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    USO break percentages - last 4 years

    Very regular oscillation in the USO break percentages in the last 4 years. A nearly perfect sine wave. 2010 USO Total games 4427 Return games won 896 Break percentage 20.2% 2011 USO Total games 4209 Return games won 983 Break percentage 23.3% 2012 USO Total games 4643 Return...
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    Event Stats for the majors

    Does anyone know if the event stats for the majors are kept somewhere else and how far back they go? The RG and Wimbledon websites seem to keep only the last event. The USO and AO keep the last 2 events. This is all I can find: RG 2012...
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    Running up the score

    On a chess forum I sometimes visit I saw a discussion about the idea of not “running up the score” as an unwritten code in some sports. One poster writes: "There have been high profile incidents in sports over this kind of thing. People stealing bases when they're 10 runs ahead have led to...
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    Who before Tommy Haas?

    At the age of 34, Tommy Haas is supposed to be the oldest player to beat a number one since 1973, but they haven't said who did it then to whom. Does anyone know which player(s) were ranked number through the year 1973? The guy who beat this number one would have to be someone born before 1940.
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    Skill difference required to overcome a wood racquet handicap

    I would like to hear people’s opinions on the level of skill difference required to overcome the difference in equipment between two players. For example, let’s imagine a perfectly average 3.5 player with a modern racquet against someone playing with a classic would racquet. What level would the...
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    A Masters 1000 on grass is feasible in Germany

    And it would be very welcome by the majority of tennis fans. Schedule: all that would be required is for Wimbledon to start two weeks later than its current starting date. The new tournament would then start one week after the end of RG and it would end one week before the beginning of...
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    Unorthodox groundstrokes

    How about unorthodox or strange looking strokes, especially among great players? Is there a thread on that? Among the not so greats, maybe the most bizarre stroke I’ve ever seen is Alberto Berasategui’s forehand. His grip was so extreme that he hit forehand and backhand with the same side of...
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    Some high points in career winning percentages, open era

    These calculations were done to find out at which point in these players careers they reached their respective highest cumulative career percentages. They are done at year end because otherwise it would take way too long. Connors was still above 85% at the end of 1984, but his highest point...
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    The Tyranny of Artistic Modernism

    The Tyranny of Artistic Modernism by Mark Anthony Signorelli and Nikos A. Salingaros (August 2012) New English Review Very interesting article. Artistic modernism has been going on for more than a century and somehow...
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    Moya says the problem in Madrid was the salt

    Carlos Moya explains what happened with the Madrid courts. The problem, he says, was salt. I don't have time to translate the whole thing, just give you the gist of what he says. Moya says during the first...
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    Djokovic blasts ‘double-dealing’ Novak Djokovic on Friday declared war on the Madrid Masters‘ controversial blue clay, with the world number one charging that double-dealing by a former ATP chief was the cause of this week’s player revolt. Defending...
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    Get rid of the Madrid Masters!

    I never thought this tournament made much sense in the clay season as a lead up to RG, because the altitude made it too different. Now with the introduction of dyed clay and its very different characteristics, it's even worse. And the slippery conditions are a serious problem. Besides that...
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    Evolution of ranking systems

    The topic of official tennis rankings, their history, their modifications, the rationale for their criteria, their reliability for various evaluation tasks -- I think all this deserves its own dedicated thread. It's a very important topic. For what purposes are rankings a useful tool. For what...
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    Santana on modern tennis

    Excerpts from a Santana interview that came out today. ¿Do you think tennis had a positive evolution? It’s wonderful today, the way they play, the speed the put on the ball, and the physical...
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    Playing with a ball in your hand

    I was wondering when the habit of holding the second ball in your free hand can be said to have disappeared from professional tennis. More specifically, who was the last player to do this? Or is anyone still doing it? The last one I remember distinctly was Steffi Graf. It's a bit surprising...
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    Match reversals in major finals from one year to the next

    I thought it might be fun to compare consecutive finals in the same major between the same players, where the result changed from one year to the next, and try to see where the main change came from. Off the top of my head the ones that come to mind first are: 1980-81 Wimbledon (Borg-McEnroe)...
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    New Study of Open Era Players

    I’ve just ran into this paper that tries to establish the best 30 players in the open era. Written by someone in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Northwestern University, and published in February 2011 in the journal PLoS ONE (Volume 6, Issue 2, e17249). It’s peppered with...
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    Arantxa's $60 million fortune is gone
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    Some stats from Nadal's last 7 major finals

    I’ve taken a look at the statistics in Nadal’s last 7 slam finals trying to extract from them a measure of how aggressive or passive the matches were, and how the result was obtained. I’ve always felt that the unforced errors and winners statistic are rather meaningless by themselves unless...
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    Umpire Milan Sterba on Noah

    From Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes, Nov 24 2011 Original article in French is copied copied below. Retired tennis umpire Milan Sterba begins by saying he felt very angry that Noah just throws around accusations without any proof whatsoever...
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    How far is the past?

    Most of us have childhood memories of an old person who was at least 75 years older than us, often even within our own family. If you assume this person also knew someobdy that old in his or her childhood, you can play a game of "I knew someone who knew someone who knew someone...." and get back...
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    Andrea Jaeger

    Some clips of Andrea Jaeger, now a Dominican nun. Such a sweet kid she was. Hard to believe her own father locked her out of the appartment they were staying in at Wimbledon (right on the night before her first and only Wimbledon final against Navratilova) over some argument about potato chips...
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    Looks like the USO courts did play slower this year

    With all the talk about the USO surfaces being a lot slower this year, I wanted to check if this impression was reflected in the break percentages. Turns out it was. And very clearly. The break percentage at the USO in 2010 was 20.2%. It jumped to 23.3% this year. That is a large increase...
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    Percentage of left handed players

    The number of left handed players on tour seems to be decreasing steadily over the years. The best way to research this would be to calculate the percentage of left-handers in the top 50 or top 100 by year's end every year. It would be a long tedious task. A practical approximation would be...
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    What do you like most in a tennis match?

    I post these thoughts here, rather than in the general section, in the hope it does not become a fanboy battle. I appreciate flashy points, spectacular volleys, monster winners, and even a good serve motion for an occasional ace. One-sided beat downs may be interesting from the point of view...
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    Super Saturday and the quality of finals

    Djokovic said in a post match interview that Nadal played the best tennis he has ever seen him play on hard courts. I tend to agree with this, and I would apply it to Djokovic as well, who was able to stay with Nadal shot for shot (or rather Nadal was able to stay with him) during those...
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    Borg's epiphany and Nadal's new serve

    So that’s what it is. Like so many others, I was dumbfounded by the new and consistent heat on Nadal’s serve, and kept wondering where that was coming from and how he could have managed to produce such a change in just a couple of weeks. I was expecting Drakulie to show up offering some Illegal...
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    Court speed ratings by Tennis Insight

    Court speeds ratings by At this site they give a rating for each tournament, which they claim to infer from match results. Quote: ---------- “Generally, matches on faster courts have fewer points, more games and more tie breakers. “Court speed” is thus inferred from...
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    Two-handled racquet and weird serve

    Just came across this. A player, Bryan Battistone, who uses a two-handled racquet. Very odd looking. He also has the weirdest serve I have ever seen. It appears he is currently playing the Segovia challenger.
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    No Replay in Soccer

    William Briggs argues against introducing replay in soccer. Slippery slope etc. Published by Briggs at 7:19 am under Culture,Fun Hold the line, Sepp. Don’t buckle under the pressure, which now is intense and hot, but soon will be slack and not even...