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    Serve speed based more on strength or technique?

    Your body will ultimately be a limiting factor on max service power. I am 5' 6" and lightweight, there is no way I can match the service power of someone who 6' 4" and 200 pounds plus. Saying that, I have noticed that tall guys and big guys tend to have poor service techniques. They can get...
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    Serving against aggressive returners...

    I am not sure how that will help, quick serving is illegal, the returner has to play at the servers pace but the server can't hit a serve until the returner is ready.
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    To Get Better At Singles, Play More Doubles...

    Doubles will improve your net game but singles is a very different game. It is more about court coverage and fitness than doubles. The tactics are very different as well. The best way to improve at singles is play lots of singles, hardly surprising really.
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    Serving against aggressive returners...

    I do this allot, I will change my return position depending on the server. Sometimes I will play in a ridiculous return position, a couple of feet from the service line and try to take the ball super early. The first thing I would say about that is I will freely admit I am trying to get into the...
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    Two Handed Serve

    Strange at it may seem, at club level he could have an advantage. Club players hate unorthodox shots, coaches hit nice clean conventional balls and they get groved against those. They can't handle anything which has a weird spin, trajectory that they are not use to. Like some bizarre double...
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    *Recreational* Doubles Strategies and Behaviors

    Then those people should learn how to smash.
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    *Recreational* Doubles Strategies and Behaviors

    Lobbing can be very effective at doubles and it is an underused shot. The first thing I do is chuck it over my opponents heads at the earliest opportunity. Nice and high to clear the net man. If they struggle with it, happy days, they will be getting a million lobs. If you can't smash, you...
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    Is a safe FH slice the most consistent FH you could have?

    Consistent no, a good topspin forehand will be safer. it is however possible to hit a forehand slice off more difficult shots. On the stretch, when you have no time or your feet are in the wrong place.
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    Turning low pace balls into high pace balls requires so much skills

    I have to confess hitting sitters is my favourite shot because I like having time to set myself up perfectly. Dealing with real pace is harder because you have no time and can end up being pushed back.
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    Do you call a footfault

    The advantage is in the weight transfer, foot faulting players are effectively walking into the court. To be fair some at my club are ridiculous, there front foot is almost a foot inside when they hit the ball.
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    Do you call a footfault

    Yes you should call them on it because it gives the server a huge advantage. Not only are they serving from closer in but when they are effectively walking into the court, they are increasing their power by the weight transfer of moving forward. I have noticed in practice that when I take a big...
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    Use continental grip on every shot

    It is not a terrible idea, I have a very extreme Western grip on my forehand and that definitely held me back learning other shots. Especially the serve and the volley. I also get caught out on services returns, if I can't switch grips quick enough. The disadvantage? My forehand would be allot...
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    Tips vs. Pusher in Playoffs

    It is possible to beat a pusher with power even if you're a 3.5 level player, I have done it and the trick is the mental part of the game. Pushers crush you with score board pressure, each miss eats away at you, every extra ball you play makes you go for too much. You have to forget the score...
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    Loud thwack of the ball like the pros

    Take the damper out of the racket, it will sound nice and loud then. Never bother with the things, they don't actually do anything anyway.
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    TTPS is right! Underhand serve FTW.

    You're playing crap opponents. Anyone half decent would crush that serve.
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    TTPS is right! Underhand serve FTW.

    Unless you can combine it with a powerful conventional serve, like Kyrgios, to keep your opponent back and from moving up the court. It is only going to work against inept ballbashers. People have tried underarm and drop serves against me and I have generally won the point and I aint that good...
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    Hate the junk ballers

    You will get allot of abuse for this but I can see were you are coming from. Playing someone who is tailor made to make to counter your game and make your life hard is no fun for anyone. I play a guy who hits the ball very flat, very deep and can get to anything. His shots don't bounce, so I...
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    How to handle the knuckleball effect?

    As you play you will use to how the ball behaves and better at predicting how it will bounce. You can step back on these shots and let it drop or try and take it when it is high. Not always an easy shot, especially with new balls. The real fun is when you face a good second serve. I had one...
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    No pace balls difficult

    No, for two reasons. It takes skill to block back a good players shots. Good players generate so much pace and spin that a beginner wouldn't have a hope of consistently blocking their balls back into play, it takes skill to neutralise their kind of power. If a beginner can neutralise your shots...
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    No pace balls difficult

    If you can't hit those kind of balls, then your forehand is no weapon. Frankly I would moonball you to death. Stop trying to smack these balls, place them instead. Your opponent has given a slow nothing ball on your forehand, you are now in control of the rally. Just aim the ball at the place...
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    Wimby’19 QF: (3) R Nadal vs Sam “I Am The Destroyer” Querrey

    Stop hating on Nishikori, he is 5' 10" and 74 kg, playing Federer who is 10Kg heavier and has 3 inch height advantage. Nishikori is a middle weight trying to live with heavy weights, especially when it comes to his serve. To hold serve when he was under that much relentless pressure was no mean...
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    Next generation is a real let-down... a lot of young players do not know how to play on grass yet

    Why would anybody bother to play on grass. It is an obsolete surface barely used on the tour.
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    Tsonga deserves a fine.

    You know this forum has a rep for being full of nutcases and tinfoil hat types? I wonder how it could possibly get that rep with the obsessed fan boys and girls throwing insults at each other, because they love one member of the big three and hate all the others. Tennis doesn't stop with three...
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    Kyrgios only lost today because of green clay

    To be frank, if you can't see the difference between the way the courts at Wimbledon play and the French Open, you know nothing about tennis. It is clear even on the TV that the ball bounces and behaves in a very different way. Yes they are slower than they use to be but that is no bad thing...
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    Coach wants me (3.5) to switch to WTA forehand

    OK, I have got to ask, what is the difference between an ATP forehand and a WTA forehand? Is there a real difference or is it one those internet things?
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    How far can you go in tennis with pushing?

    Pusher is too often used as a term of abuse by aggressive players who make too many errors. A true pusher won't get far, someone who simply runs and blocks the ball. Not difficult to beat. A defensive player with proper technique, who plays percentage shots is a different beast. I have bagelled...
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    Demand to serve properly

    Sigh, not every player who doesn't smack the ball is a pusher. I will admit my serve is my weakest shot, so if my opponents misses, I will hit at 50% and let them. My game is based on shot tolerance but I am not pushing the ball back, I am using correct technique. For me confident is not...
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    Demand to serve properly

    This came up in a doubles match, two players were big 6 footers with huge serves and even the other guy gave it a decent wallop, all struggled to hold serve. Endless deuces and many breaks. I held easily by just bowling the serve in a half arsed manner. It was slow even by my standards and they...
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    How to return a heavy spin lefty serve on ad side in doubles?

    It is the unusual shot problem. Playing a lefty is no more technically difficult than playing a rightie. The problem is most people face so few lefties, they are not use to the type of ball placement spin they produce. I agree with others here, move over and give the lefty the down the line...
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    How to fix Nick ?

    The best players aren't the ones who necessarily have the highest possible peak level. They are the ones who can maintain a consistent high level across match after match. Kyrgios isn't that guy, at his best he is verging on unplayable. His power and shot making is incredible but he is always...