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  1. hipolymer

    Medvedev was pissed, and hit his racket, after his AO loss against Noehvahcqk; but against Rafuh he hugged him at the end of that brutal 5 setter as

    if they were long-lost buds reminiscing about forgotten times Is Djokovic really that much of a scumbag in the tour that the young guns have no such respect for him, that they despise losing to him, that they should have beat him, while bowing to their gods Fedal, as if they were privileged...
  2. hipolymer

    In effect, Djokovic's loss to Medvedev lost him the YE#1, and Medvedev the USO

    had Medvedev not played Cincinnati, he likely would not have tired himself out for the USO
  3. hipolymer

    Is Medvedev the first true all-court player?

    Can hit a winner from anywhere on court, from 3 meters behind the baseline, from the baseline, from the net, can serve, can hit loopy forehands, flat forehands, angled backhands, down the line backhands, can run down most balls, can drop-shot, can serve-and-volley
  4. hipolymer

    These are the questions that try men's souls:

    Are you a Maria-man, or a Xisca-guy ?
  5. hipolymer

    Why is Rufuh incapable of playing this offensively at the AO?

    It doesn't make any sense; he runs like a rabbit on the hard courts of September USO, but looks sluggish on the AO courts of January, after two months of rest. Does he just spend the entire two months fishing or something? Only explanation I can think of
  6. hipolymer

    Do you think Federer is watching this USO final?

    maybe even subconsciously hoping something bad happens to NYC ?
  7. hipolymer

    Facing Daniil Medvedev would be a nightmare for me, says Wilander

  8. hipolymer

    What is the point of the way tennis is structured as a whole today, if Rafa can win two slams not facing his two main rivals (who beat him in two

    slams this year, mind you)? In the 50s and 60s the top players of the world played each other a dozen times a year, even up to dozens of times in the world tour structuring of the season. But the ATP today has the gall to call themselves a "world tour", what with the same constant...
  9. hipolymer

    Rafa is a good tennis player, but does he have

    Jewish tennis IQ ?
  10. hipolymer

    Why does Rafa serve like Sampras at the USO, but at the AO and WI serves like a powderpuff?

    How can he consistently bring his best serve game so late on in the season? Is it the court conditions, the crowd, the fact that so many players are physically and mentally out of it by September?
  11. hipolymer

    modern tennis: young guns get injured in final slam; old guns get injured in final slam. Time to remove the first serve?

    That would solve both the servebot problem AND the endurance-tennis problem
  12. hipolymer

    It's clear why USO is Fed's least consistent fast-court slam since 2010

    Humidity. Best of 5 and the most humid conditions of the year = bad for old men
  13. hipolymer

    At this point Dimitrov should avoid breaking this game

    just to see how dumb Federer is to keep wasting energy on it
  14. hipolymer

    The difference between Federererer and Djokokokokvic

    okoko saves double match points on opponent's serve ererer loses sets while 30-0 up against Dimitrov
  15. hipolymer

    Wait, Medvedev's coach is French?

    What about the "you're all weirdos" shtick then?
  16. hipolymer

    With this retirement, Noevack Joekoevitch now has achieved the Retirement Slam.

    What is next for the goat ? 2009 AO QF: ret. 7-6, 4-6, 2-6, 1-2 against Roddick 2006 RG QF: ret. 4-6, 4-6, 0-0 against Nadal 2007 WI SF: ret. 6-3, 1-6, 1-4 against Nadal 2019 US R4: ret. 4-6, 5-7, 1-2 against Wawrinka
  17. hipolymer

    real talk dough,

    , who this be in monfils box
  18. hipolymer

    wait, how come I've never seen this Kyrgios moment. Why isn't it mentioned in every Kyrgios controversial situation?

    lmao, dude literally adds his name to the short list of tennis men who have cried from losing a tennis match. And it's the dude who claims to not give a **** about the sport. How is this dude even taken seriously by anyone above the age of zoom?
  19. hipolymer

    wtf is going on

    seriously, this is some weird ****, even for me
  20. hipolymer

    Verdasco is in impressive form. AO2009/AO2016 reDawn?

    how embarrassing would it be if Rafal were to lose another slam match to a lefty Spaniard...two years older than him
  21. hipolymer

    ESPN be like "there really is nothing like the arrival of a new tennis prodigy

    "quick camera-guy pan away from the empty stands dough "
  22. hipolymer

    Kobe Bryant is a novak-bro

    it all makes sense nao