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    What does P stand for in Prince racquet names?

    As in Phantom Pro 100P vs Phantom Pro 100? What does P in 100P designate?
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    Prince Phantom 93 14x18 grommets

    @TW Staff, Would the grommets for the 14x18 fit a POG Mid (also 14x18), or do they have different string spacing? Thank you!
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    Great transaction with RobFL

    Sold a racquet to RobFL. Great communication and fast payment. The entire transaction was quick and painless. Highly recommended.
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    Online Photo Hosting Service

    I need something to replace Photobucket. Recommendations will be appreciated!
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    FS Volkl V-Sense 8 285g

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Volkl V-Sense 8 285g 2017 Grip Size / Size: 4-3/8 in Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 100 sq in Condition (x out of 10): 8.5 out of 10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 17 hours *General Description (including any...
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    FS/FT 2X Babolat Pure Aero Plus

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Babolat Pure Aero Plus 2017 Grip Size / Size: 4-3/8 in Quantity: 2 Head Size (if a racquet): 100 sq in, This is the Plus version 27.5 inches long. Condition (x out of 10): 9 out of 10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 15...
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    Jan Slavik a great buyer

    I sold him 2 pairs of shoes. Quick and courteous communication and prompt payment. Cannot ask for a better buyer. Highly recommended!
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    TWU data on Wilson Revolve Spin an error, a typo?

    TWU String Performance Database lists the "Energy Return" for Wilson Revolve Spin 16 gauge as 35.5%. That's a remarkable number, considering the fact that the second lowest number for energy return is 75.5% (Poly Star Energy 16L). Which leads me to wonder: is this a typo?
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    Cfidave a great seller

    Bought a couple of racquets from Cfidave. They were in pristine condition and were shipped fast, fast, fast! A very courteous seller who provides detailed photos and answers questions thoroughly. Highly recommended.
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    Kudos to adidas for super fast 6-month warranty turnaround

    In 2 business days after the shipment of my wornout barricades 2016 reached their SC address, adidas emailed me the e-voucher. I then ordered a replacement (free shipping) on right away. The next day adidas sent out my new shoes from their warehouse in Southern California, where I...
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    Recommend a good spray can of clear coat

    Something that would protect the freakishly fragile paint of Prince frames. A specific and detailed brand/name would be appreciated, because I know very little about paints.
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    Dry Grips: Volkl V-Dry vs Pacific xTR

    I have a fairly sweaty palm. As a point of reference, my favorite grip was Yonex Supergrap for over a decade, but in the summer, the white Supergrap would only last me a day before turning slippery. Then I found Volkl V-Dry, which lasts me 6-7 sessions without slipping in my hand. I have read...
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    I am picking Djokovic to win the US Open 2016

    Too bad the opportunity for the calender-year grand slam is gone, but now he will be mad at himself and get even hungrier. Watch Novak tear up the competition and win the US Open this year. No, Fed Fanboys, he will not decline for another couple of years. He will get it done at the US Open.
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    A quick and smooth transaction with Keoni068

    Prompt and courteous communication and super quick shipping. A great seller. Highly recommended.
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    Ashaway MZX Zero Poly

    Isn't this string exactly the same as Monogut ZX except in length?
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    Djokovic's big brother talks about tennis elbow, posture, pronation, ISR

    Here is Djokovic's bigger and more muscular brother talking about the issue:
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    What is the typical range of variation for racquet stiffness?

    I understand that TW puts a number of racquets on the RDC and provides an average for the stiffness data. Do you typically find that the stiffness varies by ±1, ±2, ±3 or more?
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    adidas barricade 6-month outsole guarantee

    Hi TW, In the past, adidas required that we send them a check to cover the shipping cost for the replacement pair of shoes. However, the new claim form (which I have downloaded from your website) says nothing about this requirement. Is shipping free of charge now, or am I missing something...
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    Touch shots with Monogut ZX Pro

    Does anyone hit good touch shots with Ashaway Monogut ZX Pro? My adventure with ZX is still a rocky one. I had a frame strung with natural gut mains at 56 and ZX crosses at 46. This was a complete disaster as I had a great deal of trouble controlling this rocket launcher. So the next time I...
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    Great trade with djNEiGht

    A win-win transaction with djNEiGht. Great communication and followthrough. Strings packaged very neatly and shipped quickly. Highly recommended!
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    Smooth trade with SweetNola

    Courteous communication and quick shipping on string trade. Thanks.
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    Would be nice if you specify the expiration dates of special deals

    Was eyeing some strings that were on sale only to find the deals gone today. It would help us plan our shopping lists if you include the expiration date for the special deals.
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    Wilson Shock Shield Replacement Grip

    Has anyone had to replace Shock Shield because it has lost its cushion or shock-absorbing capacity? How long does Shock Shield usually last for you?
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    Volkl Co-Poly Trial Pack String (4-Pack)

    Hi TW, I see you have a nice Happy Hour sale going on this product. Any chance you can put together a Trial Pack for the 18 gauge for the same price? Thanks.
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    Which poly is more comfortable than Isospeed Baseline Spin 17L (1.20 mm)?

    Since the lab data for stiffness don't seem available this string, let me try to gauge its stiffness by asking this: From your personal experience, have you found any poly (co-poly) that is more comfortable than this? You can also tell me which polys were about as comfortable. Just trying to...
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    A smooth trade with Baseline13

    Traded strings with Baseline13. Prompt and courteous communication. Fast shipping. Highly recommended.
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    daveiggs a fantastic seller

    Purchased a set of stringing tools from daveiggs. Communication was prompt and courteous, and shipping was super fast. Highly recommended.
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    Barricade Boost Replacement for 6-Month Warranty

    Just wondering which colorway you guys have received from adidas for a replacement pair.
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    Attn: Prince Graphite Longbody fans

    As a fellow extended-racquet lover, I wanted to draw your attention to an opportunity to stock up on your beloved, once-again-discontinued frame. Today only on Happy Hour sale for $99. Grab them while you still can. I suppose you won't see them again for 10 years...
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    The Revenge of the Racquet: The Racquet Strikes Back

    Many pros abuse their racquets, smashing them into the ground for no good reason. Has there ever been an incident where the racquet bounced back and hit its abusive owner in the face? Any picture/video would be appreciated.