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  1. Bertie B

    Did Nadal Dominate at the USO in the '10s?

    In the 90s it was said Pete Sampras dominated both Wimbledon AND the USO. From 1990 - 1999 Sampras played the USO nine times, winning four titles in four finals. He was the winningest player at that tournament in that decade. For this he was said to dominate. From 2010 - 2019 Rafa Nadal...
  2. Bertie B

    Why is Roland-Garros hyphenated?

    Why is there a hyphen between the first and last name of a person? I've seen the same treatment with the listing of Philippe-Chatrier. Is this the new French punctuation or something? Someone once said to me, Well miss lady, explain this!
  3. Bertie B

    Astrology of The Tennis Rivalry

    Sun vs. Mars, simply put. What makes for a great tennis rivalry? Everyone has their opinion, now it's time for astrology to weigh in. In astrology there are a bunch of planets which are said to represent different spheres of our psyche - our ability to love, and hate, create, destroy...
  4. Bertie B

    Where's the rest of Jake Garner?

    Watching the Murray/Anderson match... Something is off about this guy, can't put my finger on what exactly...
  5. Bertie B

    Rafa Nadal: the Countdown to Glory

    Years ago after I saw Rafa losing to Djokovic in seven straight finals I knew something was amiss astrologically. At this time I made a thread: Borg/Graf/Nadal vs McEnroe/Seles/Djokovic... In that thread I predicted Nadal's curse would be lifted at USO'13...I was right. Since Borg had retired...
  6. Bertie B

    Rafa Nadal: At Streak's End

    Ouch. that hurt. Better luck next year Rafa.
  7. Bertie B

    Murray's 2015 Slam outlook

    Does Andy Murray have it in him to win a slam this year??
  8. Bertie B

    OMG, Safin's tattoo.

  9. Bertie B

    What's This??

  10. Bertie B

    Ooops!! re: Djokovic's Down-Cycle

    In earlier threads I asserted that Novak Djokovic, #2 tennis player in the world, was in a down cycle (slam drought). I listed this period spanning from July 2012 through September 2014. This window of time was based off a birth time of 11:13AM May 22, 1987, Belgrade, Serbia. This time would...
  11. Bertie B

    Astrology of Grand Slam tennis (singles)

    COMBINED: MEN'S/WOMEN'S 1. Gemini - 138 2. Libra- 133 3. Leo - 104 4. Sagittarius - 73 5. Virgo - 64 & Pisces - 64 6. Cancer - 63 7. Scorpio - 59 8. Capricorn - 49 9. Aquarius - 44 10. Taurus - 43 11. Aries - 35 ****************************************** MEN'S 1. Leo - 77 slams 2. Gemini -...
  12. Bertie B

    Nadal vis-a-vis Borg/Graf & Djoker in context.

    Interesting observations; Nadal was born in '86, Borg in '56. In 1981 McEnroe exposed himself, forces Borg to quit the scene. In 1991, Steffi's rival arrived, but she hung on. In 2011, Rafa's true rival emerged. What's he gonna do?? Probably just coincidence. I suppose I could add...
  13. Bertie B

    Name This Song & Artist

    So, I only remember a few lines from this song I hear all the time... Wake up why are you sleeping Tomorrow's world Higley (sp) Girl Higley Girl Does anyone know the title of this song, or perhaps the artist?
  14. Bertie B

    Wimbledon or Roland Garros??

    Which slam will Nadal stop winning first?
  15. Bertie B

    Liquid Metal Radical

    I heard it plays like the 300G. True? I really loved playing with the 300G, but switched to the LM Prestige because as my game developed and I played better players, I would get overpowered. Now my Prestiges are wearing out, can't find replacements, and I'd like to go back to the 98 sq...
  16. Bertie B

    Andy Murray: A Glimpse Into the Future

    I could be wrong, but let's look at the numbers anyway. The Henman Factor: Tim Henman was born September 6, 1974. In esoteric circles this date is said to have two significant numbers; (1) birthday, This is what we are drawn to sexually, emotionally, consciously. The most upfront...
  17. Bertie B

    Help identify a Piece of Classical Music

    Can anyone give information on the music played in the background of this video? ***Not for the Politically squeamish***
  18. Bertie B

    JMX's Reading

    Aquarius - Scorpio Male This man has a negative streak in him that distorts reality. He also does not easily learn from his experiences. He has a chip on his shoulder. He likes his experiences to be as spontaneous as possible, and hates to plan things in advance. Needless to say, you're...