't upload others so here's the rest: RG12: USO12: Two versions of the navy shirt were released. Managed to get both. The square was actually present on Novak's match shirt in that time (until AO13). RG and Wimbledon 2013 (same retail...
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    Uniqlo US Open

    Did they change pockets for Nishi line as well? I loved the old terry ones. They were really practical with absorbing the sweat from your hands, especially when you're wearing 100% poly uniqlo dry ex stuff. Got 20+ pairs and they look like brand new after years of usage. Kinda funny how uniqlo...
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    US Open SF : (5) Daniil Medvedev vs Grigor Dimitrov

    What a great match so far. Dani starts looking slower now. Hope he can keep his level up.
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    Novak should be ashamed

    Anybody sees a difference here? Players are free to retire and going after them for not willing to damage their bodies even though they're getting nothing out of it is kinda silly. Especially in the earlier stages of the tournament. Tennis_Hands, do you want to ask him about USO12?
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    Do your research before posting on this forum, please

    If you have this much trouble connecting dots I don't think arguing on the internet is the best thing to do.
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    Do your research before posting on this forum, please

    Then you're probably blind.
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    Do your research before posting on this forum, please

    There's literally a thread called "Would Djokovic resigned if he was winning?". No one here is attacking Stan. Just pointing out that people here obviously didn't know about that match and didn't bother to. And you do realise that warrior, grind, hard work and stuff like that are fairly common...
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    Do your research before posting on this forum, please

    Seeing how people act like it's the first incident of that nature or that they are all commited by the same player while there was a one that had the same two players, at the same tournament, with a similar scoreline, only reversed situation makes it quite obvious.
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    Do your research before posting on this forum, please

    And everybody's clearly aware of those judging by the comments on this forum. Sure.
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    Do your research before posting on this forum, please

    Wawrinka retired against Djokovic in USO12 after being 2 sets and a break down. Nadal retired Against Cilic in the AO after losing the fourth set and going down the break in the 5th.
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    Do your research before posting on this forum, please

    USO12 4th round and AO18 QF are great places to start. Thanks.
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    How many slams would Djokovic win if he had to consistently face peak Wawrinka?

    You might do the research before talking next time. Yep, Djokovic was definitely fine in 2016. No signs of injury throught the tournament or this part of the season. None. And what part does USO13 SF play in your proof? Or the USO12 4th round that no one is talking about?
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    With this retirement, Noevack Joekoevitch now has achieved the Retirement Slam.

    Ah yes, priestes. Without a doubt the best dietitians on the planet.
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    2019 US Open Round 4: Federer [3] vs Goffin [15]

    Only in the last two. Nishi was at 4 (one point away from 5th one)
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    Djokovic Must Be Fined, No Way Around It.

    One more to go and we've got ourselves a better trilogy than ND vs Wawrinka at the AO.
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    Taylor Townsend - Wow!!!

    Reading is kinda hard for some.
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    Top 3 in 2023

    1. Dimitrov 2. Paire 3. Murray
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    It's all in the name...

    Djokovic kinda (gioco which sounds like Djoko means "game" in italian)
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    This is one of the weirdest releases from Djokovic Uniqlo line, but not because of the design. It's the first replica of the Wimbledon 2014 polo, which looked like that: but they didn't put those details on the sides and on the collar (so it was "just" a different colour of RG'14 polo). Funny...
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    Greatest Athlete of All Time? The Case for Roger Federer

    Now where's the haha react when you need it?
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    Uniqlo US Open

    I know you've probably done that already, but you should contact the customer service. Similar thing happened to me during the FO and a few of my orders got cancelled. They mentioned something about the lack of items, even though they were available before and after my purchase. They're really...
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    Uniqlo US Open

    Yep, all of fed's stuff is actually a nike pj. So is Nishikori's. Or Novak's Lacoste. As we all know nike makes apparel of unparalleled quality sent to us directly from heaven. If there's any difference between what pro wears and the retail version then that means that the outfit was made by...
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    Uniqlo US Open

    Are you sure though? They sometimes have PE stuff exhibited on mannequins (usually wristbands), but there's no pics of that outfit being sold anywhere. No mentioning of it in Japan or China either. What was he supposed to go after? You think that wearing nike is a virtue? All of those deals are...
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    Damaging loss for Djokovic

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    Damaging loss for Djokovic

    Of course you do.
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    Novak's elbow issue

    “The arm is fine; there was no pain, no physical discomfort. I wouldn’t even talk about it, so it doesn’t turn out I am looking for excuses for the defeat."
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    Djoko screaming at the ball kid...

    *2015 And what did he do after that? He acknowledged the situation and apologised publicly. Not like a certain player whose image is based on ignorance.